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Maureen Kornowa
The customer support at MIS is impeccable. We had a couple of their guys doing onsite work, and they were both such a pleasure to have. They were consummate professionals, patiently answering lots of silly questions from me. These guys are a testament to the culture of people employed by MIS, and they should be very proud to have them on their team. I would be.
Maureen Kornowa

Home of Hope at GCS

I recently relocated my practice to a new location and MIS executed the move of my entire business IT infrastructure with the precision and focus of Seal Team 6. MIS executed its detailed plan flawlessly. The very first time we booted PCs and brought the network back to life we experienced not a single error. No glitches, no frozen screens, no inaccessible network drives, we didn’t even need a Windows update! MIS did not miss a single beat – which meant we had not one hour of unplanned downtime. My office returned to work Monday morning and everything . . . just . . . worked!
John H. Bedard, Jr.

Bedard Law Group, P.C.

Angie Albert
The transition from our old IT company to MIS was a breeze. It was just so well organized and explained to us and we knew exactly what was going to happen. Now that we’re fully onboarded and working with MIS, they’ve made such an improvement to our workflow. Words cannot describe how different we work now as opposed to pre-MIS.
Angie Albert

Carver & Associates

Janyra Perez
Without MIS and their Greenlight cloud, we would not have been able to serve our clients as well as we did in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria which destroyed not just our Puerto Rico office, but the whole island.
Janyra Perez

Fulcro Insurance

Hunter Harris
Finding an IT support firm that specializes in cybersecurity was a must. And I also wanted to work with a company that’s done this before – you know, where this was not their first rodeo. I liked that MIS already had experience working with law firms and is familiar with how they work. Even though we’re not a law firm, we do have some of the same security requirements that law firms do. I would encourage companies that are concerned about security or concerned about remote capabilities to look into what MIS has to offer.
Hunter Harris
IT Manager

Alabama State Bar

Shelley Burris
Technology has played a very large role in our success and being able to compete in the market. The value MIS brings to Stuart Pro Heating & Air is priceless. I don’t stress about IT anymore. If there is an issue, I know it’s going to be fixed. I have complete trust in MIS.
Shelley Burris

Stuart Pro Air

MIS provides a stable IT environment, predictable monthly billing and quick response times. But what I really appreciate is how MIS not only meets my IT needs, but you keep in mind my overall business needs by continually looking for ways to help my firm run more efficiently. You really are a one-stop shop, so if anything goes wrong with my internet, my phone system or my IT, I know you guys are there to handle it. And knowing you are IT experts helps me, as a boutique firm, compete with the large firms.
Sam Woodhouse
Managing Partner

Woodhouse Law Firm, LLC

Thank you to everyone at MIS Solutions for being proactive and helping us quickly and seamlessly pivot to a remote workforce at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We didn’t miss a beat and were able to focus our attention on our business. Having a technology partner that is dedicated to our success is crucial. And MIS does not let us down. In fact, they far exceed our expectations.

William Shepherd

Grant Shepherd & Associates

Very late in the day, I received a request from our director to obtain a quote for software and laptops. We needed them by noon the next day. But Derek was able to get those to us first thing in the morning. MIS is usually very quick to respond to requests and problems.

Tony Tanksley
Director of Finance

Home of Hope at Gwinnett Children's Shelter

There is always someone available via phone to listen and handle our computer and server issues – never an automated attendant – during regular work hours. When we call MIS Solutions, we are immediately assisted with the issue until it is resolved. I would estimate that 98 percent of our issues are resolved within the same day. In comparison to our prior IT service provider, sometimes we would report a problem, then receive a call back only to be told it might take a day or so to resolve the problem.
Brenda Cash

