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See what works for you with our quick and easy pricing calculator.

When you inquire about the cost with an MSP, you might often hear the answer “It's complicated.” But with us, it's far from complicated. Here at MIS Solutions, transparency is our core value, and we're committed to delivering the best support tailored to your needs. Our pricing calculator is designed to simplify the pricing of our IT services. Once we understand your requirements, we'll provide you with an accurate estimate of your expenses. Just enter a few key details about your needs, and let the calculator work its magic — it’s pricing made easy!

See what works for you with our quick and easy pricing calculator

When you inquire about the cost with an MSP, you might often hear the answer “It's complicated.” But with us, it's far from complicated. Here at MIS Solutions, transparency is our core value, and we're committed to delivering the best support tailored to your needs. Our pricing calculator is designed to simplify the pricing of our IT services. Once we understand your requirements, we'll provide you with an accurate estimate of your expenses. Just enter a few key details about your needs, and let the calculator work its magic — it’s pricing made easy!

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Greenlight Core is desgined for businesses looking for layered security with cyber insurance requirements compliance and data backups with monitoring, logging and support.
Greenlight Advanced is designed for businesses looking for layered security, and have high regulatory compliance needs such as HIPAA or CMMC.

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At MIS Solutions, we believe in the importance of transparency in order to empower our clients to make informed decisions for their businesses.
With our extensive industry experience, we understand the value of providing upfront pricing information. We have nothing to lose and nothing to fear by being honest about our pricing because we know we offer true value for money. Our focus is on delivering the best-possible customized support, precisely tailored to your needs.
We believe that you, as our client, should have easy access to the information you want and need about IT pricing, without jumping through hoops. Your success is our priority, and transparent pricing is just one way we ensure your confidence in choosing us as your trusted IT partner.

Managed IT pricing in Atlanta: The lowdown

Managed IT services come with a wide range of deliverables and responsibilities, leading to variations in pricing. As a result, it can be challenging to get a straightforward answer to the question of how much they cost. But just because the pricing varies doesn’t mean it has to be confusing or unfair. The key is to have transparent and accessible reasoning behind the different pricing levels so you can make an informed decision that suits your needs.
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Budget managed IT providers

At the lowest end of the managed IT services spectrum, budget providers offer tailored solutions for small businesses or those on a tight budget. Their pricing typically ranges from $99 to 150 per month and includes essential services such as proactive system monitoring, basic software updates, and troubleshooting support. In this setup, the managed IT team simply monitors your server and alerts you to any issues that arise. It’s then up to you to handle the problem yourself or opt for additional assistance from external experts at an extra fee.

While we may not be classified as a budget provider, our approach is designed to offer you a layered solution. You get the advantages of a budget provider while having access to our high-quality team when needed, ensuring you don’t pay for more than what’s necessary in your specific situation. We believe in striking the perfect balance, providing the support you require without overburdening your budget.

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Mid-range managed IT providers

Mid-range managed IT providers offer a pricing structure that strikes a perfect balance between affordability and comprehensive services. This usually entails a wider range of offerings, allowing them to provide extensive IT support that minimizes disruptions and enhances operational efficiency for businesses. These providers go beyond mere monitoring and take the initiative to proactively solve problems, effectively preventing them from arising in the first place. With their commitment to customer satisfaction, you can expect round-the-clock IT support, and in some cases, even unlimited assistance. Their service packages include essential components such as IT planning, strategy, and design services, as well as backup and disaster recovery procedures, combining both onsite and remote support — all typically bundled into a single flat fee. With pricing options available per technology device or per user, they ensure the flexibility needed to cater to your organization’s size and specific needs.

Our company falls into this category of mid-range managed IT providers. With our comprehensive services, expert team, and customer-oriented approach, we are committed to delivering the best of mid-range managed IT services to meet your business’s unique requirements.

