Saving Passwords in Google Chrome is Risky Business – Don’t Do It

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We know this is a dead horse, but we’re going to beat it anyway. Why? Because we can never stress enough how important it is to keep your data out of the hands of cybercriminals. Listen closely: DON’T LET CHROME OR ANY OTHER BROWSER SAVE YOUR PASSWORDS! Is it convenient? Yes. Does it save you […]

The Problem with Plug-ins – Why You SHOULD AVOID Them

Plug-ins, add-ons and extensions are pieces of code that are installed to customize the look and feel of certain software programs and browsers. They’re intended to expand functionality according to a user’s preference. For example, Grammarly is a wonderful extension that helps users write mistake-free text. Zoom has a plug-in that makes scheduling meetings directly […]

Upgrade Your Email Security with IT Support in Atlanta

Though many people now use instant messaging, email is still essential for business communication and is something IT support providers in Atlanta are able to handle. It’s important that your IT department can ensure the security of your work emails. That way, you don’t risk trade secrets getting stolen and identity theft. It’s essential to […]

Making Your Business Remote-Friendly with Reliable IT Services in Atlanta

Remote working is often touted as the future work, and it should be a critical part of the IT services your Atlanta business should get. Technological advancements have empowered employees to work away from the office, and more and more companies are jumping on board. Remote working is only possible with remote access, where your […]

Prepare for Cyber Threats with IT Services in Atlanta

IT services firms in Atlanta advise businesses that have any sort of virtual profile to carefully acquire and manage sustainable security solutions. The average impact of a ransomware virus on a business is somewhere around $36k. This is only one of many common cybercriminal issues with which you’ll have to contend. Managed IT services providers […]

How IT Services Providers in Atlanta Modernize Businesses

The path to staying on top of constantly changing new technology is to outsource to IT services providers in Atlanta. Not only will an experienced managed service provider (MSP) help bring your network up to date, you’ll have a diverse pool of experts to draw from for streamlining your business. Here are ways IT experts […]