Crystal Marble

Date Rating Comments
3/16/2023 Brendan is always very patient and thorough. He always does an excellent job of translating my technical incompetence into a resolution. It is always a joy to speak with him.
3/15/2023 Amazing service and speed at solving the issue.
3/15/2023 My experience with Chris was superb! Chris was very knowledgeable and thorough working on my issue. Each time he took remote of my computer I could sense a breakthrough! He is very patient and has great interpersonal skills with communicating with me. I am very pleased!
3/14/2023 Thanks to Brendan for always being so nice and working out my problems.
3/10/2023 Wendy is so empathetic, and Malan went straight to the problem and "fixed" it
3/9/2023 This is the first time I have had the opportunity to work with Rumbi. She's wonderful.
3/8/2023 Brendan's assistance was impeccable. While he was resolving the issue of my support request, my laptop experienced an unrelated problem, he thoroughly troubleshooted all potential factors and instructed me on how to prevent this moving forward. He was extremely patient, professional an knowledgeable.
3/7/2023 Alex was great about keeping me in the loop and resolving my issue.
3/6/2023 Very quick response and it's greatly appreciated!
3/2/2023 Brendon was able to help me resolve two issues with one call this morning - thank you!
3/1/2023 As always thank you Brendon for resolving my issues today.
3/1/2023 Branden was very friendly and helpful
3/1/2023 Brendan was thorough, fast paced and truly understood the issue.........he is great to work with! A true champion for us staying connected and working efficiently.
3/1/2023 Staff took the time to explain things to me as they worked to resolve the issue
3/1/2023 The patience and calmess from Alex helping me thru this was AWESOME!! Thanks again!
2/27/2023 Branden and Savir were super helpful, courteous, and responded in a very timely manner!
2/23/2023 Solved quickly and Chad was very personable
2/22/2023 Chris is awesome! He is my favorite already!!!!
2/22/2023 Neil always does a superb job and is extremely patient!
2/22/2023 Friendly, quick, and efficient help with my concern.
2/21/2023 Efficient and quick. Resolved my issue quickly
2/21/2023 Chris immediately identified my problem and resolved the issue. He was knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient.
2/20/2023 Great service!!
2/17/2023 Sanvir was familiar with our company and understood my problem even though we are a new client. He was knowledgeable, friendly and resolved my issue in a timely manner.
2/15/2023 Keep up the great work!
2/15/2023 Malan fixed my problem - I am working smoothly now.
2/15/2023 Sanvir was so quick, I didn't even have a chance to blink before he fix the issue!
2/13/2023 It was a prompt response and solution!
2/13/2023 Malan provided excellent customer service!
2/10/2023 It's always a pleasure to work with Sanvir. I had one issue led Sanvir to find further issues. He found the root cause (of the various issues) and fixed everything. Thank you, Sanvir
2/10/2023 Amazing... Quick service so I can complete my task.
2/10/2023 The effort that was put in to get this situation rectified, was certainly appreciated.
2/8/2023 Thank you for quick response.
2/8/2023 You quickly found the problem, and with teamwork between you and us the problem was solved quickly too.
2/7/2023 Brendan has been awesome with my new setup IT issues. Very polite and helpful. 10 out of 10! 🙂
2/7/2023 Very quick response and resolve!
2/3/2023 Sanvir was most helpful. I appreciate the work that he does for us.
2/2/2023 Thank you for your persistence in solving my issue and for keeping me updated along the way.
2/2/2023 Malan was great to work with and fixed my issue promptly.
2/1/2023 Malan, as always, incredible!!!
2/1/2023 As always very helpful and quick to respond.
1/31/2023 Your patience and determination to figure out the unique error on my computer!
1/31/2023 Great job Sanvir! Thank you.
1/30/2023 Responsiveness and thoroughness of assistance was appreciated.
1/30/2023 Kim is THE BEST! Always so helpful and quick.
1/27/2023 Brendan H was AWESOME
1/26/2023 Malan was so resourceful and quick to resolve our issue.
1/26/2023 Sanvir, Branden and James are rockstars! Many thanks to all for going the extra mile to set up my printer/scanner. I appreciate their patience, persistence, professionalism and that they never gave up!
1/26/2023 Wonderful service! Thank you
1/25/2023 Timely and great follow up! Brendan is very pleasant to work with. Thanks!
1/23/2023 Great experience as always
1/23/2023 Alex took care of my problem quickly and was so courteous 🙂
1/21/2023 Fantastic support at an especially critical time for us. Thank you SO MUCH!
1/20/2023 Efficient and professional!
1/20/2023 Excellent customer service, very professional and patient. Completed all the requests. Good Job!
1/20/2023 Sanvir is excellent! Top notch at getting anything resolved and with a cheerful, pleasant attitude - always a pleasure. 🙂
1/19/2023 Good follow-up with this request!
1/19/2023 Chad is amazing
1/17/2023 Malan was very helpful and determined to resolve the issue.
1/17/2023 My issue was resolved quickly and with expert attention.
1/16/2023 Brendan is awesome! Thanks for reaching out!
1/16/2023 With his usual determination and expert troubleshooting, Chad was able to resolve my issue.
1/13/2023 Chad as always is a great troubleshooter
1/11/2023 Awesome job Malan - Thank you!!!!
1/11/2023 Thank you Chad. You're the best 🙂
1/10/2023 Thanks Malan!
1/10/2023 Brendan is so friendly and takes time to answer questions
1/10/2023 Brendan was extremely helpful and patient!
1/10/2023 Franco is amazingly helpful yet again!
1/9/2023 Very good support
1/6/2023 Malan was great and very patient 🙂
1/6/2023 As always very helpful
1/5/2023 He was finally able to not only solve the issue but teach me how to use it!!
1/5/2023 Excellent - as typical. Once tech support got to my ticket, they repaired my problem while on the phone. Outstanding support
1/5/2023 The problem was resolved, thank you Franco!
1/4/2023 Excellent explanation of how to clean up mailbox.....made a difference in performance!
1/4/2023 Great experience, Kim was very patient with me.
1/4/2023 Sanvir is very patient, knowledgeable and resolves all issues quickly and promptly!
1/3/2023 Thanks you Brendan! Another quick fix.
12/28/2022 Chad is always helpful!
12/25/2022 Excellent work and super responsive - on a major holiday weekend as well - great job and kudos Gerhard Ferreria!
12/23/2022 The response has been quick and efficient.
12/22/2022 Thanks so much for taking care of my issue so quickly. It was very much appreciated!
12/21/2022 Malan was quick to get the problem resolved. Always ever so pleasant. Thank you!
12/20/2022 Malan was cordial and helpful in addressing all my issues.
12/19/2022 Thank you Brendan Steeman - you are amazing. You always manage to get me back up and running!
12/19/2022 Fast and friendly!
12/19/2022 Greatly appreciate Malan for proactively addressing this issue.
12/16/2022 Amazing customer service with quick answers and knowledgeable. Very happy!
12/15/2022 The team was very knowledgeable and my issue was resolved in a timely manner.
12/15/2022 Excellent service from Chad!
12/13/2022 Franco took care of my issue quickly and effortlessly. He was very professional, friendly and great to work with. He's the kind of knowledgeable tech guy I need on speed dial! Thanks for your help Franco!!
12/12/2022 Sanvir was great thank you!
12/9/2022 Chad quickly got back to me and was able to resolve my issue. Appreciate how quick your team gets back to us.
12/9/2022 Great work as always
12/6/2022 Chad was quick to get my issue resolved and helped me know what to do for the future when this issue occurs.
12/5/2022 Great service, very professional and knowledgeable. Also patient with my questions and that means a lot - thank you.
12/1/2022 Malan is the best! He is very bright, knows the pathways to provide the absolute best solution, patient, articulate & extraordinarily patient, professional & kind!
12/1/2022 Branden is a great IT guy. He's always friendly and we never have an issue after he comes out to our office to set up some things. He educates us a lot on his job and what he does in our office. We always enjoy having Branden at our office.
11/30/2022 Prompt, professional, knowledgeable techs every time! You guys are awesome, thanks!
11/29/2022 Thanks, Brendan - came to my rescue twice today. Much appreciated!
11/29/2022 Thanks, Chad! Y'all are always fixing my issues and I appreciate it!
11/29/2022 Very responsive and knowledgeable technician! Thanks!
11/29/2022 Brendan is always the best!
11/28/2022 Weston found the issue & solved it very quickly!
11/21/2022 Always very helpful and polite, even with people like me who don't like computers!
11/21/2022 Very helpful, I was able to get my issues resolved quickly and now I am back up and running - thank you!
11/17/2022 Brandon was awesome!!! Super helpful, personable and efficient!!! Glad he’s looking out for us!
11/17/2022 Absolutely AMAZING team!!! Thank you for all you do!
11/15/2022 Kim was very pleasant and helpful!
11/14/2022 knowledgeable and respectful service.
11/11/2022 Chad fixed my issue and made it easy for me to connect VPN and check my VPN connection. He was very friendly, positive and helpful! Thanks!!
11/9/2022 Thank you, Kim!
11/8/2022 Sanvir was quick to resolve and such a pleasure to deal with him.
11/8/2022 Weston was Excellent, Great Service
11/7/2022 Awesome, quick response and very polite!
11/4/2022 amazing!
11/4/2022 I always appreciate Neil's help.
11/4/2022 thank you - problem solved!
11/2/2022 Brendan was very knowledgeable and nice. He was also very patient as he tried to figure out what was wrong with my computer monitors. He took several routes to help solve the problem, which resulted in my computer monitors now working properly. Great experience and service!
11/2/2022 Weston always knows how to fix the problem
11/1/2022 Great service!!!
11/1/2022 Quick and accurate response to my query.
10/31/2022 Brendan is amazing, super helpful, very enjoyable to speak with, and always so helpful! He is always able to fix my issues quickly! Thank you, Brendan!!!
10/28/2022 Sanvir and James are great!
10/28/2022 Malan is always helpful. The 3xc connection was bad and difficult to hear but he still managed to understand the problem from the every other word that he can hear on the phone. I really appreciate his help. Even when i don't know what my issue is, other than there's a problem, he manages to pinpoint the problem I'm having difficulty communicating in techie terms and fixes my issue!! Such great support! Thank You, Malan.
10/27/2022 Kim is always helpful and friendly and today she went above and beyond. She was able to respond to my request to complete my open ticket within a matter of minutes and patiently worked with me to address my needs. When the issue was not quite resolved, she did not give up and she kept troubleshooting. I've been having issues downloading certain PDFs for some time now and not only did Kim solve my issue by downloading Adobe, but she also ensured it worked properly by fixing another issue in Chrome I didn't know existed. She has truly saved me time and STRESS and is my hero for today. THANK YOU, KIM!
10/26/2022 Very helpful as always with clear info on a solution
10/26/2022 Neil is always great! the task was completed in record time.
10/24/2022 The tech I spoke with with excellent
10/24/2022 A very good experience, as usual. The tech followed up multiple times which was helpful because I became busy and forgot to get back to you.
10/24/2022 Good service and got the problem solved on 1 call
10/24/2022 Thanks, Brendan for your help and patience! BTW - you were right! I replaced the adapter and now my monitor problems are fixed.
10/20/2022 Chad provided exemplary support in helping us configure a DKIM key SPF for emails sent through our CRM on behalf of our email domain and was very pleasant to work with throughout the process!
10/18/2022 Weston quickly resolved the issue and made sure everything was functioning properly. Thanks for the quick resolution!
10/17/2022 Sanvir is Great!
10/17/2022 Franco is always so kind and helpful!
10/16/2022 Brendan was quick to return a late Sunday afternoon call, professional and thorough and got me back up and running in 15 minutes! I'm so grateful for his patience and willingness to do what it takes to keep SWIA going! He's a great asset to MIS.
10/14/2022 Franco resolved my issue quickly and accurately.
10/12/2022 Branden was awesome and assisted me with all my issues today. He was very friendly and followed up on everything.
10/12/2022 Thank you for your help, Brendan!
10/12/2022 Quick response and resolution of issue!
10/12/2022 Chad answered right away and was very helpful and is always so professional. So appreciate their wonderful service. Thank you so much, Chad.
10/11/2022 My problem was handled quickly.
10/11/2022 Chad - you are EXCELLENT - thank you so very much!
10/10/2022 Great job
10/10/2022 Chad answered me in a very timely manner and did investigation very thoroughly before reaching out to me with a complete answer. Thank you!
10/10/2022 I was notified of a problem by MIS before I knew there was a problem. Very proactive in getting the issue resolved. Thank you!
10/7/2022 SUPER FAST!!!
10/6/2022 Great and quick !!
10/5/2022 Timely response and resolved issue quickly. Thank you!
10/4/2022 Immediate response....problem solved!
9/30/2022 Quick response and great customer service.
9/30/2022 Quick resolution and tech willing to explain issues so that someone less computer savvy can understand and hopefully help with troubleshooting the issue going forward.
9/30/2022 Quick and responsive.
9/30/2022 Great Service!
9/29/2022 Neil was very helpful and made my job so much easier.
9/28/2022 KIM IS THE BEST!!!
9/28/2022 Quick response to request and quick fix!
9/28/2022 Weston is the best! 🙂
9/28/2022 FAST & FURIOUS!!! lol
9/28/2022 FAST and THOROUGH!!!
9/27/2022 Excellent - Quick.
9/26/2022 I didn't have to wait on hold more than 10 seconds. You were polite and got the problem solved on the same call
9/23/2022 awesome customer service!
9/23/2022 CHAAAD!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your time and patience this morning! Not exaggerating - you recovered at least 8 hours worth of work for me. You are my hero.
9/21/2022 Brandon is the best! So patient. VERY helpful.
9/20/2022 Appreciated the prompt response and follow up by Kevin.
9/20/2022 Kim is always so pleasant and quick to help.
9/20/2022 Brendan was awesome
9/20/2022 🙂
9/19/2022 Thanks for the quick response! I will forward these as I get them and we can build a list of problematic spam email providers.
9/19/2022 Knowledgeable tech staff!
9/19/2022 Franco was very helpful. My issues was solved immediately. No issues or complaints. The lady who answered the phone was nice as well.
9/19/2022 Prompt and professional
9/17/2022 Appreciate the help & follow up in recovering the email boxes needed.
9/15/2022 Prompt courteous knowledgeable.
9/15/2022 We always thank Sanvir for working efficiently and professionally!
9/15/2022 It was great, very quick, efficient and courteous. Thanks
9/15/2022 Great to work with someone who knows what they are doing.
9/15/2022 Brendon was a pleasure to work with!
9/15/2022 Sanvir was very kind, fast and efficient. Much appreciated.
9/14/2022 Sanvir did a great job of troubleshooting and resolving this issue!
9/14/2022 Appreciate Jethro and Brendan on this one! Took a while to get to the bottom of what was going on and the team is appreciated!
9/13/2022 Mr. Cartee was excellent in his assistance. He was assisted by Francois (Franco). Mr. Franco is always incredibly pleasant and diligent in his work.
9/13/2022 helped fix my issue quickly & was very kind & helpful
9/13/2022 Brenden was amazing. Very friendly and persistent in solving the issue. He had the experience to easily troubleshoot and solve quickly. I still feel bad that I created the issue, though. Thank you!
9/13/2022 We appreciate you!
9/12/2022 Quick and easy - Brendan found a solution that will work going forward. I have passed along to the department.
9/9/2022 Franco is nice and patient!
9/9/2022 Great experience!!!
9/8/2022 Password reset very timely. thanks
9/8/2022 It was all good for me.
9/7/2022 As always, problem solved quickly and everyone makes it fun. 🙂
9/7/2022 Chad is awesome! Took care of my issue.
9/6/2022 Brendan was SO helpful and pleasant to deal with!
9/6/2022 Expertly handled and swiftly
9/6/2022 Kevin went above and beyond.
9/2/2022 Quick - effective.
9/2/2022 Thanks for being proactive!
9/2/2022 Prompt and friendly call corrected the issue
9/1/2022 Chad was great and very patient. Always a pleasure to work with your team.
8/31/2022 Appreciated the prompt service when my laptop crashed!
8/31/2022 Chad answered the ticket very quickly and solved the issue. He saved me many hours of work by rescuing my corrupt file. Can't thank you enough Chad!
8/31/2022 Brendan Steeman is so calm and reassuring....he asks great questions, solves thoroughly and is a pleasure to work with!
8/30/2022 Super fast response!
8/30/2022 Francios resolved my connection between applications and Office 365 in short order!
8/29/2022 Branden is awesome! Thank you
8/29/2022 Brennan has been so helpful!
8/29/2022 Branden was AMAZING! He is knowledgeable and thorough. Thank you.
8/29/2022 Excellent. Thank you
8/29/2022 Brendan is always a pleasure to work with!
8/29/2022 Brendan Steemman is incredible! Very knowledgeable, articulate, patient & easy in his communication style!
8/29/2022 Always love speaking with Sanvir. He is very knowledgeable and takes care of our office in a timely manner.
8/26/2022 Such prompt service and assistance - always!
8/26/2022 Quick, efficient, and friendly service.
8/26/2022 QUICK AND FAST! 🙂
8/26/2022 Easy, efficient, and friendly service.
8/25/2022 Kim was wonderful to work with!
8/25/2022 MIS always gives us a quick response.
8/25/2022 Brendan was kind, patient and helpful!
8/25/2022 Brendan is always pleasant and helpful!
8/25/2022 The issue that i had was a little complex but the staff were able to figure out all of the issues that were encountered
8/25/2022 Weston is always very patient and helpful!
8/24/2022 My call was answered, after a brief description of my problem was taken, followed by a brief hold, Malan came on the line and took care of the issue! Thank you, MIS 🙂
8/23/2022 Branden was awesome! He was very patient with me and perfectly fixed the problem. He and Chad rock!
8/22/2022 Quick, fast and friendly.
8/19/2022 Very pleasant, quick and resolved the issue
8/19/2022 Very pleased. Brendan resolved our issue promptly.
8/19/2022 Quick remedy to a frustrating situation!
8/18/2022 Prompt and courteous service. TY!
8/17/2022 Speedy response
8/17/2022 Great! Thanks!
8/16/2022 Brandan is always knowledgeable and courteous.
8/16/2022 Chad was most helpful and professional!
8/16/2022 Brandon confirmed that the problem with a PDF file was not on my end. Thank you!
8/16/2022 Not a long wait time. Tech stayed with me to make sure everything is working. Thanks!
8/16/2022 As always, quick response. Friendly technician to explain if I am doing anything wrong and assure me when it is not my fault! Thank you to Sanvir for the help.
8/16/2022 As good as it can get! 🙂
8/15/2022 Chad was a pleasure and did a great job.
8/15/2022 As Always Sanvir was very pleasant and very helpful.
8/12/2022 Fixed, and excellent follow-up!
8/12/2022 Quick response time, resolved issue quickly, minimal laughing at my lacking tech savvy.
8/12/2022 Printer was resolved quickly and proficiently, as usual. Regarding Brendan, it is always a pleasure to deal with him. We appreciate him!!
8/12/2022 Brendan made quick work of correcting something caused by an inadvertent operator error... haha... Thank you.
8/11/2022 Kim was awesome and very helpful! As always, provided fantastic customer service and corrected the issue in record time!
8/11/2022 Quick response & solve
8/10/2022 Thank you!
8/10/2022 Good find by Chad, got the OneDrive 'looking right' now. Speedy about fixing too.
8/10/2022 Weston fixed my issue very quickly
8/9/2022 Excellent service; prompt and proficient. Brendan is a genius!!
8/9/2022 super fast!
8/9/2022 Jennifer stepped up immediately to help when she overheard me saying I was having an issue, and she was flexible while I was trying to juggle other tasks.
8/9/2022 Chad is the BEST!!!
8/8/2022 Chad got me hooked up. Chad is the best!
8/8/2022 You guys are amazing! Thank you so much!
8/4/2022 Francois was very personable, professional and a pleasure to work with.
8/4/2022 I appreciate the timely response and analysis
8/4/2022 Sanvir was quick and efficient to fix my problem. Thanks
8/4/2022 Sanvir is always so pleasant and helpful. I'm very grateful for the technical assistance!
8/3/2022 Prompt reply and haven't had an issue
8/3/2022 Thanks for the quick response!
8/2/2022 Neil's response was quick and provided suggestions. Great service.
8/2/2022 Franco was awesome! Extremely fast, knew exactly what to do, and remembered past fixes like they were yesterday. Fabulous job!!!
8/2/2022 Excellent Job as Usual
7/29/2022 I could finally sync my phone with my e-mail
7/29/2022 THANK YOU, CHAD for getting this done so quickly!!!
7/29/2022 Got it Done -
7/28/2022 Fantastic!! It was handled quickly & proficiently. Malan is a genius as this was an unusual sort of issue.
7/27/2022 I got help right away and the representative was very pleasant.
7/26/2022 Franco has been super kind, helpful and very patient - much appreciated. I am finally up and running again!
7/26/2022 Friendly thorough service and follow-up!
7/26/2022 Attentive service! Thanks!
7/26/2022 As always, you got on it and fixed my problem right away! Thank you!
7/25/2022 My questions and concerns were addressed
7/25/2022 Fast
7/25/2022 I was in and out of the office so it was hard to contact me, but the assigned employee continued to try to follow up and make sure to get the issue resolved.
7/25/2022 Super courteous and fixed issue.
7/22/2022 Franco was fantastic! Worked through the issues quickly and easily, very helpful.
7/21/2022 Excellent and friendly service.
7/21/2022 Issue taken care of in a matter of minutes, awesome response. Thank you.
7/21/2022 Quick response and fix.
7/20/2022 Got it all done!! Thank you so much! Chad was very nice and helpful
7/20/2022 excellent work by Franco
7/20/2022 Chad was familiar with the issue and was able to correct it in a very timely manner. Fast and courteous service, as always!
7/19/2022 Was provided instructions to to resolve my issue and had excellent follow up to confirm issue was resolved.
7/19/2022 Smooth and efficient process. Brendan was very professional and knowledgeable. I appreciate his support. Thank you!
7/18/2022 Very quick responses to fix problem.
7/18/2022 Brendan is always very helpful and knowledgable
7/18/2022 Always Happy with you
7/18/2022 Brendan is so helpful and knowledgeable. We always look forward to CSA day!
7/18/2022 Kim and Leanne were very helpful and nice!
7/18/2022 Thanks for getting me going this morning and for the follow-up call!
7/18/2022 Branden was very professional and knowledgeable , he worked quickly to resolve the issue. Thanks Again Branden
7/18/2022 quick efficient service today
7/18/2022 Sanvir always gets the job done!
7/18/2022 This was a challenging one and the MIS team was able to get my old tenant login working again.
7/15/2022 Kim was helpful and was able to disable the Windows update. Thanks.
7/15/2022 Quick response & issue corrected
7/15/2022 great service!
7/14/2022 Seamless - Outstanding!
7/14/2022 Branden was great. Fixed my issue promptly.
7/14/2022 Brendan was very helpful!
7/14/2022 Weston is amazing.
7/13/2022 Brendan was great!!
7/13/2022 So grateful for Brendan's knowledge, follow-up and graciousness.
7/12/2022 Franco was quick to get back to me, easy to work with, clear and concise with what he saw going on and what next steps would be. As much as I would prefer not to have a reason to work with support in the near future, my call with Franco was perfectly pleasant.
7/12/2022 Kim was very polite and helpful.
7/11/2022 Quick response. Thank you
7/11/2022 Chad was very proficient! There was further research to be done, (w/Bluehost). He submitted a Ticket with them, followed up very timely and made sure to keep everyone informed. Our marketing firm, our Director and myself.
7/11/2022 They solved my issues in a timely fashion
7/11/2022 You all answered the question very quickly - Thank you!
7/11/2022 Brandon was very nice and it took no time at all. Thank you
7/8/2022 Truly an ultimate pleasure working with Branden. He communicates when needed/recommended and he's very knowledgeable, thorough and his thought process is precise. Thank you 🙂
7/7/2022 The tech was very patient and extremely helpful. My questions were answered.
7/7/2022 Wendy was so extremely pleasant and helpful and ensured she kept communication with me until the issue was resolved.
7/7/2022 Answered my call quickly and resolved the issue quickly. Also took extra steps of following up
7/6/2022 MIS is always super helpful and very responsive. Thank you!!
7/6/2022 Franco was great & fixed everything quickly!
7/5/2022 I was assisted by Brendan & he was able to get me back on. Thanks
7/5/2022 Great job servicing my issue!
7/1/2022 The rep servicing, he's awesome and always very understanding/helpful
7/1/2022 The immediate response and diligence to get up and going again.
6/29/2022 Brendan is great. Always enjoy working with him.
6/27/2022 Kim was able to restore an essential program I use in my daily work quickly and efficiently, and it did not interrupt my current work efforts.
6/27/2022 Francois was friendly and helpful
6/27/2022 Very quick, thank you.
6/27/2022 quick response and solution
6/24/2022 Great job, quick response!
6/24/2022 Malan is very helpful and quick to respond! Thank you!
6/24/2022 Very helpful!
6/23/2022 THANKS
6/22/2022 fast and easy as usual!
6/22/2022 Kim thank you for your help, patience, and knowledge! Great customer service!!!
6/22/2022 Thank you Sanvir - you often take, what seems to me like a complicated situation, and solve the issue easy as pie. You are greatly appreciated!
6/21/2022 Fast & efficient response time-especially on a squirrely topic! Thanks.
6/21/2022 Branden was very helpful and worked very efficiently to solve my issue. I received a follow up call from Branden, the next morning (just as he had stated he would do), he walked me through my log on, and the issue was solved. Thank you!
6/17/2022 Brendan was incredibly patient and helpful while talking through and researching this issue. Overall, as a customer, this was a great experience and I very much appreciate his support.
6/17/2022 Thanks for the quick response!
6/17/2022 Wonderful!! . . as usual. Brenden is a genius. Assisted to provide a 'fix' promptly. Great personality and a pleasure.
6/16/2022 Kim was able to figure out the issue and get me back up and running.
6/16/2022 Sanvir is my go-to guy! He always gets the results I need.
6/15/2022 Got handled quickly
6/15/2022 Solved my problem.
6/14/2022 Weston was able to explain the issue in layman's terms and find a resolution within 24 hours.
6/14/2022 Answered questions in a timely manner.
6/13/2022 Brenden was great to work with, he is thorough and has great communication skills. Look forward to working with him again. Thank you.
6/10/2022 Thanks Brendan!
6/9/2022 Brendan was great, friendly and took the time needed to resolve the VPN issue. Thank you
6/9/2022 Neil was very pleasant.
6/9/2022 Chad responded quickly and efficiently. Thank you!
6/8/2022 Malan fixed my issue quickly, as usual. . . and such a pleasant person!
