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Just like knowing your destination before embarking on a journey, understanding your IT needs is crucial for business success. We provide solutions that go beyond quick fixes, addressing the root of your technology frustrations to ensure a smoothly running network. Let our comprehensive assessment guide you toward your goals with a clear understanding of your IT needs.

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Take charge of your IT future with a comprehensive network assessment

Take the first step toward finding the perfect IT solution for your company by scheduling a business and technology audit with us. During this assessment, we evaluate your network, allowing you to experience our commitment to excellence firsthand, similar to test-driving a car. By identifying areas that need attention, such as business continuity, patching, security, and maintenance, our valuable assessments ensure a comprehensive understanding of your unique needs. At MIS Solutions, we offer this free, no-obligation assessment to better grasp your business priorities, culture, and systems. This enables us to provide you with meaningful and customized recommendations tailored specifically to your needs.

How does it work?

After more than two decades of operation, we have refined and optimized the process to make it effortlessly simple for you.

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We'll then schedule a follow-up appointment one week later. During this meeting, you'll receive comprehensive findings, network documentation, and valuable recommendations for your reference, inventory, and replacement cycles.

What you can expect from our assessment

Our findings reports include:

An easy-to-understand Executive Summary, providing your risk score, identified problem areas, and actionable recommendations

Best practices tailored to your business type, covering setup, configuration, data protection, and security

Asset details and configuration reports for all network devices, including PCs, laptops, servers, routers, firewalls, and wireless access points

An inventory of installed applications and licensing details

A comprehensive list of servers, addressing configuration concerns and offering corresponding recommendations to resolve reported symptoms and address potential issues discovered during the assessment

A thorough security and speed assessment that identifies any active attacks, security breaches, or vulnerabilities of which you may be unaware

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