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IT services for insurance is an investment in your business to help you get ahead and stay ahead of your competitors. As a managed services provider with years of insurance industry experience, we understand the challenges insurance professionals like you face in protecting client data and maintaining a stable technology network. Our goal is to ensure your success by providing the tools and expertise you need while keeping operating costs down. We've worked closely with insurance agencies in Atlanta, so we know how crucial a reliable and secure technology infrastructure is to your business. Trust us to deliver customized IT solutions that meet your insurance company's needs, allowing you to focus on serving clients with confidence.

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At MIS Solutions, we believe in building strong partnerships with our clients to better understand the challenges they face in their industry. By identifying your needs and concerns, we can develop a plan of action to streamline business processes, improve insurance operations and reduce the risk of potential vulnerabilities. Whether it’s navigating agency management tools like Applied Systems and Vertafore or ensuring compliance with HIPAA and record keeping requirements, we have the expertise to navigate the complexities of regulatory IT compliance that insurance agencies must follow.

When you choose us as your managed services team, you will have peace of mind knowing that your IT systems and needs are in capable hands. With our comprehensive IT support, you can confidently serve your clients, knowing that we have your IT infrastructure covered.

As an insurance business, are you experiencing any of these IT issues?

Keeping data secure and private is a major challenge for us.

Dealing with outdated technology and legacy systems is holding us back.

We struggle with integration issues and data silos.

As cybersecurity experts, we understand the importance of protecting your data and maintaining privacy. Our team conducts regular security audits and risk assessments to identify and mitigate potential problems. We prioritize data encryption to ensure the confidentiality of sensitive information. Additionally, we provide comprehensive training to your employees on data security best practices, empowering them to be vigilant and proactive in safeguarding data.

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Working with outdated technology is not only frustrating, but counterproductive to independent insurance agencies reaching their business goals. That's why our team of experts conducts thorough technology assessments to identify areas that need improvement. With a clear understanding of your needs, we create a personalized technology roadmap for your insurance organization, outlining tailored system upgrades, replacements, and modern insurance-specific software solutions. Our dedicated team provides comprehensive training and ongoing support, ensuring a seamless transition that maximizes your organization's efficiency and productivity.

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Our approach to addressing integration problems and data silos starts with a thorough assessment of your current systems and data architecture to identify any gaps in integration. We provide solutions that involve implementing data integration tools and APIs, effectively connecting your IT systems and eliminating data silos. By consolidating data from multiple sources into a centralized repository, we improve accessibility and ensure data consistency. As an MIS Solutions client, you have access to best-in-class data analytics and business intelligence solutions to analyze large volumes of data. Insights into customer behavior, market trends, risk factors, and operational efficiency support decision-making and strategic planning for your insurance agency.

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Burnette Insurance

Family-owned since its inception in 1971, Burnette Insurance is an independent insurance agency located in Suwanee, Ga. Their product offering includes property, liability, professional liability, technology errors and omissions, cyber liability, medical malpractice, group employee benefits, directors and officer’s liability, employment practices liability, workers compensation, worldwide transportation, global insurance programs and difficult products liability coverage. Burnette also offers personal insurance, including homeowners, rental, auto, boat, motorcycle, health and life insurance.

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Insurance compliance

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Professionals in the insurance industry often rely exclusively on their software application providers or agency management system vendors to be compliant. They are always shocked to learn that, in most cases, the software is not in compliance.

Therefore, additional measures must be taken to ensure compliance and avoid the risk of hefty fines. It’s important to remember that compliance isn’t just a technology issue. Insurance companies must train their people, and processes must be documented and followed. Insurance agencies need access to specialized technology and audit controls in addition to guidance on the people and process components of compliance.

The insurance industry, specifically insurance agencies, faces unique compliance requirements due to the Personal Identifiable Information (PII) they handle. From safeguarding personal health information under HIPAA regulations to navigating data privacy laws, staying compliant can be complex. Our services for insurance agencies go beyond helping you maintain HIPAA compliance to adherence to the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce (ESIGN) Act and industry standards such as ISO/IEC 27001. MIS Solutions specializes in helping insurance organizations navigate the complexities of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners’ Insurance Data Security Model Law by offering comprehensive assessments and audits to evaluate your current compliance posture. We develop tailored strategies and solutions to address any gaps, ensuring you meet all necessary compliance standards.