6/7/2022 Westin is always professional and fixes all of my concerns. He identified the problem and took care of it quickly.
6/7/2022 Brendan Steeman did really good job fixing the issue that I had.
6/7/2022 Fixed it!!! Thank you very much!!! Plus, he was very nice. 🙂
6/7/2022 Thank you
6/7/2022 Jennifer, fixed the problem really quick.
6/6/2022 SUPER FAST! Knew exactly what to look for and got the issue resolved!
6/6/2022 Thank you Sanvir!!
6/3/2022 Brendan Steeman has the patience of Job! He is always extremely helpful.
6/3/2022 Kim was really nice and fixed the issue quickly. Thank you!
6/3/2022 Thanks Sanvir
6/1/2022 Brendan was very helpful, thank you
6/1/2022 perfect
6/1/2022 Thanks for taking this off of my to-do list, Malan. I appreciate it!
6/1/2022 Weston is the best! 🙂
6/1/2022 Jennifer was great fixing my problem
5/31/2022 Everything went well!
5/31/2022 Brendan was able to help me quickly
5/31/2022 great as always
5/27/2022 Sanvir was (once again) incredibly helpful in resolving the issue almost immediately. Helped me get out of the office on the beginning of the holiday weekend! Thank you.
5/27/2022 Fast and efficient - good work!
5/26/2022 Thank you , problem is solved
5/25/2022 Quick to call me back and address my issue. Always polite, helpful and knowledgeable.
5/25/2022 Always a pleasure getting help from you all!
5/25/2022 Jennifer is great to work with, thank you
5/25/2022 Our request has been handled quickly and efficiently. You have a great Team. Jennifer, as always, very professional, fast, and efficient. She explained to us how to better manage our files.
5/24/2022 Quick response
5/23/2022 Such quick response and very little downtime. . excellent!! Thank you so much!
5/20/2022 Issue resolved in a timely fashion. Thanks!
5/19/2022 Quick response - thank you!
5/19/2022 Quick, clear communication with the support team, and I really appreciated the follow-up to make sure my problem was resolved.
5/18/2022 timely and efficient
5/18/2022 Weston is THE BEST !!!!
5/17/2022 Fast!
5/17/2022 Superb!! 🙂
5/17/2022 James seems like a good guy with a lot of knowledge.
5/17/2022 IDK what is wrong with my computer, but it now works faster 🙂
5/17/2022 Absolutely wonderful!! I don't think we were down for more than 5-10 minutes. Thank you so much!!!
5/13/2022 Kim rocks!
5/13/2022 Excellent service!
5/13/2022 Franco was wonderful! Patient and professional and helped solve the problem. Thank you so very much and Happy Friday!
5/13/2022 Very helpful thank you
5/12/2022 Thanks for the quick response and update.
5/12/2022 Quick, and complete response & resolution time.
5/11/2022 Quick, easy and very friendly. Thank you !
5/11/2022 super speedy! much appreciated!!!
5/11/2022 Thanks for the fast response!
5/11/2022 quick and perfect answer
5/10/2022 Great Job
5/9/2022 Prompt and friendly service. Kim resolved my issue in a matter of minutes.
5/9/2022 MFA was setup in a timely manner. Thanks!
5/9/2022 Brendan fixed my printer! Thanks!
5/9/2022 Brendan solved the problem!!
5/9/2022 Super fast!
5/8/2022 Big shout out to James, he is a really a great asset to the team that is appointed to us from MIS. I met him for the first time in person a couple weeks ago. And he is awesome. Thanks again for everything you have done here in the Atlanta office.
5/6/2022 The expertise is so impressive. Repaired the issue quickly. Such a pleasure dealing with him, always.
5/6/2022 Thanks Brendan! Great first experience with MIS!
5/6/2022 Good job Brendan!
5/6/2022 Quick and very responsive
5/5/2022 GREAT
5/5/2022 MIS-Solutions worked to a quick solution, as always. Thanks
5/5/2022 Great! Sanvir is wonderful as usual.
5/4/2022 Quick and competent
5/4/2022 As always, quick and reliable support.
5/3/2022 Thanks Sanvir for your patience and making sure our IP is correctly configured to Firewall.
5/3/2022 Thanks Sanvir for the explanation
5/3/2022 Good job by Malan. Thank you!
5/2/2022 Excellent!
5/2/2022 Weston is AMAZING
5/2/2022 Very helpful in resolving the issue!
4/29/2022 Thank you Sanvir!, that was painless
4/28/2022 No complaints
4/28/2022 My mistake again...Sanvir is a joy and very helpful to people like me who don't know how to follow instructions. 🙂
4/28/2022 good and fast work!
4/27/2022 Sanvir is lovely and helpful.
4/27/2022 Brendan was very courteous and resolved issue.
4/27/2022 Jennifer has been very attentive to our needs, going above and beyond to ensure a successful outcome as well as to explain what is necessary to accomplish the task then to explain what has been completed!
4/27/2022 Quick response and provided exact info I needed.
4/26/2022 Response time was great!!
4/25/2022 Kim was very nice and helpful and she fixed the problem.
4/25/2022 Talitha quickly verified the information request and I was back to work with only 1 call.
4/25/2022 Issue resolved quickly.
4/25/2022 Weston IS AWESOME ..............................
4/25/2022 Experience was great, problem was resolved really quick. Thank you.
4/22/2022 Fast response and resolution time! Thanks Wendy and Chad!
4/21/2022 handled in a timely manner.
4/21/2022 Thanks for solving it quickly
4/20/2022 Great Job Westin. You always know what to do. Thanks so much.
4/20/2022 Sanvir is super! Complete & patient. Thank you
4/20/2022 Kim was EXTREMELY patient and helpful in diffusing technological confusion/frustration. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!
4/19/2022 Chad is always thoughtful and helpful in resolving issues.
4/18/2022 Sanvir saved the day. Thanks so much
4/18/2022 Everything working! Thanks!
4/18/2022 GREAT
4/16/2022 Superb!!! Always a pleasure, Brendan.
4/15/2022 Issue was resolved with on-site visit.
4/15/2022 Prompt response
4/13/2022 Jennifer was very thorough and went above and beyond to be sure everything was working appropriately.
4/13/2022 Request was addressed in a timely manner. Thank you.
4/12/2022 Brendan is always so very helpful, keeps us informed anything is pending research by MIS and he is such a pleasure! 🙂
4/12/2022 Professional installation and clean up, Installers self sufficient and friendly.
4/12/2022 My technician was awesome. He was very quick and knowledgeable . He even downloaded Chrome for me and set everything related to it. Great Job MIS....
4/12/2022 Thanks for your help!
4/12/2022 The rep was most helpful and fixed my issue quickly. Well Done!!
4/11/2022 Everything works great now! Thank you so much for your help!
4/11/2022 Sanvir is the best!
4/8/2022 Quick!
4/8/2022 Very helpful! A pleasure to deal with Brandon. . . and he didn't make me feel foolish for calling in this Ticket. 🙂 Thank you!!!
4/7/2022 Chris Wayne Deserves a GOLD star. Yesterday I discovered about a years worth of documents could not be found now that we are on the "new" cloud. Granted, they were from 2011 but I still need them. Chris worked his magic and now by documents are available. Thanks Chris!
4/7/2022 Sanvir was awesome! We went through the process quickly and Sanvir answered all of my questions. I am very happy with the outcome! Thank you Sanvir!!!!
4/7/2022 Thank you Brendan!!
4/6/2022 Brendan is always very helpful.
4/5/2022 Quick response!
4/5/2022 Thank you! You did awesome!
4/5/2022 Issue was identified and resolved in a timely manner.
4/4/2022 Problem was resolved and I am in my session and working so I am happy
4/4/2022 the response was excellent, the service was informative, I really appreciate you all
4/1/2022 Working with Sanvir is fantastic. He is always very helpful and will go the extra mile to make sure your issue is resolved. 10 stars Sanvir!!!
4/1/2022 Appreciated having the issue taken care of quickly. Thank you
3/31/2022 Fast resolution!
3/31/2022 You are the best. Thanks for your visit. Your explanations were very friendly and easy to understand why. We did not have any problems
3/31/2022 My problem was escalated to Chad Cartee and he was able to resolve the problem with my local mapped drive. Always a pleasure working with Chad. Thanks Chad.
3/31/2022 Thank you for restoring this file so quickly!!
3/31/2022 Emory did a great job taking me step by step through the process of fixing the problem and helping me understand what caused the issue.
3/31/2022 Very helpful and prompt! Thank you!
3/30/2022 Brendan was very nice, helpful, cognizant of my time, and was able to resolve my issue. Thanks Brendan!
3/29/2022 Malan and Sanvir were most helpful with getting this Ticket resolved. It took persistence because we needed the tech support work of an outside party (software) but they acted quickly and professionally. Excellent group of guys!!
3/29/2022 Chad was very friendly and helpful. He was quick to respond to my issue and get it fixed.
3/28/2022 very pleasant to deal with.
3/25/2022 Excellent service! Thank you!
3/25/2022 Thanks, it is working now!
3/25/2022 As always, very quick response to the issue and quickly resolved. Overall MIS has been a great IT company to work with.
3/23/2022 Francois very helpful in explaining the issues & no need to back up emails. Wish last tech I spoke with had told me that; would have saved a lot of time and trouble!!
3/23/2022 Support specialist was very patient. Thank you!
3/23/2022 In one word, Weston. He always handles our needs to our satisfaction at the Roswell location of AFCOG.
3/22/2022 Prompt and courteous support by Kim. Thanks so much!
3/21/2022 AWSOME AS ALWAYS!!!
3/17/2022 Brendan was great to work with and he is very knowledgeable. Thank you.
3/16/2022 Prompt response!
3/15/2022 Responsive and got the issue resolved quickly~!
3/14/2022 Weston did a Great job
3/9/2022 Overwhelming support by MIS
3/9/2022 Brendan to the rescue. No matter what time of day it is, & this time it was before 8am, Brendan is always very pleasant & cheerful. He is always very professional & always assures you that you're not the idiot you think you are because you cannot fix the situation & had to call MIS. Carver is so lucky to have such a wonderful team that supports us & keeps us up & running. Since MIS has come onboard our prior issues have been minimal in comparison. Thank you Brendan & MIS!
3/8/2022 You guys are always so helpful and friendly - I really appreciate that.
3/8/2022 Chad is awesome!
3/7/2022 Quick and easy fix. Thank you both for taking care of this
3/3/2022 Weston is AWESOME ..........................
3/3/2022 Great , thanks ... Quick response
3/3/2022 Brendan was quick to resolve my issue. Always a pleasure to work with.
3/2/2022 so grateful for the genuinely friendly and helpful assistance!
2/28/2022 Kim was very professional and quickly assessed and solved my problem.
2/25/2022 Awesome service! Resolved scanner issue.
2/25/2022 Brendan worked diligently to solve my problem with a scanner. My position requires a significant amount of scanning documents to my client files. He kept me posted on his progress through emails and telephone calls. He is definitely an asset to your organization.
2/24/2022 Very quick response and fixed what I needed
2/23/2022 All better! Great follow-up and issues now cleared up!
2/22/2022 Quick solution.Thank you!
2/21/2022 It's been a pleasure working with MIS Solutions and I applaud your professionalism!
2/21/2022 Thank you for quick action
2/18/2022 Prompt response and quickly solved my issue.
2/18/2022 Coordinated well with third party website host to update our website address. Process went smoothly.
2/17/2022 Just want to emphasize that the diligence and expertise is very impressive.We just experienced a ticket that required escalation - Malan & Savir are amazing!! So happy to have MIS on our team.
2/16/2022 Kim was very helpful in trying to solve our issue and I am waiting for one user to return to the office to see if her suggest works. She was very determined to get our problem solved and it was appreciated.
2/16/2022 Engaged support. Very accommodating. Thanks!
2/15/2022 Weston is always great to work with.
2/15/2022 Best Service EVER.. But we know this by now.
2/14/2022 Phone was answered promptly and Chad was friendly and helpful and got my problem taken care of quickly.
2/9/2022 Outstanding experience. Brandon Steeman Made me feel comfortable, smile and did not give up easily. Stuck through it and figured out the problem, found the solution and resolved the issue.
2/8/2022 Kim was patient, knowledgeable , and so easy to work with. She solved my issue with ease!
2/8/2022 Nice work navigating through all the teams on this - well done Chad
2/7/2022 Brendan is always so pleasant & professional even on a Monday morning @ 9am. I felt like such an idiot, I had checked my printer cables before I reached out to MIS, but I didn't unplug & replug them in & when Brendan instructed me to do that Bazinga! my printer Big Bertha started printing.Brendan suggested I replace the printer cord.I will so that & hopefully not have egg on my face 🙂 Thank you Brendan!!!!!!!
2/4/2022 Sanvir is so paitent and just keeps checking and checking until he finds the solution.I appreciate the assist.
2/2/2022 Your engineer, Jennifer, detected the problem very quickly and solved it immediately. Jennifer is very professional, knowledgeable about her work, and additionally very kind
2/2/2022 Kim was very polite and helpful. Thank you
1/31/2022 Mr.Steeman was nice and fixed the problem promptly.
1/31/2022 Quick and fast.. thanks
1/31/2022 Kim and Sanvir were patient and very helpful...as always! Thank you for making a stressful situation less scary. 🙂
1/27/2022 Weston is great!
1/27/2022 It was fixed before the time limit given to me. Thanks.
1/26/2022 As always MIS is very responsive and got it done quickly...
1/25/2022 Thanks for the quick and dependable help!
1/25/2022 Great customer service!The problem was fixed qucikly.
1/24/2022 Great detective work - issue resolved!
1/24/2022 The team was able to restore my very important login and password list, so that saved me a lot of backtracking
1/24/2022 Neil is great as always!
1/24/2022 Malan was great as always!!
1/21/2022 Your support was pretty fast
1/20/2022 Sanvir is a rock star!
1/20/2022 West is awesome!
1/20/2022 Very Helpful worked through my problem in a timely and efficient manner!
1/20/2022 Sanvir is always the best!!! THank you!!!
1/19/2022 Brendan was very professional & polite and explained what he was doing.It's so nice when you work with such wonderful gentlemen that are polite & have a sense of humor.The service I have received is 100+, I'm very greatly we have such a competent team to help us.Thanks MIS & Thank you Brendan!!!!!!!!!!
1/19/2022 Malan was very patient and helpful. He was awesome! Thank you!
1/19/2022 Bendon's diagnosis skills are amazing! 🙂
1/18/2022 Very quick response & troubleshooting
1/17/2022 Malan was very professional & helpful.Great service & done quickly. Thank you Malan!
1/17/2022 always fast moving reponses and never judgy when I make a mistake!!!!!
1/17/2022 Excellent service - always!!!!!He is so courteous, quick to fix the problem and not much of a wait time.
1/17/2022 Got it fixed quickly
1/14/2022 Found the missing files quickly. Thanks,
1/14/2022 Plain and simple... Sanvir. he is fantastic. Always very helpful and patient. He is the best!!
1/13/2022 Brendan was wonderful to work with!
1/13/2022 Weston is always very helpful, knowledgeable and always resolve the issue.
1/12/2022 Very helpful and patient as I attempted to navigate things over the phone.
1/11/2022 Extremely courteous
1/11/2022 Courtesy and professionalism
1/11/2022 Cloud and Proactive Teams jumped all over this and resolved within minutes - Thank you James K and Christiaan d
1/11/2022 Fantastic support!!!!
1/10/2022 Sage update went great, fastest we've ever done the yearly update. Everything went smooth. Chad knocked it out of the park as he usually does.
1/10/2022 Kim is awesome! She did a great job
1/7/2022 Malan did a great job!
1/6/2022 it went great!
1/6/2022 Weston isAwesome
1/6/2022 Quick efficient response.
1/6/2022 Thank you for the quick response. All is good.
1/5/2022 Fantastic extra mile kind of assistance....from Derek West to everyone else that contributed.Thank you!
1/5/2022 James was great, and quick.Thanks for the help
1/5/2022 Quick and efficient - Love it!
1/4/2022 Sanvir is so awesome!He follows up, has a positive attitude, and works to resolve my computer issues. Thanks!!
1/4/2022 Gareth came to my emotional rescue like a Knight in shining armor!!Very patient with me and very willing to stay in touch as I encountered little hiccups.Well done sir!!
12/29/2021 Sanvir saved me hours of duplicated work. And he didn't even make me feel like an idiot - LOL :)Give the man a bonus!I always appreciate his assistance, but today he literally SAVED ME!
12/27/2021 Sanvir was organized and helped me zip through my request - on an issue I have had before- in record time. Quick, easy and professional.
12/27/2021 Chad knows what he is doing. Hequickly diagnosed the issues I experienced and quickly solved it
12/24/2021 So grateful Malan called me over the holiday so that I could get into Outlook....it was user error not having my correct password. Thank you, Malan!
12/23/2021 Got everything done with patience with me!
12/21/2021 Brendan was of great assistance and from the looks of it, the issue got resolved.
12/16/2021 AWESOME!!! Listened to and understood the issue first, then immediately fixed. Stress-free and super nice!
12/16/2021 Great service. Thanks.
12/16/2021 Rapid Response and Rapid Fix!!
12/15/2021 Super quick and easy! Great communicator!
12/15/2021 Always prompt and friendly. 🙂
12/13/2021 Jennifer was nice and patient as I worked on getting both of my computers access to the cloud. The issue was solved with no complaints. Thank-you!
12/13/2021 Thank you for being so persistent in solving my issue.
12/13/2021 It is always a pleasure to be helped by Sanvir. He is the best!
12/8/2021 Kim was patient and friendly and fixed my problem quickly. Thank you!
12/8/2021 Brendan Quickly resolved the issue.
12/3/2021 It was quick and prompt and all my issues with the computer were resolved. Brendan was very professional and helpful. Thanks
12/3/2021 Chad is awesome! 🙂
12/3/2021 Sanvir comes to the rescue again! Thank you for your quick and friendly assistance!
12/1/2021 Got resolved in a very timely manner. Thanks Chad!
12/1/2021 LOVE, LOVE, LOVE SANVIR! He is the one I know I can always count on to make my day less stressful!
12/1/2021 Brendan is a jewel! He is so knowledgeable about all of our systems and is patient and kind when dealing with even dumb questions! He never complains when we throw last-minute stuff to him and he makes himself available to all staff to come to him with issues when he is here for the CSA. He, Eric and Wendy are are "go-to" MIS people and they always come through for us.
12/1/2021 Malan did an excellent job gathering the requested info in a very timely manner!
11/30/2021 Brendan did a great job of assessing the issue and truly fixing the problem instead of just a quick fix. He was very responsive and listened to my concerns. Truly a great interaction!
11/29/2021 Prompt and efficient as always! Thanks!
11/29/2021 Malan was great. Response was quick and resolution was great.
11/23/2021 Brendan is extremely patient and pleasant!
11/19/2021 Very quick and efficient team!
11/19/2021 The MIS technician was excellent got everything done.
11/19/2021 Great job as usual
11/19/2021 Weston is great
11/17/2021 Chad is a great IT technician. He takes care of the issue straight to the point. On top of that, he is also very kind. Two thumbs up.
11/17/2021 Jennifer is the BEST.
11/16/2021 Quick and efficiently resolved.
11/12/2021 Fantastic!
11/12/2021 Malan, our tech is so proficient, prompt to get issues resolved and such a pleasant personality. Superb!
11/12/2021 Sanvir was fast, friendly and helpful as always!
11/12/2021 Great troubleshooting efforts despite multiple problems with factory stalled software compatibility. Top rate service and communication throughout the process.
11/11/2021 Superb client care and IT support.
11/11/2021 Excellent service - so happy with MIS!!
11/11/2021 I made a mistake and Sanvir walked me through it very patiently!
11/8/2021 Immediate response and thorough explanation!
11/8/2021 Chad is so knowledgeable . He does a great job of helping me with computer problems. Thanks to Chad for getting my audio going on my computer.
11/8/2021 Weston is Amazing, Great Job
11/5/2021 SUPER FAST response!!! MIS consistently makes business back-office technology so much easier!
11/5/2021 Sanvir is always so responsive and understands the issue. He also ALWAYS listens to the problem in order to find the correct solution.
11/4/2021 Super fast responses!!
11/3/2021 Kim was able to keep the others in the office from calling me crazy because she found the problem.
11/2/2021 excellent service!
10/29/2021 As always, I immediately talked to someone and got the issue resolved!
10/29/2021 Jennifer was very friendly and helpful!
10/28/2021 My experience was very pleasant!
10/28/2021 The customer support service was excellent. As always, Kim was on point with assistance and completing the tasks.
10/28/2021 Thank you so much Weston! I really appreciate you, as always! Thank you for being so kind and quick to respond!
10/27/2021 Excellent service!
10/26/2021 The tech is always very helpful in resolving my issues.
10/25/2021 FAST Response time
10/22/2021 Thanks for getting this done so fast for me!
10/22/2021 Sanvir always comes through for me...he's the best!
10/22/2021 Duncan Keevy is a very kind and professional IT support agent who will ensure that the customer's technical problems are appropriately addressed and solved. It's great to work with people like this.
10/20/2021 Super fast!
10/18/2021 Chad is always very helpful and did a great job with getting me back up & running on my laptop once Lenovo returned it. The prep work he did prior to me releasing my computer to Lenovo was Awesome & it eliminated the anxiety with getting it back and setting things back up the way they used to be for ease of use. Thanks So Much for capturing all the required steps for all the items that allowed for the transition back & forth to run smoothly!!!
10/15/2021 Problem was quickly solved. Working fine now.
10/15/2021 Thanks Brendan for coming to the rescue again!
10/15/2021 I love working with Duncan. Took forever to figure this issue out with the makers of the software and Duncan was diligent through the entire process. Super attentive and really knows his stuff
10/14/2021 Good support. Knowledgeable person.
10/12/2021 Top notch service always!!
10/11/2021 Emory was thorough, patient and professional. It was great working with him!
10/8/2021 Kim Mushonga was AMAZING!! She really knows her job and has the best professional yet personable attitude. She is huge asset to your company. Thank you, Ms Kim!! P.S. I absolutely love her accent lol
10/8/2021 Malan was great! I have been going crazy thinking the problems I was having were user errors, as usual. Thanks, Malan!
10/8/2021 Emory is always so professional & helpful. Thank you!
10/7/2021 Chad figured out the problem in record time! Thank you!
10/7/2021 Excellent service - prompt and efficient. Always.
10/6/2021 Weston always fixes issues that I have here in Roswell. He is the best.
10/6/2021 Very helpful and pleasant to speak with during the phone call.
10/6/2021 It was a simple fix. I was caught up with so much complex tasks, that I forget how to do simple things.
10/5/2021 Roy and Weston were cordial (as always), willing to help with a minor issue, and got me back on track quickly!
10/5/2021 Tim was very helpful and professional.
9/30/2021 Neil did a great job!
9/30/2021 Chad made it all very easy to get my laptop ready for shipment & also helped me mirror items from my laptop over to the spare so it is more user friendly. Thanks Chad!!
9/29/2021 Duncan is so nice and helpful!
9/29/2021 As usual, Emory didn't stop until he had resolved the issue.
9/29/2021 Good quick work. Great customer service and pleasant attitude from Duncan
9/29/2021 Thank you for the quick response....
9/29/2021 Emory was very professional, helpful, patient & walked me though what he was doing.
9/28/2021 quick response to fix the issue.
9/27/2021 The great thing is that Duncan has a very favorable relationship with Casey at FAME and they worked it out together and very fast.
9/27/2021 Emory saved me a drive to the office. Greatly appreciate his willingness to stick with the concern until he had a resolution.
9/27/2021 Great Job by Weston
9/27/2021 FAST
9/24/2021 I was able to sign in with the code for Adobe and change my account.
9/24/2021 Chad was great. He spent over an hour on the phone with me and our QB vendor to resolve an issue and when they said there was nothing more to be done, Chad never gave up until the matter was resolved.
9/24/2021 Chad was awesome!!! Had me fixed within seconds!!!
9/23/2021 Malan is the bomb!
9/23/2021 fast and easy!
9/23/2021 Jennifer is really great to work with and is patient as a teacher for new items or reminder of items previously shown to us. All of these proactive items helped reduce my anxiety with potentially having to set my computer features up again because I would not remember these items. Thank you Jennifer!
9/23/2021 Sanvir was friendly, efficient and resolved my issue in short order. What more can one ask from a help desk? This was my first time submitting a ticket and was stunned to receive support so quickly. Thank you!
9/23/2021 Sanvir was very helpful and patient, and he corrected all of my problems!
9/22/2021 It was a pleasure to work with Kim. She completed the requested tasks on point.
9/22/2021 Thanks Brendan! You always come through!
9/22/2021 Quick! Thank you
9/22/2021 Chad was very helpful as he always is. Thank you so much, Chad.
9/21/2021 Excellent! Project was handled very proficiently and professionally. We are very pleased.
9/20/2021 Malon was very Helpful!
9/20/2021 Kim is always great to work with on our IT items. Thank you!
9/20/2021 I was able to gain access to our software that I use daily. For some reason it had become non responsive.
9/17/2021 Great experience! Chad was quick to find a solution.
9/16/2021 Jennifer was prompt and great at assisting!
9/14/2021 Kim was great. Now I can run certain reports while on the road!
9/13/2021 Easy to deal with and resolved my issue promptly
9/10/2021 Thank you so much! Excellent service as always 🙂
9/9/2021 Chad's enthusiastic approach to solving my issue is top-level service. Within 30 minutes of submitting my issue, he was on top of it and getting it resolved. A+, he gets the shiny gold star of the day from me.
9/9/2021 Fast dependable responses to our service needs. It is much appreciated.
9/8/2021 Wendy is amazing ... as usual!
9/8/2021 Problem solved. Thank you!
9/7/2021 Sanvir was professional and helpful.
9/2/2021 Chad man's excellent service is the best
9/2/2021 Timely response and excellent service! Thank you.
9/2/2021 Quick response!
9/1/2021 Excellent service
9/1/2021 Thank you Malan! You are always quick to take care of all our crazy spam and phishing emails.
9/1/2021 Brendan is great at solving our problems and explaining how to fix things. He makes himself available to staff by walking around and checking in on folks. Very capable and friendly. Thank you Brendan!
8/27/2021 Quick answer. Thanks!
8/25/2021 Technical support that MIS offers is great. The support team specialist Kim was very knowledgeable and very kind and supportive at assisting with VPN setup. It's great to work with people like this.
8/25/2021 Shannon wanted me to let you know that she really likes how Brendan walks around and checks in with folks at their desks. He is very accessible and she appreciates it!
8/24/2021 Friendly and knowledgeable staff.
8/23/2021 Neil got the job done. Thanks Neil as always !!
8/20/2021 Very fast response
8/19/2021 CHAD saved my life by finding a file Tania and I had worked 2 hours on!

