Why You Need IT Services for Your Insurance Company in Atlanta

Any company that processes a huge amount of data should consider hiring an IT services provider in Atlanta. Insurance agencies, for example, collect plenty of confidential information on clients. Small agencies that cannot afford a large staff are particularly vulnerable if they suffer a breach. IT support providers can prevent breaches from taking down your business.

Hackers Target Insurance Agents

The truth is, the hacking community targets every kind of business imaginable. Any amount of stolen data can be valuable to a cybercriminal, who often aims to collect identity and contact details, along with credit card numbers and policy information. Hackers can then sell this information to other criminals on the deep web, which encompasses every website online that isn’t indexed by Google or other search engines.

You can imagine how risky it is for an insurance company to not take cybersecurity seriously, especially if it’s a fly-by-night operation that only exists to collect fast cash. But even legitimate insurance companies may pay independent insurance contractors to send them leads and applications. If the middlemen don’t take cybersecurity seriously, they can put themselves in danger of causing a breach.

It’s critical for insurance companies that deal with healthcare policies to protect all data and be compliant with HIPAA regulations. Otherwise, a breach can mean heavy fines, lawsuits, and reputational damage. Furthermore, any amount of downtime from a cyberattack can disrupt your company’s revenue. Downtime may also lead to customers writing negative reviews online.

Pushing Back on Hackers

Cybercrime has become so sophisticated in recent years that you’re better off hiring an IT services provider in Atlanta than to pay an in-house IT technician. Unless it’s a very experienced technician in multiple areas of technology who keeps up with new cybersecurity developments, the results can be futile. Your IT consultant can help fix technical problems immediately.

Fighting cybercrime and developing solid multilayered security is complex work and isn’t something you can just hand off to a college intern with limited experience. The best way to prevent a breach is to use several techniques that add up to frustration for the intruder.

IT providers, also known as “managed services providers (MSPs)”, can further protect your data by helping you develop a data backup and disaster recovery plan. It allows you to avoid downtime in a power outage, breach or equipment failure.


Insurance companies cannot afford to let confidential data get into the wrong hands. The simple solution is to hire an IT services provider in Atlanta to block cybercriminals and take proactive steps to protect your data. Contact us now at MIS Solutions, Inc. to learn more about maintaining maximum business continuity.

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