Upgrade Your Email Security with IT Support in Atlanta

Though many people now use instant messaging, email is still essential for business communication and is something IT support providers in Atlanta are able to handle. It’s important that your IT department can ensure the security of your work emails. That way, you don’t risk trade secrets getting stolen and identity theft. It’s essential to find ways to ensure that your email is completely safe.

Two-Factor Authentication

If your email is on the network, you might need to work with IT support professionals in Atlanta to help you create two-factor authentication. In a sense, it just means that you are combining something you know and have together. This gives you a little more protection than the basic password. In fact, most people have very weak passwords, which means it is easier for hackers to guess what yours is.

You can request your employees to use two-factor authentication through the email provider. They might have to answer a question to which only they could know the answer. However, you can choose almost any second method for entry that you desire. Your IT department can help you choose the best options.

Pay Attention to the Email

In most cases, hackers require you to click a link before they can gain access to the computer or network. Therefore, you should focus solely on the email itself when you open it. Does the headline contain typos or grammatical errors? Do you recognize the sender’s address? Phishers or hackers can make the email address look so similar that a glance makes it appear legitimate.

Of course, if you see grammar errors and misspellings, consider the source. Don’t open any attachments and request the IT department to take a look at the email.

Anti-Virus Software

Another way to protect your email accounts and the network is to have anti-virus software installed on every computer and server. Make sure that it scans each email before allowing it into your inbox. This is going to protect you from most phishing and ransomware scans. However, it might not be perfect. Therefore, you should use anti-virus software along with caution and other methods to protect your accounts, employees, and the company itself.


Start strengthening your email security with the help of an IT support provider in Atlanta. If you don’t have the ability or personnel to have an IT department, outsourcing is always available. For more information, contact us at MIS Solutions, Inc.

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