Thank you CHAD!!!!
8/18/2021 thanks for the time spent to troubleshoot and get the phone working without issues 🙂
8/17/2021 Thank you Chad for responsiveness and giving me ease of mind
8/16/2021 Very Helpful!
8/16/2021 For someone like me, anything IT related is quite frustrating. Sanvir and Neil showed up with loads of patience, even in the face if my impatience 🙂
8/16/2021 Neil pinpointed the problem and fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling Citrix. A quick resolution, as always!!
8/15/2021 Cloud Team (Santosh) did really good job, especially as this was submitted and completed afterhours, getting this done in a timely and professional manner - THANK YOU
8/13/2021 Sanvir gets 10 gold stars for his detective work on this ticket! Thank you for restoring my calendar!
8/12/2021 Friendly and fast
8/12/2021 Sanvir did an excellent job of getting me back in the cloud and helping update some programs.
8/12/2021 Great help from Sanvir, once again.
8/11/2021 Quick, professional & kind!
8/11/2021 Another great job....
8/10/2021 Chad is awesome!
8/10/2021 Thanks Neil!! I really appreciate you timely response and your being able to find the emails for me.
8/10/2021 Chad is an all-star as always.
8/9/2021 Kim was great. She kept at it until I had what I needed, and it didn't take her long.
8/9/2021 Great work.
8/9/2021 Kim was a great help and showed me the correct way to back up emails for people. Kim is very knowledgeable and a great addition to the team.
8/9/2021 Sanvir was exceptionally quick and efficient :)!! Great service from him this morning!
8/6/2021 Tim did an outstanding job working with me on this setup.
8/6/2021 Kim really took the time to research how to decrypt my password, showed me and made sure I knew the process. Thank you, Kim!
8/5/2021 Brendan Holmes was outstanding and almost solely responsible for the successful completion of this project
8/5/2021 I wonder if you ever get tired of hearing how wonderful Robin is? He is always so helpful and has such an amazing and positive disposition! He handles issues with such ease...I am back up and running in no time!
8/5/2021 Santosh was very helpful and responsive.
8/4/2021 Quick and easy!
8/4/2021 Sandvir was patient and thorough in resolving my issue. As always, very friendly and polite.
8/4/2021 Punctual and professional. Neil was great help.
8/2/2021 Robyn is always the beat and most polite person to speak with. He will put you in a better mood after speaking with him!
8/2/2021 Thanks for marking this SPAM!
7/30/2021 Chad checked several different approaches to solve my speed problem. Always helpful and thorough.
7/29/2021 Kim was very helpful and continually worked on the issue until it got resolved, even when it took longer than expected.
7/29/2021 Great job, timely resolve!
7/29/2021 Thank you so much Jennifer! You are awesome.
7/27/2021 Fast and great service
7/27/2021 Quick response & awesome customer service.