We work closely with you to implement robust security measures and data privacy protocols. Our ongoing IT services, support, and training empower your staff to maintain compliance on a day-to-day basis. With our expertise, you can operate within the boundaries of the law and industry regulations, focusing on your core insurance business and serving your clients with confidence. Partnering with us means gaining a trusted ally in navigating compliance specifications and thriving in a highly regulated environment while preserving the trust and loyalty of your clients.

Insurance security

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Comprehensive IT services for insurance agencies is paramount for data protection and privacy. With valuable customer information, financial data, and confidential insurance records in your care, it’s crucial to defend against cyber threats and maintain data integrity.
That’s where MIS Solutions comes in. We specialize in meeting the unique security requirements of independent insurance agencies. Third-party risk management is a concern when working with carriers, healthcare providers, attorneys, and other vendors. Managing risks in the supply chain and ensuring that third parties adhere to the same security standards will greatly reduce the risk of a serious cyber incident. Our expert team conducts thorough security assessments, leaving no stone unturned in identifying vulnerabilities and developing customized strategies to fortify your defenses. We bring in advanced security technologies, such as powerful firewalls, robust encryption, and cutting-edge intrusion detection systems, to shield your network and data from unauthorized access.

Insurance software applications

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One of our insurance clients’ biggest complaints is getting third-party applications and agency management systems seamlessly integrated. It hinders productivity and is a frequent source of frustration for producers. They can’t bring in new business or service their clients if they constantly have to deal with printing issues, error messages, and slow applications. Having a managed IT services partner like MIS can significantly reduce the headaches of software applications and integrations.

We have extensive experience working with the big names in agency management software including Applied Epic, Applied TAM, Applied Doris, Hawksoft, AMS360, EZLynx and Nexsure. We have the technical know-how to work with these software vendors and other third-party application providers on behalf of our insurance clients to ensure they can provide the service their clients expect. Give your producers the help they need and let us manage the technology for you.

Business continuity plan and disaster recovery for insurance

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To serve your clients well, your insurance agency must have a secure and reliable IT network. That means being able access your agency management system and other platforms when you need to. With MIS, you don’t have to worry about the risk of an unplanned outage or system failure. Our highly experienced Proactive and Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) teams work around the clock to make sure our clients’ IT systems are running smoothly, backed up, and recoverable.

Our robust backup solution is immutable, meaning your server is never directly linked to backup storage. This provides a critical layer of protection for your insurance business in the unlikely event of a ransomware attack. A speedy recovery from clean and protected backups means you can restore operations without caving in to hackers’ demands.

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The technicians at MIS are accessible and reliable. I frequently work on weekends, and knowing that there’s always somebody available to assist me means a lot.
Myra Palmer

The Palmer Agency

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Without MIS and their Greenlight cloud, we would not have been able to serve our clients as well as we did in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria which destroyed not just our Puerto Rico office, but the whole island.
Janyra Perez
Janyra Perez

Fulcro Insurance

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“The entire team that we work with is wonderful. After 20 years of being partners, we’ve been very impressed with their ability to put their clients first.”
Yunetta Hamby
Office Manager

Burnette Insurance

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Frequently asked questions

We employ several measures to reduce the risk of accidental and malicious data leaks, including penetration testing to protect your network from hackers and vulnerability scans to catch any unpatched vulnerabilities before a criminal can exploit them. We also use data encryption at rest, in transit and in backups to ensure you don’t unintentionally expose client data.

We use disk encryption on both laptops and desktop computers to keep data on these devices, such as client data or email, safe.

Yes! In fact, our MDM policies ensure that your employees’ mobile phones are not used to disclose PII.

The MIS Solutions support services, along with our Greenlight Cloud Solution, are designed to enhance your existing relationships with your Agency Management System and other third-party applications.

MIS Solutions has a team of highly qualified and certified cybersecurity experts on staff. We can guide you to ensure your insurance agency remains compliant. We also help our insurance clients with risk assessments and will work with auditors on your behalf to ensure that you are protected.

Our customer-first approach ensures you get the IT support you need when you need it. We offer 24/7 tech support to our clients so critical issues are addressed no matter the time of day or night. We staff our own Security Operations Center (SOC) and Network Operations Center (NOC) to identify and stop attacks before a hacker infiltrates your network. But in the event of an incident, we have a highly skilled Security Team ready to jump into action should your insurance business experience a security event.

At MIS, we have adopted a “train the trainer” approach. We provide direct training and support to key decision makers and stakeholders so they can then train their staff on how to use any new technology.

Our 24/7 monitoring and support, along with advanced security measures and robust backup and disaster recovery processes will give you and your clients peace of mind knowing your systems are available when you need them and your clients’ data is safe in your hands.