7/27/2021 The issue was resolved quickly. thanks.
7/26/2021 Always very helpful and quick to resolve the problem. Thanks!
7/23/2021 Prompt to shut down on scheduled time and quick restoration when we were ready.
7/22/2021 Quick and courteous. Derek knows the way!
7/22/2021 So, SO happy
7/21/2021 John is great. Knows what he is doing. Very helpful.
7/21/2021 Fast service
7/20/2021 Kind and courteous support person. Problem cleared quickly.
7/20/2021 Very helpful, friendly and quick to resolve the problem. Thanks!
7/19/2021 Chad was quick and very communicative
7/19/2021 Thank you Malan for your help! You did a great job getting my laptop running more efficiently. Have a great day!
7/16/2021 Robin assisted me with a ticket today that required a great deal of skill and patience, and he exhibited both. He was very personable throughout the process and explained the steps he was taking to resolve the issue. Perhaps more importantly, even though the problem was 100% the result of user error, Robin never made me feel bad about it and seemed genuinely eager to help. I know it was his job to resolve the issue, but he made the conscious choice to be very pleasant about it, and I'm so grateful.
7/15/2021 Robin took care of my issue quickly and was very mindful of my time.
7/15/2021 I'm always happy with the service I give myself 🙂
7/15/2021 Tech was helpful.
7/15/2021 Well done TEAM MIS!
7/14/2021 Chad was his usual perfect awesome self!
7/13/2021 kind, courteous service, as always, from Wendy!
7/12/2021 ROBIN is ABSOLUTELY the BEST. Well informed, patient, answers all my questions, great customer service, friendly but professional and he fixes my computer problems in a timely manner every time.

He is a great representative for your company.
07/08/2021 Robin was very helpful, friendly, and patient. He fixed both issues I was having!
07/08/2021 Very quick response to the request and a very fast repair.
07/08/2021 I always appreciate the stellar customer service and efficiency of solving issues. Thanks so much Tim!
07/08/2021 Thank you for all your help!
07/07/2021 Robin was great - Thanks for the help!
07/07/2021 Quick response!
07/07/2021 Neil got to me quickly and resolved my issue with speed and his usual courteous manner
07/07/2021 Kim got the issue fixed quickly! I love working for a company that uses MIS! You guys are so efficient and easy to work with!
07/06/2021 Timely solution to our IT needs, and helping us determine an efficient fix for the proble.
07/06/2021 Quick question. Quick answer. That's the way it should work. Thanks.
07/06/2021 Justin stayed on top of the situation to avoid an outage at our firewall/vpn.
07/06/2021 Robin worked his magic as he always does and got Change Order back up and running in a matter of minutes.
07/01/2021 I could not see what any of the icons said but I will just say that Chad is the best. He worked on the issue until it he found a solution to the problem. He then worked with me patiently to help me understand placing a call on park and how the receiver will retrieve the call. 6 stars.
06/30/2021 Kim was extremely helpful with getting me set up to use the spare laptop after getting me "unlocked" with username/pw issues and managed to calm my frazzled nerves due to being without computer access & I had 2 client priority items that needed to be addressed this morning. It is unknown at this time what is going on with my new laptop that was working just fine yesterday & now will not boot up at all. Thank goodness for the spare laptop & for the support at MIS!
06/30/2021 Kim fixed the situation while I was at lunch and now I can check the cisco connect tonight from home. Thanks Kim! 🙂
06/30/2021 Nice work Santosh! Quick response! Clear communication!
06/30/2021 Awesome as usual. Extremely polite. Very patient. Did not give up!
06/29/2021 Awesome, I appreciate you all for getting this resolved so quickly.
06/29/2021 As always, Robin delivers friendly and professional service!!
06/28/2021 Once again, all good stuff! Almost immediately after I emailed MIS, Neil called me, but I had stepped away from my desk. I called him back and he got to work solving the problem, which he discovered was not on my end. He even gave some suggestions as to how the other person could fix the problem on her end. Thank you!
06/25/2021 Thanks for the speedy response!
06/25/2021 Expert help and dedication to getting me up and going.
06/25/2021 Kim Mushonga did a great job! Thank you!
06/25/2021 Sanvir was great. He was assisting me with another issue yesterday and inquired about the open ticket I had related to my EPIC issues. He said he had some ideas and needed access to my system for 30-40 minutes. I don't know exactly what he did, but it worked. This has been perplexing many people for over a week now and is a workflow issue. It is now fixed and I am fully operational again. Thank you, Sanvir, for being wiling to continue to try to solve this issue.
06/24/2021 Weston is Awesome
06/22/2021 Great as usual!
06/22/2021 quick response & resolve!
06/22/2021 Chad is the best! Always so helpful and patient. Really appreciate how professional and kind he is. Thank you so much for your help, Chad.
06/22/2021 Chad is always very helpful! He really listens to customer and makes sure he answers the question correctly! THANK YOU
06/22/2021 I appreciate the help in getting back to work 🙂
06/18/2021 I clicked on the wrong Icon initially. I had a great experience. Robin always does an awesome job!
06/17/2021 It was very quickly and easily resolved by Kim.
06/16/2021 Thanks!
06/16/2021 Malan was a pleasure to work with. Very courteous and knowledgeable so the process went quickly
06/16/2021 Robin very patient, cheerful & helpful, as always! 🙂
06/15/2021 Robin did a fantastic job chasing down a solution to a problem I was having with the new Windows Server platform we recently moved to. When I was ready to give up, Robin kept looking for a solution and actually called me back with the solution when I wasn't even expecting a call back from him. My thanks to Robin for his tenacity and exceptional customer service.
06/14/2021 Awesome, Weston always knows what to do to fix the problem. Yea Weston!
06/14/2021 Very helpful fixing my issues. Thank you!
06/14/2021 Quick response and quick resolution
06/11/2021 Sanvir immediately diagnosed the problem and proposed a solution. When I obtained and forwarded to him the necessary information from the software provider, he implemented the solution.
06/10/2021 Another great experience with Chad (as per SOP)
06/10/2021 Great Service with Quick Resolution!
06/09/2021 Completed quickly and promptly!
06/09/2021 Very quick
06/08/2021 Chad absolutely nailed it AND even showed me how to correct in the future - that is servant leadership!
06/08/2021 Great Fast Work. Thank You Weston
06/08/2021 Great job Neal!
06/08/2021 Sanvir always goes above and beyond to correct the root problem and not just use a "band-aid" fix. He's persistent in his research and problem-solving. He also does all of it with such professionalism and friendliness at the same time.
06/07/2021 Sanvir always is so calm, asks great questions and pursues all kinds of potential fixes it seems at the same time! He says time he needs to work something so expectations are clear. a TRUE problem solver.
06/04/2021 Sanvir was quick to respond and resolve my issue.
06/02/2021 Thanks for the timely response! Malan did a great job of troubleshooting along with the Comcast tech and got the problem resolved in a timely manner.
06/02/2021 Service was quick and solution was easily found.
06/01/2021 Responded immediately. Thank you very much!
06/01/2021 Kim did GREAT with quickly identifying my issue with using the wrong port for connecting to the docking station. Thank you!
05/28/2021 Thank you Sanvir! You are so knowledgeable and patient!
05/27/2021 I feel like a broken record here, but again, I appreciate John's knowledge and patience when he's helping me out. Thank you AGAIN!!
05/27/2021 Thank you so much for your prompt response!!!
05/26/2021 Sanvir is very good at what he does from a technical standpoint and has a very nice demeanor. Great job Sanvir!
05/25/2021 I appreciate the good responsiveness!
05/25/2021 Kim was super patient and helpful!
05/24/2021 Chad is awesome! 🙂
05/21/2021 Roy is always pleasant and helpful with assisting with my computer issues. Please tell him Thank you.
05/20/2021 Always great customer service!
05/20/2021 Robin is always delightful and very helpful.
05/20/2021 Great Customer Service Thank You Weston
05/20/2021 My ticket was addressed within 15 minutes of me submitting the request. Jennifer was great and solved the issue in a pinch. A+ service!
05/18/2021 Kevin arrived on time, worked quickly, helped me with a configuration issue as we were testing connectivity
05/18/2021 Duncan very patient, diligent and courteous. Got the job done x2!! 🙂
05/18/2021 Robin is so helpful, efficient and kind! Does he ever sleep? I have had help from him at all hours of the day and late night! LOL, super guy! Always a pleasure hearing his voice on the line!
05/17/2021 Weston Rocks!!
05/17/2021 As always, someone started working on my problem right away and solved it very quickly. Thank you!
05/17/2021 Thanks for your help. Great service from Jennifer!
05/17/2021 Very quick response to my call. Very quick resolution. Thank you!
05/12/2021 Thank you so much Robin and Brendan! Really appreciate your quick response time and helping getting us back online so quickly! You both are awesome! I really appreciate you all.
05/12/2021 As expected, the MIS support team continues to deliver excellent support, keep up the good work!
05/12/2021 Neil kept at the problem until he resolved my issue.
05/11/2021 quick, friendly service
05/11/2021 The Tech I worked with made the experience pleasant!
05/11/2021 Thank you so much Mr. Robin for your outstanding customer services.
05/10/2021 Robin is a gem! He fixed up the issues I was having, and now I'm back at work! Thank y'all so much!!! 🙂
05/10/2021 thank you for the fast assistance and support.
05/10/2021 Sanvir was confident in the issue and resolved quickly. Users reporting the issue were communicated with directly. I was able to stay focused on-boarding a new hire this morning. Great coordination this morning! Thank you!
05/07/2021 Neil did a great job. Helpful and informative and completed the task as needed. Also was very patient as our downtime ended up being longer than expected.
5/5/2021 Sanvir is a favorite at Evermark.
5/5/2021Robin makes the experience enjoyable. great attitude
5/4/2021Weston is AEWSOME .He got me all fixed up & working again .
5/4/2021Sanvir helped quickly to solve my issue. Well done.
5/3/2021Prompt reply to my call and prompt on time follow up. Thanks!
4/30/2021Chad was responsive and stuck with the issue until he found a solution. Great work!
4/29/2021Great Customer Service,,,,, thank you!
4/28/2021Did a great job--very quick
4/28/2021Very nice to work with!
4/27/2021Solve the problem quickly.
4/27/2021It was fast and perfect! Thank you
4/27/2021very helpful and friendly
4/27/2021Quickly handled the issue and communicated well.
4/26/2021Thank you for the quick response!
4/26/2021Chad is an awesome!
4/26/2021Very timely! Thanks!
4/23/2021Duncan is the best!
4/23/2021super fast and solved the issue immediately
4/22/2021Good response. Courteous and effective discourse. And obviously, a successful outcome.Thanks much
4/22/2021Response was very prompt. Mr. Joubert understood the reported problem and efficiently corrected it. He did not terminate the assistance, however, until we checked to ensure related applications were also working properly. Two were not, which would have required another request if he had not been thorough. Again, he was efficient in acquiring the information needed and getting everything working properly. He was thorough and accurate in his work and courteous with my time. I cannot think of any way the service could have been better.
4/22/2021Tech was able to fix my system without any interruption. He was able to explain what was going with my system where I was able to understand.
4/21/2021Robin is quick to help. Even better, he always helps me keep my sense of humor. Thank you Robin!
4/21/2021Great job and great response time Thank you
4/20/2021Prompt service and problem was solved quickly.
4/20/2021great customer service!
4/19/2021Thanks, problem solved!
4/19/2021Very thorough and helpful! Thanks Neil!
4/19/2021Great, efficient service.
4/16/2021quick as usual -Thank you
4/15/2021Thank you . well done and quickly
4/15/2021Thank you - Grateful for your help
4/14/2021Thank you Chris! I appreciate that you remoted in and resolved the issue. I always get great service with the MIS techs. 🙂 Shannon
4/14/2021Awesome as always
4/14/2021Quick, professional service and a friendly knowledgeable rep!
4/13/2021Excellent customer service as always! Thank you!
4/12/2021Neil helped me out quickly and professionally
4/12/2021great service and fast
4/12/2021Very good customer service! Thank you.
4/12/2021fast and excellent service
4/9/2021Love working with Sanvir. He is always knowledgeable and gets my computer fixed in no time.
4/9/2021chad did a great job and the working of this ticket proved how it is possible to resolve issues in an O365 environment with global admins and non admins working together
4/8/2021Weston is always professional and very knowledgeable, a pleasure to work with!
4/8/2021Awesome group
4/8/2021Nice work Chad!
4/7/2021Ticket issued completed and enjoyed speaking with the staff.
4/6/20213Ps Pleasant-Professional-Polite
4/5/2021very prompt
4/5/2021Nice work - fast!
4/5/2021Chad called back quickly and determined there was no problem with the best practices analyzer results. I can go back to work with a clear conscience now.
4/5/2021As always, Duncan was extremely efficient and super friendly! 🙂
4/5/2021Very helpful and quick response time!
4/2/2021Thanks Awesome Job!!!
4/1/2021Prompt response and correction of the issue. Thank you.
3/31/2021Kevin did an AWESOME JOB
3/31/2021You guys are great -Thanks!
3/31/2021Chad is very efficient, and effective with his process.
3/31/2021Really good job James Kirk - really stayed with this until resolution - thank you also to Chad for the assist in the end!
3/30/2021Wes was great and extremely helpful! Couldn't have asked for better service, thank you!
3/30/2021Robin is a delight to work with! He always follows through with his promises and gets the answers needed, even if its not the answer you want! I'm happy when I get him as a tech because I know he's knowledgeable and if he doesn't know he will figure it out!
3/29/2021Thank very creative fix!
3/29/2021James is awesome!
3/29/2021Fast resolution and follow up to make sure 3CX was still working correctly!
3/26/2021Enjoyed working with Tim. He was very helpful, accomplished what I needed, and made sure I had no other issues that he could assist with before ending our call.
3/25/2021Jennifer, did an excellent job setting up the laptop to connect to the Drives at work in a time record. I appreciate all she does at work with our team design to let us work fast and smoothly. Ninhoska Gentry.
3/25/2021Prompt and friendly technician.
3/24/2021Chad was a great help! Thank you!
3/24/2021Thank you Robin, I appreciate the great support you always provide me. 🙂
3/24/2021Tim is a superstar! I greatly appreciate the assistance with resolving my default printer issue.
3/23/2021Best service. Thanks
3/23/2021Great service
3/19/2021Sanvir! He is the absolute best. Always helps with a calm, positive and persistent problem-solving attitude.
3/19/2021Super friendly and FAST!!! Can't say enough good things about the people I interact with!
3/19/2021Chad focused on getting us back up and working as a priority and it was a great relief to get this early to work crowd back to work.
3/18/2021Weston is always very knowledgeable and quick to solve our IT issues.
3/17/2021Robin was absolutely FANTASTIC. He made the whole process enjoyable. No stress and such a delight to work with. So grateful for his help!
3/17/2021We know that we can always count on Robin to get the job done no matter how big or small.
3/17/2021Sanvir Lochan was very professional and helpful when upgrade Caddtools 12 for my adobe programs.
3/17/2021Robin was GREAT as always! He knew immediately what the issue was and got it fixed along with helping another team member with the same Microsoft Outlook issue. Then while he was finishing up with the team member, the conf room computer got locked up during a Client Meeting and he quickly pivoted to help us get that unlocked so the advisor could continue with the meeting. Just Excellent & Much Appreciated!
3/16/2021Robin was amazing to work with and he took the time to ensure my issue was resolved!
3/16/2021Can't say enough great things about John. He is so flexible and happy to help however he can while he's here. Whenever there is a hiccup in the plan for the day, he adjusts without missing a beat., I truly appreciate him.
3/16/2021It is comforting to have IT support desk professionals who answer simple questions without making me fee like an idiot, even though I should have realized what I did.
3/16/2021My issue was resolved instantly. Weston is always very responsive and knowledgeable.
3/15/2021Tim was very helpful and patient in helping me fix my issue I was having with Outlook.
3/12/2021Robin is great to work with. He is professional and a nice tech to work with. 🙂 Thank you for your help today Robin. Shannon
3/12/2021Neil solved my problem quickly! Thank you!
3/12/2021Very friendly service. 🙂
3/10/2021Love working with Neil. He is very knowledgeable about the system. He updated my system very quick.
3/10/2021Quick response, Quick fix, and amazing support.
3/10/2021Duncan was quick to assist and sorted my problem in 2mins. Thanks Duncan!
3/8/2021The tech support person with whom I spoke was very knowledgeable and patient with a bit of a unique situation.
3/8/2021Sanvir was awesome!
3/8/2021knowledgeable, quick, efficient and friendly!
3/8/2021The issue solved, the team is very professional.
3/8/2021Easy to Access and quick to help out. Thank you Chad and Duncan!
3/5/2021Tim was awesome and resolved all my issues!
3/4/2021Westy is the best IT guy ever.
3/4/2021Quick response. Also, Mr. Makombe assisted me to set up AppRiver Secure Mail. He was patient and thorough. Thank you!!
3/4/2021Malan was great, it took him no time to identify my issue and resolve it. I was back on my way working along in no time. Thanks!
3/3/2021Derek does a great job of explaining things and making sure his customers understand exactly what he is telling them. One of the best account reps we have inclusive of all of our vendors and service providers.
3/3/2021efficient and helpful as always
3/3/2021Thank you as always for your wonderful help! 🙂
3/3/2021it was perfect! my issue was resolved swiftly and with ease
3/3/2021The whole staff was very patient throughout the frustrations...Thanks! Robin was especially helpful in understanding my special requests!
3/3/2021Prompt , patient and effective. That is how I would describe my interaction with Tim.
3/2/2021Consistently delighted by working with the MIS team.
3/1/2021Wow! if Robin hadn't been so diligent and patient, our month-end would have had such a rough start!
3/1/2021Robin is awesome! great personality and very helpful!
2/26/2021Wendy was able to directly transfer me to Tim to get my issued resolved. Tim was very nice and respected my time as he fixed my issue. I appreciate your help!
2/26/2021Chad was great to work with and he had the issue fixed quickly.
2/26/2021Tim was awesome! Thankful for the assistance and wealth of knowledge.
2/24/2021Excellent Job Great Service
2/24/2021Jennifer did a great job helping with my problem.
2/19/2021Robin did a great job...very responsive and coordinated a response with others on the MIS team to get the backup folder restored quickly.
2/19/2021Robin was very helpful in teaching new formats and revising my laptop system to enable the best working conditions! Thanks so much!
2/18/2021WOW! Super great.
2/18/2021Chad is awesome!
2/18/2021Malan is always great to work with!
2/17/2021Neil is very helpful!
2/17/2021Tim was very thorough and had good communication throughout his trouble shooting process.
2/17/2021Great response time-thank you.
2/17/2021Excellent Service
2/17/2021Always 100% satisfied with Sanvir's work!!! Fast, professional, and knowledgeable. Thanks!!!
2/16/2021Excellent response! Helped resolve an issue prior to a critical video call.
2/16/2021Tim was extremely patient and calm as well as very reassuring. He made me feel like he had a sense of urgency to get my issues resolved but took his time to get everything right. One of the best customer service experiences I've had. He made a horrible situation bearable and he was a delight to work with.
2/15/2021Robin is always polite and makes me feel less stupid.
2/15/2021Fast response-made it simple!
2/15/2021Quick and Friendly
2/12/2021Super helpful and so polite. Your employees are a pleasure to deal with.
2/12/2021Thank you to Sanvir for helping me resolve the issue I was having.
2/12/2021Neil worked hard on this to get it resolved! I really appreciate the help
2/12/2021Chad did a great job resolving my computer issue.
2/12/2021Robin was great! Awesome Service!
2/11/2021Very pleasant and informative
2/10/2021Chad was a pleasure to work with!
2/10/2021Very quickly resolved. Tim is great.
2/9/2021🙂 Perfect
2/9/2021Robin was very helpful and quick response to solving my printer issue. Thanks Robin!
2/9/2021Awesome service. Thanks
2/8/2021Brendan is great! He was able to fix the issue and now I have a happy happy staff! THANK YOU
2/8/2021Neil was fast to respond and very nice!
2/5/2021Tim is fantastic! He is patient, courteous an respectful.
2/4/2021Tim was very kind, patient and helpful. Thank you.
2/4/2021You're always there for us!! Thank you Duncan and Derek!
2/4/2021Thanks for going above and beyond for us!
2/3/2021Neil was very helpful! Thank you.
2/3/2021We love Wendy!!
2/3/2021Sign did GREAT WORK!
2/3/2021Thank You So So So much! I could not have done it without your Expertise!
2/3/2021We love John's knowledge, patience and flexibility!
2/3/2021Great work and fast- Thank you !
2/2/2021always great service. Top notch ! thanks !
2/1/2021Great service- Fast
2/1/2021Simple fix and he took me through what I would be doing in total so I understood the time commitment....then walked me through each step.
1/29/2021Tim was very helpful! Thank you!
1/28/2021Duncan was great - friendly and helpful.
1/28/2021Westin was very helpful!
1/27/2021Great customer service and they always seem to make the fixes super quick!
1/27/2021Chad was very helpful and fixed my issue.
1/27/2021Chad is awesome! 🙂
1/27/2021John is doing a wonderful job for us here at SWIA. Give him a pat on the back!!
1/27/2021Wonderful to have dedicated people ready to help bright and early. Thanks for being proactive and anticipating our needs. Chad is the best!
1/26/2021Service agent was professional and very helpful. All issues were resolved.
1/26/2021Its always a pleasure working with Sanvir. He is extremely helpful. He was able to help me get logged in on a different workstation so he could work on fixing the issue with my work station without taking time out of my work day. His notes were thorough and I appreciated the follow ups he provided via phone and via the ticket so I knew the progress of the resolution.
1/26/2021Thanks Tim for your patience. Great work !
1/26/2021Great job investigating the usage notification to rule out a larger, potentially costly, issue. Thank you!
1/26/2021Even though Gareth could not help me because it was an Epic issue, my fault for not fully checking first before calling MIS, he was still willing to assist me in any other issues that I could have been experiencing at the time of our call and was willing to stand by as I tested all printer actions to determine that the issue I was having was in fact an Epic issue. Gareth was very patient and understanding. Thank you so much Gareth. I really appreciate you.
1/25/2021Quick friendly service that completely solved my issue. Thanks!
1/25/2021Tim Makombe was a great help. He was patient and persistent in finding a solution the problem at hand. I am very thankful for his help.
1/22/2021Jennifer was great with understanding what I needed and allowed me to just be called back once she resolved the problem vs. keeping me on hold. She also updated her team about the ticket emails that came out in error because there was nothing for me to log in and see on the ticket yet. Thank you!
1/21/2021Always awesome!
1/21/2021Sanvir is so helpful!
1/21/2021Prompt response and good job. Thank you.
1/20/2021Thank you again! Especially for no making me feel dumb when it's a simple answer!
1/20/2021Problem solved quickly! Thank you!
1/20/2021Sanvir is so knowledgeable and patient - I'm very grateful!
1/20/2021Weston is always responsive and resolves issue 100%
1/20/2021Robin is great as always! 🙂
1/20/2021Very responsive. Thanks Guys!
1/19/2021Awesome and fast!
1/19/2021Great job by your service tech! Also, very prompt response!
1/19/2021Very helpful, troubleshooting made easy.
1/19/2021Great service- Malan was very helpful and patient
1/19/2021Fast response in the early morning hours-and, got me back up and running.
1/18/2021Sanvir always fast response.
1/18/2021Tim was very helpful and friendly. He also called me back today to make sure I still wasn't encountering the issue. I appreciate the follow up!
1/18/2021always fast and quick response. Thank you
1/18/2021Tim was able to correct my problem with Teams - Thank You
1/18/2021Sanvir resolved the issue very quickly. Thank you!
1/15/2021Weston was super patient and awesome at resolving my issue !
1/15/2021Great Customer Service
1/15/2021Weston is Awesome!
1/15/2021excellent service! Thanks
1/15/2021quick and easy!
1/15/2021So helpful!
1/14/2021Our request was met by friendly staff and the problem was fixed in no time.
1/14/2021Tim was a great help! Thanks Tim!
1/13/2021You replied right away and took care of everything (and even included a detailed description/list of what you did). Thank you!
1/13/2021Support was very responsive and helpful
1/13/2021Tim was great! He was quick and courteous and called me back when he said he would. Thank you!
1/13/2021Neil was very helpful and checked multiple areas within the computer to make sure my issue was resolved.
1/13/2021The experience was wonderful. Just upset that the only other way is to upgrade to an updated version OR research about it, which will take FOREVER. Good news is that the software still works.
1/12/2021Chad was able to fix my issue very quickly.
1/12/2021Great work and timely
1/12/2021Quick response and fantastic customer service as always!
1/12/2021Great work and fast- Thank you !
1/12/2021Tim was wonderful. Incredibly helpful and polite and very quick. Honestly, the best experience I have ever had calling IT.
1/12/2021Great work and timely
1/12/2021Savir is always the best!!!!!
1/11/2021Thanks Robin!
1/11/2021Thank you for completing my request so quickly!
1/8/2021Problem solved quickly
1/8/2021Tim was very helpful and quickly solved my problem!
1/7/2021Robin was s helpful and stayed on the line with the Pitney Bowes rep to make sure everything was taken care of.
1/7/2021Once again, excellent job and in a timely manner and he never has an issue with staying with me over the phone while I test each item I utilize to ensure it is working properly! Thank you so much Weston! I really appreciate you!
1/7/2021Sanvir is always a huge help and a pleasure to work with!
1/6/2021Robin is always so helpful when I have an issue. I am back up on 2 monitors! Thanks Robin!
1/6/2021Robin Saved the day! His quick accurate response to my computer issues helped me get back up and running with out a hitch.
1/6/2021Duncan is always great and fast at resolving our needs. Thank you
1/5/2021Issue was resolved as of today!
1/4/2021Always quick and excellent service !
1/4/2021Awesome as always
1/2/2021The service was great.
1/1/2021Was answered and properly routed quickly. Chad was thorough in his trouble shooting, explaining each step in terms i could understand. Beyond resolving my issue he made sure i hade a workaround to and was access my inbox and could send emails while my system loaded. Went the extra mile w detailed follow up notes. Prompt, friendly and successful resolution!
12/29/2020 MIS was quick and prompt to help me with my issue
12/29/2020 John displayed great customer service, staying focused on my issues
12/28/2020 Tim is very good at making it simple for non technical folks. He has a very pleasing demeanor.
12/28/2020 Excellent job! Tim was a huge help.
12/28/2020 Always fast and courteous service. Thanks !
12/28/2020 Awesome customer service with detailed explanation. Thank you Tim
12/23/2020 Very responsive and helpful throughout the process.
12/23/2020 MIS promptly got on the issue and got it solved. It is much appreciated.
12/22/2020 Robin was awesome, as always!! He's always so courteous and helpful. 🙂
12/22/2020 Duncan was responsive and able to assist in resolving the issue!
12/22/2020 Outstanding customer services. Thank you very much Ms. Jennifer.
12/22/2020 Quick and Efficient!
12/21/2020 Always a great experience. Malan, very informative. thank you
12/21/2020 Tim was very helpful in solving my issues.
12/21/2020 Tim was very helpful and great to work with. Thanks for you help!
12/18/2020 Very quick turnaround - thank you!
12/18/2020 Very efficient and friendly service. Thank you.
12/16/2020 Sanvir is always helpful.
12/16/2020 Robin was fantastic as always! Very helpful and the funniest guy. Always a pleasure
12/16/2020 Chad was great! He fixed my problem quickly and was super nice 🙂
12/15/2020 Very helpful and didn't keep me on the phone when he needed to research solutions.
12/14/2020 Sanvir was very patient and walked me through how to troubleshoot the issue. He was very detailed and helpful! I appreciate his help!
12/14/2020 Sanvir was able to explain the why's first before he would proceed. I appreciate that.
12/11/2020 Always so patient and making sure everyone is satisfied.
12/10/2020 Always pleasant to work with!
12/10/2020 Robin was very patient and helpful. He resolved all the issues with my computer. Thank you!
12/9/2020 Excellent communication and follow-up!
12/9/2020 Robin is always very patient with me and takes him time to make sure I understand. It is greatly appreciated!
12/9/2020 Weston is Amazing
12/8/2020 Robin is always very efficient. Very helpful. Thank you
12/7/2020 Quick response time to a important issues. Good job by the tech to understand my urgency.
12/7/2020 Excellent as always
12/7/2020 The service was great.
12/4/2020 Robin was great! Very patient and walked through all the steps with me to ensure that I was logged on properly.
12/4/2020 Thank you Sanvir!
12/4/2020 Sanvir is the BEST! Thank you.
12/4/2020 Wonderful response time!
12/4/2020 Duncan took care of my issue and had my computer working in a short time, which was very much appreciated. Thanks.
12/4/2020 Love working with Sanvir!. He is always very friendly.
12/3/2020 Always a pleasure to work with Robin! His professional demeanor is a breath of fresh air!
12/2/2020 Tim was a delight. He was quick to conduct the work, pleasant in conversation during the process and I appreciated the time and education he gave me. Love that he's part of your team!
12/1/2020 Very patient and made sure I had no other questions! Thank you!
11/30/2020 Thanks for the weekend assist James!
11/30/2020 The service was great!
11/30/2020 We alerted you to an update to be performed on our software and trusted you to complete the update when the time was right. It was completed that way exactly. Thanks.
11/27/2020 It was quickly and professionally resolved.
11/25/2020 Robin is awesome!
11/25/2020 Proactive. Love it!
11/24/2020 Outstanding Customer Service. Thank you so much Mr. Chad.
11/24/2020 Quick response, quick fix & courteous CSR - as always! 🙂
11/24/2020 Very helpful and fast
11/23/2020 Extremely prompt response, knew exactly where to go to resolve issue! Great job!
11/23/2020 Chad got me up and running again. He was a great help.
11/20/2020 Robin is AWESOME and always helps me fix my issues quickly, professionally, and politely. Robin, and the whole MIS team, are the BEST! 🙂
11/20/2020 James is a pleasure to work with.
11/19/2020 Robin was great handling the set up process.
11/19/2020 Kept working until the problem was completely resolved.
11/19/2020 As always, great customer service from all staff
11/17/2020 With Neil's help, my problem was solved. Thank you!
11/17/2020 Robin did a great job! He was easy to speak with and resolved the issue very quickly.
11/16/2020 Neal was very prompt to respond and resolved the issue efficiently. It was a pleasure working with him.
11/13/2020 So appreciate Duncan's help. He was so professional and so quick to handle the issue. I am very grateful. Thank you, Duncan and enjoy your Friday!
11/12/2020 Chad did a great job! He was personable, responsive and resolved the issue very quickly.
11/11/2020 Sanvir Lochan was persistent and communicated with support at X-1 to find a suitable resolution. I am very pleased.
11/10/2020 Quick and successful assistance.
11/10/2020 MIS continued to follow-up until Clear Choice reached out to resolve the phone issue
11/9/2020 Robin was very professional, pleasant and took care of the problem. He knew what to do, and got it taken care of. Very pleased!!
11/9/2020 Very swift resolution of an urgent ticket. Thank you all very very much. =)
11/9/2020 Robin was very patient, kind and quick to fix!
11/5/2020 Excellent, as always.
11/5/2020 I had a great experience.
11/4/2020 Very smooth! Thank you!
11/3/2020 Malan took great care of me. It was an unusual issue and he handled it and was pleasant the whole time.
11/2/2020 Great experience. Quick resolution. Thank you!
11/2/2020 You guys are the BEST!
11/2/2020 Duncan stayed on Aptora to get this fixed. He followed up with them numerous times. Thank you very much for your help
11/2/2020 Sanvir was quick and precise. Huge help and very friendly.
10/30/2020 Thanks for your quick response. Nice job!
10/29/2020 Quick response and support for our unexpected and long power outage was very much appreciated.
10/29/2020 Speedy response!
10/29/2020 Robin was so helpful and nice to talk to! He put a smile on my face amidst a stressful morning, and got my computer working in no time at all. Much appreciated! Thank you!
10/28/2020 Robin was very helpful, quick in getting the issue fixed.
10/28/2020 Sanvir is always not only responsive and attentive, but also answerable for tickets he has completed in the past. I've yet to contact him about something he worked on without getting the distinct impression that he is keeping notes and really putting in the effort to maintain his knowledge base.
10/27/2020 Quick and friendly response with perfect result
10/27/2020 Sanvir was great and corrected the issue with my cloud, I appreciate it greatly!
10/26/2020 Sanvir is always friendly and willing to help and provide me with the best solutions. He is the best!
10/23/2020 Robin is awesome and was super quick and helpful as always!
10/23/2020 Very responsive and professional
10/23/2020 Chad was very responsive early in the morning to get us running efficiently.
10/23/2020 MIS is always great!
10/22/2020 Tim was very helpful and extremely friendly and personable. Everything we needed to get done was accomplished. Thank you!
10/22/2020 Thank you for the quick response! Y'all are the best!!
10/21/2020 An Amazing outcome to a crazy stressful search for documents and to find out why it happened. Sanvir was so thorough and patient-he is greatly appreciated as a top problem solver and someone great to work with!
10/19/2020 Simple fix but such patient assistance-thank you!
10/15/2020 Neil handled my request with ease and in a very timely manner.
10/14/2020 The situation was expeditiously addressed.
10/13/2020 I don't think I've worked with Tim before but he was very customer focused. Tim is also very knowledgeable with Macs and was able to work through a couple of challenges with these 2 machines.
10/12/2020 John was terrific. He explained the issue, resolved it quickly and did so without the need of a call to interrupt the day. Thank you!
10/12/2020 Was able to get most of the big tasks done before outage, other than that, everything is good and nothing was lost in the cloud.
10/9/2020 Very Helpful and took the time to solve the problem
10/8/2020 Weston is ALWAYS so helpful and professional. I am able feel confident that he will do his very best to fix ANY problem I am dealing with. He is an asset to MIS.
10/6/2020 Jennifer did a great job explaining the pop-up I was getting and how to get rid of it. Thanks Jennifer!
10/6/2020 Excellent communication with a non-technical user. Thank you!
10/6/2020 Chad was very nice and helpful. He stayed on to verify I had no further issues once resolving my main issue.
10/6/2020 Duncan is very quick and always resolves the issue.
10/5/2020 Chad was awesome. Happy and always very professional which was so appreciated on a Monday morning at 7 a.m. Grateful for the wonderful service. Have a Happy Monday and thank you so much for your help, Chad.
10/1/2020 Duncan was great. thanks for the help
10/1/2020 John is great!!! So helpful and knowledgeable.
9/29/2020 Prompt resolution of my inquiry.
9/29/2020 Thanks very much! Excellent services.....
9/29/2020 Chad was very helpful.
9/29/2020 Wonderful service as always!!!
9/29/2020 Robin was very diligent in trying to find a solution to the situation. Thanks!
9/29/2020 MIS techs are always so friendly, They answer questions I have and are knowledgeable of system.
9/29/2020 Great persistence and communication by Robin
9/28/2020 Neil is great and prompt to help me on time
9/25/2020 fast and friendly!
9/25/2020 Sanvir was fast and fixed the issue
9/24/2020 Quick and courteous, as always. Thanks, Robin!
9/24/2020 Always a great experience with Weston!
9/24/2020 Awesome
9/24/2020 Tim was responsive and friendly and "fixed" my problem very quickly. I don't say it often enough, but we really appreciate the customer support!
9/23/2020 Duncan was perfect thank you!
9/23/2020 It always is a pleasure speaking with Robin, he is excellent!
9/22/2020 Prompt and helpful!
9/21/2020 Quick resolution, excellent service.
9/18/2020 Quick resolution and follow up
9/18/2020 Very prompt. Thank you!
9/17/2020 Fast and efficient
9/17/2020 Tim did a great job, Thanks all
9/17/2020 Neil Kruger is GREAT!
9/16/2020 Robin was very helpful and was able to resolve my issue almost immediately. Thanks Robin.
9/16/2020 Awesome, as always
9/16/2020 Great job. Tim thank you.
9/16/2020 Excellent service!
9/16/2020 quick and fixed 🙂
9/16/2020 Tim was responsive and got me set up as needed.
9/15/2020 Neil was able to resolve my issue. thank you!
9/15/2020 James was quick with responding to my distress call while I was working yesterday evening and had empathy for my situation with email just disappearing after the computer blinked out & outlook failed. He tried all avenues to find it & I appreciated his effort & calming voice.
9/14/2020 Request was completed quickly and with great kindness 🙂
9/11/2020 Tim did a great job and was very friendly to talk to.
9/11/2020 Excellent job. Its always a pleasure to work with Mr. Kirk!
9/11/2020 Tim was excellent
9/10/2020 Tim was very helpful and great to work with. He even followed up a few hours later to be sure that everything was working smoothly.
9/10/2020 West is best
9/10/2020 Weston was AWESOME ....
9/9/2020 Chad is awesome!
9/9/2020 Sanvir is great!
9/4/2020 John K worked very hard to solve my problem and went the extra mile.
9/4/2020 Neil quickly fixed my problem and was great to work with.
9/4/2020 Outstanding customer service!
9/3/2020 Robin was super helpful as always. Thank you so much!!! 🙂
9/3/2020 Weston is always helpful and gets my problem resolved in a timely manner.
9/3/2020 you guys are always super helpful. thank you!
9/2/2020 Duncan was great, super helpful and patient!
9/2/2020 Robin was a pleasure to work with!
9/2/2020 Absolutely amazing service!! Thank you!
9/2/2020 Neil is GREAT!
9/2/2020 Weston is easy to talk to and communicate with ... Good listener ...
9/2/2020 I have worked with MIS Solutions in the past with another company and had a great experience. This time was no different, please keep up the great work!
9/1/2020 Wonderful! Robin was extremely patient, friendly and very professional and worked through the issue which took a while to correct. So very grateful! Thanks so much, Robin.
9/1/2020 Thanks so much for the help. Excellent job!
8/31/2020 Robin addressed my concern quickly, tried a number of solutions, turns out it's an issue with Adobe, but he was very thorough. Very friendly and professional as usual.
8/31/2020 Excellent and friendly service.
8/31/2020 Great patience and quickly solved my problem.
8/31/2020 Neil was prompt in addressing my issue and most helpful in resolving it. Thank you!!
8/31/2020 Great job by whole team in working through this disruption!
8/28/2020 Duncan was able to resolve my issue right away. Thanks Duncan!
8/28/2020 John was awesome! Very methodical, thorough, and outstanding follow-up.
8/28/2020 The service was prompt and precise. I have no qualms and I appreciate the assistance.
8/27/2020 Jethro is always great to work with and it reminds us why we're an MIS Cloud Partner.
8/27/2020 Robin helped me with an additional issue - He is awesome!
8/27/2020 Excellent Service
8/27/2020 Responded very quickly and issue seemed to stop. Thank you
8/26/2020 Jennifer was wonderful. Very patient and professional and worked with me until the issue was solved. Thank you, Jennifer, for your kindness and help. Much appreciated!!!
8/26/2020 John was very helpful and I hope to get him each time I call for assistance!
8/25/2020 MIS is always great, solves problems fast
8/25/2020 Team effort--thank you for the support!
8/25/2020 Kevin was super helpful and really went out of his way to assist me.
8/25/2020 Robin fixed the problem quickly and was pleasant to work with.
8/25/2020 Chad is always efficient. Thank you!
8/21/2020 Thanks for the prompt response and fix to my problems!
8/20/2020 Great agent with great attitude and communication. A real asset to your company!
8/20/2020 Always quick precise service and polite conversation.
8/19/2020 Weston is always professional and easy to work with. He works quickly and has always fixed the issues I have, big or small.
8/19/2020 Great customer service
8/18/2020 Chad was super helpful and great to talk with as always. Solved my problem quickly & gave me a few other tips in the process!
8/18/2020 Very quick response. Truly grateful for James Kirk! We appreciate him coming onsite to fix. Thank you!
8/18/2020 Weston - Thanks for getting this done so quickly
8/17/2020 Always pleasant and helpful!! Thank you for always being on point!
8/14/2020 Sanvir is one of your best techs
8/14/2020 My problem was resolved and everyone was helpful and friendly.
8/14/2020 It was amazing!
8/14/2020 Sanvir , ROCKS!
8/14/2020 Weston - Thank you for your persistence!
8/14/2020 Jennifer Freels did an EXCELLENT job assisting me in setting up zoom on all devices. She is a great tech and her customer service skills were the BEST!
8/14/2020 Excellent customer service by Weston as usual!
8/13/2020 Robin is very thorough and did an excellent job configuring the laptop.
8/13/2020 Excellent service. Thank you
8/13/2020 Sanvir is GREAT to work with!!
8/12/2020 Weston always makes everything right again.
8/11/2020 Duncan was very good - he worked without me until he fixed the problem and then called, waited for me to test - very, very, respectful of my time
8/11/2020 Duncan logged in and got it fixed within minutes! Thank you!!
8/11/2020 Thank you Tim for taking care of this so very quickly!
8/11/2020 Glad to have a quick resolution. Needed to be signed on for a 9AM conference call. All good! 🙂
8/11/2020 Chad resolved my issue within a matter of minutes.
8/10/2020 Great communication with the tech and problem was resolved within a short period of time.
8/10/2020 Great Job!
8/10/2020 Chad was wonderful as always. Professional and fixed the problem in moments and was very friendly as always. I so appreciate his help this Monday morning. Enjoy the week!
8/08/2020 Call back was quick. Weston was very helpful and he was able to fix the issue.
8/07/2020 Excellent job of creative problem solving
8/07/2020 Outstanding service!!! Prompt, professional, and thorough
8/07/2020 Sanvir is willing to help and ALWAYS goes the extra mile.
8/07/2020 Polite and helpful. Resolved the issue within the time indicated. Great job!
8/07/2020 Duncan is always very professional and always so very kind. It is a pleasure to work with MIS.
8/07/2020 Very quick resolution. Great attitude as well.
8/07/2020 Prompt reply, courteous experience, fixed my problem
8/07/2020 Excellent customer service as always! Robin was a delight to speak with and corrected the issue in no time!
8/06/2020 Robin is always the Best when helping me. I enjoy talking to him and i know he will always find the solution. Thanks Robin!!
8/06/2020 Thank you so much Mr. Robin. You are amazing!
8/06/2020 Excellent service and quick resolution.
8/06/2020 John was persistent to get the video camera installed. Thanks for the effort!
8/06/2020 Sanvir is the absolute best and I can't say enough good things about him and his work. He is pleasant to work with and always listens to to the problem and works to get to the bottom of the issue. He's very customer focused and I appreciate him immensely!
8/05/2020 Thank you great customer service
8/05/2020 Thank you for acting so quickly! And thank you for finding and replacing my folder! I am so SO happy!
8/05/2020 Wendy is great!
8/05/2020 Weston as always fixed the problem in record time!!!
8/04/2020 Great! Very Helpful
8/03/2020 The individual that helped me out was on point with the time set up for assistance on my machine. The fix was almost instantanious and I was not on the phone for more than 5 minutes. Short story, very quite response time!
8/03/2020 Great, quick response to a simple question.
8/03/2020 Excellent customer service and follow-up phone call.
8/03/2020 Excellent customer service and follow-up phone call.
8/03/2020 Extremely fast and efficient response
8/03/2020 Robin was wonderful. Quick and friendly. He helped on both of my issues and solved both. I was able to get back to work quickly and move on with helping our students.
8/03/2020 Roy was very kind and helpful
5/12/2020 No suggestions for improvement, just wanted to offer positive Feedback for Tim Makombe. This was my first time to work with Tim and I loved his professionalism and friendly spirit. Thank you, Tim for your assistance on resolving our pesky technical issues!
5/12/2020 Neil was quick to provide resolution to my issue! Great job!
5/11/2020 Duncan did a great job!! Appreciate the quick turnaround time!!
5/6/2020 Wonderful prompt service thank you so much
5/1/2020 Excellent work!!
5/1/2020 You guys are the best 🙂
4/30/2020 Chad is one of the best! ALways a joy to work with him.
4/30/2020 You guys were super helpful as always! Neil was able to fix my issue in a matter of minutes. I was on the phone for a total of 20 minutes. Roy was very helpful in getting me quickly connected to someone. Thanks again 🙂
4/30/2020 Tommy did a great job
4/27/2020 Once again, Tommy came the rescue. Problem solved!
4/23/2020 Westy did a great job fixing my scanner quickly so I could get back to work. Please bring him to America after to corona virus 🙂
4/23/2020 Neil Rocks!
4/22/2020 Sanvir is the BOMB! 🙂
4/21/2020 I was very satisfied with Duncan and his handling of the issue. He is very professional, polite and quite courteous!
4/17/2020 Weston has always been an excellent technician to work with! Thank you for everything
4/16/2020 Derek and everyone at MIS is simply the best! Very much enjoy working with MIS
4/16/2020 This problem worked Malan and Sanvir to frustration but they hung in there and got my problem resolved. Thank you for their persistence.
4/15/2020 Amazingly quick for a low priority issue-thank you Sanvir!!
4/15/2020 Duncan did a super job staying on top of this one.
4/14/2020 Neil was able to get me back to work quickly. Thank you.
4/13/2020 Thank you for the fast response to this issue. Always a pleasure to work with Malan
4/13/2020 You guys are always extremely quick and helpful. Sanvir was excellent!
4/9/2020 Excellent Customer Service.
4/8/2020 Malan did a fabulous job! He was kind, paitent, and helpful!
4/6/2020 I do not see how Service/Support could be any better than currently provided. All the MIS Staff does an amazing job, from Wendy's response when she takes our calls, to the assistance provided by each member of the MIS team that works with our agency.
4/3/2020 Neil is awesome. He has helped me so many times and always an excellent experience. Hats off to him and sorry I have not responded every time. This is 10 + rating for him especially over the past 3 weeks. Actually, hats off to all of MIS. Thanks for helping us get through so many technical issues as we transitioned to online training with students and sent people home to work remotely
4/2/2020 Excellent service by Chad Cartee as always.
4/2/2020 Always prompt service, thank you
4/2/2020 Great job, MIS-Solutions!
3/31/2020 It was a very sensitive matter and Eric responded quickly and thoroughly....greatly appreciate how he has our back.
3/31/2020 Hard to fix perfect!
3/26/2020 Duncan was very responsive and able to fix my issue quickly. He was also delightful to talk to!
3/26/2020 I love working with Malan. He is quick, thorough, and always fixes my computer issues. Great person!!!
3/26/2020 Sanvir sticks with the problem until it's properly resolved. He's become my "go to" guy for the complicated issues.
3/25/2020 Thank you for taking care of our IT needs even in this crazy atmosphere we have all been thrust into. Stay safe and healthy!
3/25/2020 No suggestions, Chad was beyond helpful in assisting me with the set up of my second monitor, even sent me a screen shot to ensure that I understood where the connections should be. Bravo!!!
3/20/2020 Sanvir is wonderful. Don't ever let him go!
3/19/2020 Excellent coordination to get this done quickly.
3/19/2020 Very nice to have the correct printer drivers. Sanvir proactively noticed that I had been having problems with this particular printer and investigated and proposed an elegant solution (with the correct printer driver) that got me up and running. Thanks!!!
3/18/2020 Brendan is very personable and very professional. He was an absolute joy to work with and I really appreciate his hard work and diligence in helping us with our IT issue. He is also very respectful and shows a great deal of knowledge, dedication and great character. Thank you so much!
3/17/2020 Duncan was very quick and helpful.
3/17/2020 As I told Duncan, you guys are amazing. That's the second time today you have rescued me!
3/17/2020 I really appreciate all of Weston's hard work and being able to fix things in such a small amount of time. I really appreciate and enjoyed working with you, Brendan and Wendy yesterday. Thank you all so much for all of your hard work and being the best ever!
3/17/2020 Malan has provided great, prompt assistance to me over the last week. Thanks!!
3/17/2020 Gareth worked my issue to completion pleasantly and effectively. I greatly appreciated his professionalism and knowledge to resolve my issue.
3/13/2020 Great service, as always
3/13/2020 Great service. Like having a personal helper at my finger tips. Thanks, again...!
3/11/2020 Very quick response & resolution. Thank you!
3/11/2020 Sanvir is my superman! 🙂
3/9/2020 Great work and determination by Neil.
3/5/2020 Westyyy is the best IT everrrrr
3/5/2020 Neil was awesome! I thought the issue was due to something I was doing wrong from the instruction given, but Neil reassured me, had the proper information downloaded to my computer and had the problem fixed in less than 10mins! Thank you Neil!
3/3/2020 Wendy is always very professional when I speak with her also restates my concern to ensure that that request is correct....having Tommy on site twice a week is awesome just like he is, always going the extra yard.!!!
3/2/2020 I was appreciative that Milan suggested he work on it without keeping me on the phone. He was able to resolve the issue and I was able to keep working while he did so (on another computer). I always enjoy working with Milan.
2/28/2020 Thank you so much for always being here to help us with our technical issues. The best IT company I have ever dealt with and I am always so confident that no matter what issues we are having that this company will always be able to handle our concerns and have a great personable attitude. Excellent work!
2/27/2020 Westin has always been a pleasure to work with and an superb customer service tech!
2/27/2020 Duncan does not blindly follow instruction. I asked for an email to be removed, but listed under the Email Group Category. He highlighted it to me in case I did not want it removed. great quality control.
2/26/2020 No suggestions for improvement. Sanvir was very polite and patient trying to reach back out to me when resolving my issue. He ensured there were no open issues before closing the ticket.
2/26/2020 Malan was as helpful as usual
2/20/2020 Great job, Sanvir. Thank you!
2/20/2020 WESTON IS THE BEST!!!!!! He tackled a very difficult problem that I had regarding a new email attachment. He was so patient and very professional. He approached the problem from every angle and was finally able to resolve it! He followed up with me, exactly as he said he would, until the problem was resolved. His knowledge is very very impressive! Weston is definitely an asset to your group!
2/19/2020 Much appreciated the efforts to complete this ticket (& sourcing of materials) when we had a short lead time. Thank you to everyone involved!
2/18/2020 The service was excellent all around. There were no areas needed for improvement.
2/18/2020 Very friendly and fixed this issue!
2/17/2020 Thank you Weston! Great job.
2/17/2020 Westy is the best
2/17/2020 Sanvir is the best and ALWAYS takes the time to fix the problem right the first time!
2/14/2020 I was thoroughly satisfied. Thank you Tommy!!!!
2/13/2020 Chad helped me fast so I could get back to work!! Thanks again!!
2/11/2020 AWESOME!!!!
2/11/2020 Malan and Neil are AWESOME!!!!!
2/11/2020 So glad Malan identified and resolved this serious issue.
2/10/2020 This ticket was handled well and quickly. Would have preferred this issue to have been identified during internet failover testing on 1/31. Overall satisfied we reached a solution.
2/7/2020 Chad was very helpful and handled my problem and got me back up and running quickly
2/5/2020 Sanvir is a pleasure to work with. Very professional and knowledgeable.
2/5/2020 Thanks Chad! You made quick work of the issue and responded promptly. Great work as always!
2/4/2020 This was a quick resolution. I appreciate it.
1/31/2020 Weston fixes everything.
1/30/2020 Kuddos to Neil who helped me work with Synovus to get the remote deposit set up on my laptop. He was so patient to stay on the phone until we had everything working properly.
1/29/2020 Thank you,always a tremendous help, all issues resolved.
1/28/2020 Neil was very courteous, helpful and thorough.
1/27/2020 The IT department is always very helpful when I have an issued. Thank you!
1/24/2020 Thank you Sanvir, appreciate all of your help with this issue.
1/24/2020 Sanvir was very persistent in solving my problem. Thanks.
1/23/2020 Neil was very courteous, helpful and thorough.
1/22/2020 Even though I am a little forgetful at times. Sanvir is always there to help with a smile. Always a pleasure to work with him.
1/22/2020 Amazing staff and amazing service. Everyone I have spoke to has been very personable and are always willing to go the extra mile in resolving our issues.
1/22/2020 Sanvir always responds promptly and if I'm not available, will leave a voicemail so I know what to do.
1/21/2020 Always a pleasure working with Sanvir. He genuinely aims for a "no bandaids" approach in resolution for us. This is much appreciated!
1/20/2020 Sanvir is wonderful to work with. Very attentive in providing updates through ticket resolution. Seems knowledgeable of our set-up and related troubleshooting. Communicates with 3rd parties as needed to help our employees get back on their feet.
1/15/2020 The IT department is always very helpful when I have an issued. Thank you!
1/15/2020 Chad is always great, I always know we will get to the bottom of the issue when I see him on one of my tickets.
1/15/2020 Duncan did a great job of communicating throughout the process. Took care of my needs very quikcly.
1/13/2020 Neil is a consummate professional and a joy to speak with.
1/9/2020 EXCELLENT!!! Lightning fast!
1/3/2020 Thank you for the expedient service and awesome customer service!
1/2/2020 Angelique is always very pleasant and helpful.
12/31/2019 As usual, Chad is awesome! Happy New Year.
12/31/2019 Outstanding communication and explanations. Very good technician.
12/27/2019 Keep up the good work and have a Blessed New Year!
12/26/2019 Weston was Awesome
12/23/2019 Don't know how you could do any better! MIS really solves problems!
12/19/2019 Very quick and efficient problem solving by Sanvir! Thank you!
12/17/2019 I am delighted with your service! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
12/17/2019 This project was handled very well. I was concerned because the problem showed up just as you/we were leaving for the day, but your tech answered and solved the issue quickly. Thanks
12/16/2019 Neil was great as usual. Appreciate his professionalism and efficiency.
12/16/2019 Love Love Love Chad! Can I get his direct extension? If I could, I'd ask for him every time.
12/13/2019 Chris provided a workaround for a long standing issue that Tara was experiencing with her Outlook (opening of varying incoming meeting requests) and he will do further research on this ticket item. He did a great job with quickly assessing & resolving our issues during the on-site visit. Thank you!!
12/13/2019 I appreciate Sanvir's constant support whenever we have an issue. He's a delight to work with.
12/13/2019 great job!
12/11/2019 It is always a pleasure to work with Neal.
12/11/2019 I can think of nothing that would improve Chad's work and resolution of my issue.
12/6/2019 Neil is always very helpful.
12/6/2019 Thank you very much for getting this completed so quickly!
12/6/2019 Scott Coleman is very easy to work with, especially to us that aren't very tech savvy such as myself. He helped me through the process and was very polite and helpful. He knows his stuff!
12/4/2019 As always, you guys took care of our needs promptly and professionally. Thank you.
11/27/2019 Kevin was awesome. Thanks for getting it all up and running for me 🙂
11/26/2019 Chad was great with resolving my issue!! I learned something new today about the possibility of opening some MAC documents on our computer.
11/26/2019 Tommy was wonderful to work with.
11/25/2019 Excellent service - great job!!!
11/25/2019 Excellent work - thank you
11/22/2019 Response time and resolution to problem were quick and effective. Thank you!!
11/20/2019 Weston fixed it right a way. Thank you
11/19/2019 We keep Tommy pretty busy, but he's fast and friendly!!
11/18/2019 Hard to improve perfection!
11/18/2019 Scott answered all my questions and stayed after normal business hours to accomplish my issues. Thanks.
11/15/2019 Tommy is always awesome with assisting with system concerns whether it is when he is on site in our office or off. He is the best!
11/13/2019 No suggestions. Problem was handled & verified to confirm it will remain correct. Thanks!
11/13/2019 Always a pleasure. THANKS
11/12/2019 Again, I really appreciate everyone's hard work. Wendy and I have become best friends after this, ha-ha. Thank you Wendy for the follow up call today to make sure everything is working. Great team work guys!
11/11/2019 I really appreciate everyone's hard work! I know it's hard to deal with these situations (everyone is on edge on Mondays...) and I know that you have tried really hard. THANK YOU GUYS!!!
11/8/2019 Matt is awesome. He is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.
11/8/2019 Weston K has been helping me on my problem. He worked on it & has resolved it. I am Very Happy. Excellent Job
11/6/2019 You guys are great! Thanks for all the help.
11/4/2019 I have always been satisfied with the help received from your company.
11/1/2019 Excellent service. Thank you!
10/30/2019 Neil hung in there, as we had to work with FAME tech support. It was truly tedious, but I think we got her done! Thank you Neil!!!!
10/29/2019 MIS has been nothing but GREAT!!! Every time I have had to call in with an issue, it is resolved quickly and all th ereps have been so friendly. Thank you and keep up the good work MIS!!
10/29/2019 Sanvir was very helpful and great to work with!
10/24/2019 Malan was a lot of help fixed all my problems Ii had on my new computer I have at home to allow me to use the cloud better
10/24/2019 I was delighted with the service I received and have only complimentary things to say. My system was not responding and MIS responded promptly. The tech did a couple additional things to make sure nothing was going on that needed attention. He was very professional, efficient and knowledgeable.
10/23/2019 None, you guys are great!
10/18/2019 The service that I receive from MIS representatives on and off site is always outstanding. Today Sanvir Lochan assisted me. He was very attentive and professional and handled my issused in less than 10-mins. Made my day!!!!
10/17/2019 Tommy is the best!
10/16/2019 Great Service !
10/15/2019 Tech was very knowledgeable and helpful.
10/11/2019 Extremely satisfied with the speed in which this ticket was resolved. Thank you Angelique!
10/7/2019 Thank you for all of your efforts to resolve our issue. Special shout out to James for all of his help and explaining to me what was happening in terms I could understand. Kudos to all involved.
10/2/2019 I have always had Remarkable customer service with this company. Weston has been my IT specialist for most of the issues I have encountered since starting with Medical Management Solutions. Weston always delivers outstanding results around his speed and efficiency as well as his customer engagement and overall service. Excellent!
9/30/2019 I very much appreciate the prompt response and great customer service!
9/30/2019 Thank you so much, you guys ROCK!
9/25/2019 Thanks for your held and quick resolution!!
9/25/2019 Thanks for your help and quick resolution!!
9/24/2019 Neil was super patient and made sure everything was in order.
9/23/2019 I have had nothing but GREAT customer service from all team members that I have interacted with at MIS! Keep up the good work!!!!!
9/16/2019 I have had several customer service experiences with Weston and his performance is OUTSTANDING as a representative along with his ability to solve issues in a fast and efficient manner. Weston is true asset to this company and should be recognized.
9/13/2019 Thanks! Super fast!
9/12/2019 Service was fantastic! Went above and beyond helping me with my initial issue he heard me mention that I was wanting email on my phone and offered to help.
9/5/2019 Angelique worked quickly. She communicated easily and professionally with me. I added to the ticket and she quickly resolved the secondary concern. The secondary concern was a lag/delay of emails hitting the InBox. This was a small (but nagging) concern from an employee who previously thought it was not worth asking about. The more small pains we can resolve will show our employees just how nice it is to have MIS Solutions on our team. Pleasure working with Angelique!
9/4/2019 Hard to improve perfection...
9/3/2019 Sanvir fixed the issue completely with my 2020 Design Software in a professional and timely manner. Great Job!!!
7/28/2019 Very quick & thorough-thank you!
7/26/2019 Sanvir went above and beyond in working with Microsoft to clear up an issue they created. I appreciate his efforts!
7/24/2019 Chad was able to resolve my self inflicted issue quickly.
7/23/2019 Issue wasn't resolved because it has to be worked by one of our partner's help desk, the support that I received from MIS was excellent, he did everything he could on his end.
7/22/2019 Having Tommy on site twice a week is awesome. He always walks around the office and ask if there is anything he can assist with even when no tickets are outstanding.
7/18/2019 Issue resolved while I was on the phone. Couldn't have been better or faster! Thanks!
7/16/2019 Always love speaking with Neil. He is very helpful and knowledgeable and fixes my computer in a timely manner.
7/16/2019 It's been a busy day, and I didn't take the time to call Neil. He called me instead and hopped on and off and completed the fix with almost no interruption to my workflow. Thank you!
7/16/2019 Sanvir is professional, courteous and always goes the extra mile to make sure our needs are met.
7/12/2019 Went above and beyond! Thank you!
7/8/2019 Weston did a great job!!!! Thank you so much for your help.
7/3/2019 I have no improvement suggestions. Weston is always very helpful in resolving my issues in a timely manner.
7/2/2019 Sanvir was great! Had my problem fixed in minutes.
6/26/2019 Excellent Customer Service! Thank you!
6/24/2019 Wendy, thank you getting a tech quickly so I could conference them in with Nexsure support. Malan, thank you for your help. Nexsure did an upgrade to their Attachment Manager Program over the weekend and it is popping errors. They are escalating it on their side. I'm sure we will need your assistance again in a few days. Yunetta
6/21/2019 AMAZING and great service! Thank you!
6/20/2019 Tommy checked how I setup the individual rdp at the conference room and he explained about the rdp issue with disconnecting the main computer if doing rdp to another pc. So I asked if there are other solution's out there. He is very responsive and would escalate the issue if needed. Thanks Tommy!
6/18/2019 Malan took care of this quickly. Thank you!
6/6/2019 Just wanted to say we truly appreciated the urgency that was met in regards to this issue. Excellent job!
6/3/2019 Neil is a Rock Star!
5/31/2019 Ruben is a great help. He never makes you feel stupid for calling in. Thank you Ruben and have a great weekend! 🙂
5/22/2019 Sanvir did an excellent job assisting me. I was actually so frustrated that I asked him to just delete (remove) the subject email account. He convinced me to let him try a couple more things and he resolved the issue. Well done sir...
5/17/2019 I like working with Sanvir, my issue has been resolved with little disruption to my day.
5/16/2019 Just wanted to say we truly appreciated the urgency that was met in regards to this issue. Excellent job!
5/14/2019 Thank you, very satisfied.
5/10/2019 Very happy with the service. Angelique was extremely professional and wonderful to work with.
5/8/2019 Thank you so much for all of your assistance and support.
5/6/2019 Malan is always very helpful and very nice. He goes above and beyond to make sure he gives proper service.
5/3/2019 Great Job!
5/1/2019 I love working with Neil! Quick resolution.
4/30/2019 I appreciate the call back early. It's hard for me to do my work without my printer.
4/30/2019 Perfect and easy resolution in under 5 minutes.
4/29/2019 I wasn't sure my problem could be resolved, but it was done and with great courtesy & professionalism. Thank you!
4/25/2019 Excellent service and super fast. Very friendly and helpful.
4/24/2019 These guys are always very helpful!!
4/24/2019 Neil was quick to call me, which was very appreciated. He tried several options for me and was able to find a solution. As always, I enjoy working with Neil--he's great!
4/19/2019 This was a great experience. My connectivity was lost late on a Friday afternoon and I could not leave the office without completing specific tasks. This turned out to be a very quick fix with great customer service -
4/19/2019 I really appreciate you guys. You are very prompt and responsive!
4/18/2019 Weston was such a great help!
4/18/2019 Milan is always great to work with!
4/16/2019 I've always had excellent service. Your team is very professional. Thanks again.
4/16/2019 Keep up the great customer service.
4/11/2019 My thanks to Scott, Thomas and Chad for coordinating efforts to get my printer connecting again. Of course, it quit on the day when I needed it most to complete some deadline work. They worked together and quickly to solve the problem.
4/10/2019 Continue the great customer service!
6/26/2017 Isaac is fast and helpful as always.
6/26/2017 Thank you for the very quick resolution
6/23/2017 Thank you very much for your prompt attention to this matter!
6/21/2017 Fast, thorough, excellent diagnostics and repairs by Brendan and Chris.
6/8/2017 Chris did a super job after I explained what I needed. I had to leave for meeting and I returned to previous set up as I had requested.
5/25/2017 Your customer service is impeccable!
5/24/2017 Chris was a great help! Thank you.
5/19/2017 Chad stayed on the task until he was able to fix the issue. He did everything he could and was success. I appreciated his persistence and kindness. Thanks
5/15/2017 AWESOME!!!! Lightning speed and professionalism!
5/15/2017 I'm very appreciative to James for working on a resolution over the weekend so we could come back to work on Monday with a fully functioning program.
5/12/2017 Both Chris & James were excellent. Very patient.
5/10/2017 Chris was great and communicated what the next step would be.
5/9/2017 J. C. went above and beyond to resolve my issue last night. He followed thru and got it resolved for me even tho it took time after hours. Thank you!
5/9/2017 Gareth is one of the best!!!
5/8/2017 Chad stayed on the task until he was able to fix the issue. He did everything he could and was success. I appreciated his persistence and kindness. Thanks
5/4/2017 Thank you, James - as always, it is a pleasure working with you!
5/3/2017 Matt is ALWAYS exceptional!
5/3/2017 SAVED.MY.LIFE. Thank you, Chris!
5/1/2017 Matt did a great job.
4/28/2017 Chad's the best!
4/26/2017 Chad rocks! Quick, efficient and pleasant! Thank you!
4/19/2017 Thank you Chad for breaking away from your lunch to handle this almost three hour call!
4/19/2017 This positive review of JC is long overdue. He's been a tremendous help to us on many tickets, including this one. JC goes the extra mile, asking great questions, explaining important next steps, and providing insight on approaches he feels would be worthy of trying. He clearly takes ownership of the issue from start to finish, and along the way is always gracious, professional and thorough. Lastly, once the issue's been resolved on your end, he always follows through with us to ensure we are seeing good results.
4/18/2017 James is always extremely helpful. He handles a lot of issues while paying attention to what is most important and is always cognizant of working around everyone's work flow. He comes up with clever solutions to problems and he is very good at following up.
4/18/2017 Found JC to be very patient and efficient!
4/17/2017 Matt Weeks is fantastic!!
4/14/2017 James and his associate were courteous, very knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. My new iPhone 6S is up and running and working perfectly. Many thanks to James Kirk and MIS!!
4/14/2017 Was very happy with flexibility of MIS in working this out. Many thanks.
4/7/2017 Thank you, Gareth! Quick evaluation and response, as always.
3/30/2017 Don't see how service could have improved. I was a walk in, and James helped me right away, problem was solved in less than 15 minutes. Very pleased.
3/24/2017 I am very satisfied with the care our system was provided.
3/23/2017 Appreciated the option to wait until after work ours to resolve issue, since resolution would shut us down for at least an hour.
3/21/2017 I am completely satisfied. Scott did a wonderful job. Very effective.
3/21/2017 You guys are awesome!
3/20/2017 Very quick to identify and resolve the issue!
3/17/2017 James is super easy to work with and always very helpful. He did a great job fixing this problem quickly.
3/16/2017 James was very helpful, thank you 🙂
3/16/2017 James is AWESOME and it's always a pleasure!
3/16/2017 Many thanks, Chad! Always a pleasure. 🙂
3/8/2017 Sitting in a meeting where I can't make or take a call. Was able to request help through the website. Logged into Screen Connect. JC came on right away and remotely got me logged in. Love the remote connect and quick response. Hero of the day -- JC!!!
3/7/2017 I can't think of anyone at MIS who hasn't done a really great job for us, and also would note there are many prior tickets that regrettably I just haven't had the time to submit a great survey. But I do want to especially thank Chad Cartee today for his really terrific help these past 2 days on some really thorny issues that were critical for us, as they impacted orders coming into our system. Getting Colinear involved and coordinating 3-way calls (me just as a listener, pretty much), made a huge difference. Chad persistence to get it right is a talent not always easily found, and I just want to say how much I and we appreciate what he did for us on this ticket.
3/7/2017 Gareth, whom I called in the first place, took the lead and then called me back when all was completed.
3/6/2017 Many thanks, Gareth! You quickly dealt with my concern with a pleasant attitude and my IT world is once again as it should be. 🙂
2/27/2017 Leave it to me to unwittingly create a non-issue...Thank you, James, as always for your cheerful, helpful attitude when assisting me!
2/9/2017 Chad was awesome!!! Very friendly and very helpful. Thank you so much!!!
2/7/2017 Appreciate you guys!
2/6/2017 Chad did a good job investigating the problem, although we don't have a fix for my obscene number of emails indexing, he did help me with a work around for the time being. He was quick to respond and kept in touch while trying to resolve my issue. Thanks Chad!
2/3/2017 Thank you, James! You're awesome, as always!! 🙂
2/2/2017 Many thanks, Gareth, and nice to meet you! All is well now and I'm able to get a little work done. 🙂
1/31/2017 Want to thank Chad for his quick resolution to this.
1/27/2017 You all rock. Always able to answer my questions (if not immediately, then a follow up call happens promptly). Amicable, knowledgeable, and technically wise! Thank you James and team for putting up with my calls, no matter how random or absurd they seem!
1/26/2017 Thanks for your patience and help with a very technology-challenged guy!
1/25/2017 Handled quickly and efficiently. thank you!
1/18/2017 Thanks for the help. Compared to our previous providers you guys are Saints.
1/17/2017 Top notch service - well done. Thank you.
1/17/2017 Everyone at MIS was amazing and super helpful, especially considering how we majorly confused the issue!
1/13/2017 Keep doing what you are doing - excellent work. Thank you.
1/12/2017 Thank you! Great job!
1/11/2017 Y'all do a great job in regards to my issues!
12/16/2016 Thank you, James for fixing my .ost. It has stopped misbehaving and life is good again. Always a pleasure! 🙂
12/13/2016 Thank you, Chad! You not only solved my problem, but also left a professional and delightful message in your follow up. 🙂
12/12/2016 Once again, Chad to the rescue!
12/9/2016 Chad is awesome
12/8/2016 Keep up the outstanding work!
12/8/2016 James was awesome!
12/7/2016 I was able to log on to my cloud server without incident from my office. I thank Chad for logging on to make sure all is well.
12/5/2016 Appreciate the excellent service we are receiving from MIS Solutions. Taylor Morgan was great with his follow-through in every instance.
12/1/2016 Matt went way above and beyond to help me tonight. He solved my problem and took the extra step to setup icons on my desktop and he wasn't even on call. I am super impressed, thank you for great service.
11/22/2016 Matt fixed our issue and did it quickly. Great work!
11/22/2016 None. Service is beyond perfect. Thank you for making every call of mine quick and easy!
11/21/2016 Chad,once again, fixed my problem without making me feel like an idiot!
11/15/2016 Chad was very helpful as always
11/2/2016 Mr. Kirk did an outstanding job and had me back up and running without delay. Also handled a curveball I threw his way and made my organization task much easier
11/2/2016 Thank you, James! You da bomb! 😉
11/2/2016 Chad provided great assistance on this matter and clearly walked me through every stage of the process. He also followed up multiple times when I was unable to respond and I appreciate his diligence.
10/28/2016 You all rock. Every time I call in my issue is resolved, the technician works with me and answers all questions in a laymanner I can understand. Fantastic! I wish I had more issues so I could call in more!
10/19/2016 Thank you Chad and James for your always cheerful approach to addressing my "odd" IT issues. 🙂
10/17/2016 Matt quickly diagnosed the issue and provided a prompt solution.
10/17/2016 Thank you MIS for helping us with this issue. Chad stayed on top of the issue all morning. We could not be more pleased with the level of service MIS / Chad provided
10/14/2016 MIS is staffed with best IT group I have ever had the pleasure of calling. They have the collective patience of all the saints.
10/11/2016 Great job from James, very prompt response! He is also very courteous.
10/7/2016 James rocks!
10/3/2016 Chad's the man! Made that a quick and easy fix!
9/20/2016 Thank you, James. Once again, you saved the day going above and beyond! 🙂
9/19/2016 Very quick response
9/16/2016 James and Matt are great. What else can I say?
9/14/2016 Ms. Kirk is very friendly and a true benefit to his craft.
9/12/2016 Chad was awesome, thanks
9/7/2016 very satisfied with the service on this ticket! James answered my call very quickly despite the late hour and was able to provide excellent recommendations and a quick solution. Thank you!
8/25/2016 keep up the good work!
8/22/2016 Always great service even when I call in with a silly question!
8/15/2016 Outstanding support! Thank you so much for your efforts. You saved us from a 24 hour phone outage.
8/12/2016 Chad is a rock star in my book! We've been having this issue for months, and it had really disrupted productivity and morale. It took 3 attempts with LiveChat support to get all pieces of the puzzle out of them to finally make it work. Chad was methodical and persevered until we were 100% convinced it was working. Thank you!
8/12/2016 James Kirk seemed to understand clearly what my issue was.
8/9/2016 It seems that every time something is done something else has to be finished. The original issue was that our Sugar program would not open in conjunction with Outlook. It took a week to get that fixed. Once that was fixed every time I signed on to Outlook I had to go through a series of questions and then resign in with password etc. I would have thought that this would have all been finished at the time of the Sugar issue.
8/3/2016 Everyone that I dealt with at MIS was great getting me back to work with my new vehicle Toughbook. Exceptional job and very timely. Thanks to all!
7/29/2016 Thank you, James, for patiently dealing with and solving my "bizarre" problems!
7/29/2016 Issue not resolved due to it being an Amadeus issue. MIS completed request
7/29/2016 Thank you, Taylor for helping me with my ever changing IP address. I know, I know, the cloud...
7/27/2016 Thank you, James - above and beyond, as always!!
7/27/2016 Matt has always done a fantastic job with our firm. Thanks.
7/26/2016 James is always quick on getting our problems resolved and is a real pleasure to work with!
7/26/2016 Chad is awesome....and everyone I work with at MIS provides top-level, professional and friendly service. Thank you!
7/21/2016 My Thursday ended on a good note because I can finally print to the printer that has been evading me. Thank you, Taylor! 🙂
7/18/2016 I always seem to have unusual problems and James always cheerfully solves them. Thank you, James!
7/12/2016 Fantastic service! Answered the phone right away and had me online in a minute! Thank you!
7/7/2016 Taylor was a big help!
7/6/2016 Although I'm somewhat conflicted about having a working phone, it's nice to finally have a completely functioning work space. Thanks, James!
7/5/2016 Thank you, Chad - you made my life better today!
7/5/2016 Only had a couple of issues. Original monitor was broken in shipment, and the original tablet didn't orient properly (went portrait when landscape was required, and vice versa.) Both issues quickly resolved.
6/28/2016 I appreciate the collaborative effort and conscientious approach to cost savings.
6/21/2016 Keep up the good work!
6/21/2016 I love you guys! All good!
6/21/2016 James is always AWESOME!!!
6/17/2016 Love Brendan - he explains things well and simply.
6/15/2016 I don't see how that could have gone any better!
6/15/2016 Always a pleasure to work with Taylor
6/15/2016 Whatever an RDP and/or dhcp reservation is, I am confident James is competently managing my IT needs.
6/14/2016 That man saved me from committing hari-kari today.
6/9/2016 I love James Kirk; he ALWAYS gets the job done! He takes pride in his work and makes us here at Medikmark feel comfortable knowing that our troubles are in his hands. The best IT guy there hands down!
6/6/2016 You guys do a great job!
6/3/2016 Matt is terrific, but we could have saved time and money by installing the cloud remotely rather than couriering it.
6/2/2016 James has always been very helpful. Love dealing with James.
6/2/2016 I can't think of a thing I would try to improve or change. It was very quick and my computer is running smooth now. I was very pleased with the whole process.
6/1/2016 I am always delighted to work with James Kirk!
5/31/2016 Thank you Chad!
5/25/2016 Chad did a great and very thorough job in checking through every possibility with my computer's issue and quickly resolved the problem in a short period of time.
5/24/2016 Matt handled my matter in his usual spectacular fashion.
5/20/2016 Not sure if this will fix the FTP issue or not. Let's hope.
5/19/2016 James is my favorite person to work with at MIS. Once again, he's gone above and beyond to help me. Many, many thanks to him.
5/18/2016 James Kirk is really great to work with!
5/17/2016 Great follow up as usual....
5/17/2016 Got Windows 10 downloaded AND got my printer back online!
5/12/2016 Taylor was extremely courteous and helpful.
5/10/2016 Chad was so helpful and really resolved my issue quickly. I am returning to a previous position with Southeast Linen and they are a small company. Having your tech support is like working for a big company.
5/10/2016 Taylor and James had a good attitude and were very friendly and helpful 🙂
5/9/2016 No suggestions, EVERYONE has been great!
5/5/2016 Awesome team....Thanks!
5/2/2016 Thank you Matt
5/2/2016 Chad is awesome. diligent and friendly
4/25/2016 I am very satisfied with your service today.
4/22/2016 Resolved the issues we were having. Taylor did an excellent job onsite addressing the multiple tasks and handling questions.
4/22/2016 Service was very quick and I was able to get my issue resolved immediately, thank you!
4/21/2016 James was wonderfully patient and helpful with all of my numerous requests. I really appreciate the way he took his time in walking me through all of his efforts.
4/15/2016 Chad is awesome!
4/12/2016 This is the third time in the last couple weeks that you have saved us. Your response time is fantastic! Thank you.
4/8/2016 Great help! Thank you!
4/5/2016 Thanks for the very quick response and help! Chad rocks!
4/5/2016 It is difficult to improve perfection!
3/31/2016 I am totally delighted with the service.
3/24/2016 Chad did a great job handling this transfer. Brian's computer was remote and even though there were problems with the connection dropping, Chad worked diligently to get everything transferred. He kept Brian and me updated on the progress. Thanks for a job well done!
3/22/2016 James Kirk is always great to work with
3/21/2016 Really appreciate Matt taking the time to explain the problem I was having and how to avoid it in the future.
3/18/2016 Thank you for not making us feel like idiots!
3/10/2016 Chad is the BEST!
3/9/2016 Chad rocks!
3/3/2016 I did not request this service ticket and therefore do not know how/if it was resolved. Please do not send me survey requests when I am not the person that requested the service.....IF you fixed the problem then I assure you we are satisfied. If you did not then we are frustrated...:)
3/2/2016 Gold Stars for Jaxon who entered documentation on this issue in the Wiki!
2/22/2016 Everyone was very helpful and now I receive company e-mail on my iPhone which was my objective.
2/3/2016 No suggestions, just compliments. Chad Cartee is one awesome tech, and I've had the pleasure of working with him on multiple occasions. I appreciate the fact that he takes the time to answer all my ignorant questions without feeling like I'm being condescended. Great guy!
1/27/2016 Outstanding! Work was scheduled and problem identified and remedied in timely manner without secondary issues.
1/25/2016 Thanks for the help on this issue! You pointed me at what needed fixing!
1/19/2016 James is awesomesauce!
1/18/2016 James was very congenial and a pleasure to talk with.
1/14/2016 Chad did a great job and is a true asset to MIS
1/6/2016 Thank you Chad! I have appreciated your help with my computer issues. As I told you this morning, I always feel relief when you pick up my calls. Wishing you all the best in 2016!
1/4/2016 I traded micies and this appeared to finally correct the problem. Thanks, Taylor!
1/4/2016 you guys were quick and easy. 🙂 Thanks and Happy New Year!!
1/4/2016 Please note that once I rang over to the answering service I was on hold for 10+ minutes before a person came to the phone. Everything else was ok
12/29/2015 Thank you Chad! Happy New Year!