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High-end managed IT providers

High-end managed IT providers excel in delivering top-tier services to businesses seeking enterprise-level, fully managed IT solutions. Their pricing, typically falling between $250 and $400 per user/per month, encompasses cutting-edge technologies and extensive support capabilities. Beyond fundamental offerings such as proactive monitoring and help desk support, these providers go the extra mile by offering strategic IT planning, expert IT consulting, cloud solutions, and 24/7 system monitoring with rapid response times. Their mission is to provide a premium IT experience that guarantees unrivaled system reliability, ironclad security, and seamless scalability to foster and accelerate your business growth.

At MIS Solutions, we are up to the challenge of catering to companies of all sizes, backed by our wealth of expertise and capabilities in providing tailored enterprise-level solutions. With our commitment to excellence, we ensure that your IT infrastructure receives the utmost care, enabling your organization to operate with optimal efficiency, agility, and confidence in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

What affects managed IT pricing?

Managed IT pricing can be influenced by various factors. Here are three key elements that can impact how much you pay:

Internal IT team support

If you have an existing internal IT team that requires support, the pricing may vary. The level of collaboration and coordination with your internal team will affect the extent of services provided and, consequently, the pricing structure.

Service level agreements (SLAs)

The need for specific service level agreements can affect pricing. SLAs outline the expected response times, resolution times, and guaranteed uptime. The more stringent the SLAs, the higher the associated costs due to the increased commitments and resources needed to meet those requirements.

Complexity and customization

The complexity of your IT environment and the need for customization can impact pricing. Networks with intricate infrastructures, unique software requirements, or specialized compliance needs may incur additional costs to ensure tailored solutions meet your specific demands.

Get a custom quote from our experts

We invite you to schedule a quick, no-obligation, 15-minute discovery call with us to receive a custom quote tailored to your unique needs. We understand that every company is different, and our aim is to provide you with transparent information so you can make an educated decision about your IT investment. During our call, we'll explore whether we're a good fit and can offer the services you deserve at a price that aligns with your expectations. Connect with us now, and let's start the conversation about your IT needs and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Frequently asked questions

MIS is a full-service managed IT services provider, meaning we offer a wide range of solutions for the construction industry, including network management, cybersecurity, BIM support, software integration, and mobile device management. We also specialize in designing solutions for better collaboration among a dispersed staff, and offer support desk service, 24/7 monitoring to ensure your people can work anytime or anywhere, hosted desktops and applications, backups for servers, desktops, and laptops, and much more.

We have robust cybersecurity measures in place to protect your data, including firewalls, encryption, advanced threat detection, next-generation antivirus and we can conduct regular penetration tests, and vulnerability and risk assessments.

Our support team usually answers the phone live within 30 seconds during regular business hours. You’ll talk with a human who can get you to the right technical person to address your IT issue. For critical issues, we guarantee a technician will work on your case within 30 minutes or less. After-hours support is available 24/7.

Modern construction companies are adopting BIM technology to manage the build process more effectively and efficiently by catching clashes early on. It allows for a better understanding of the construction project and helps improve communication and collaboration between all stakeholders. If your construction company is considering utilizing BIM software, MIS can help vet the vendor through the lens of connected risk. We’ll seek to understand what you are trying to accomplish, then ask the vendor pointed and tailored questions to determine their security and compliance posture. Thorough vetting enables our clients to engage in vendor partnerships that align with strict security and compliance standards.

Our private Greenlight Cloud solution allows our construction and engineering clients to extend their IT environments beyond the office and into the field. Wherever your team works, they’ll be able to access email, core applications, project plans, blueprints, and change orders. Cloud solutions allow for real-time collaboration for improved productivity.

Using a hosted desktop like our private Greenlight Cloud allows for efficient access to data from anywhere. You want to secure your endpoints to protect against unwanted delays or data loss. Be sure your staff undergoes security awareness training so they are aware of cyber threats and can avoid falling victim to a cyberattack. Mobile device management is key for construction companies to guard against lost, stolen, or damaged devices.

Data protection and cybersecurity compliance, including standards like the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), are becoming more relevant with the increasing use of technology in construction. Construction and engineering companies that work with the U.S. Department of Defense are required to work within the CMMC requirements. Other guidelines, although not mandatory, include ISO 19650, which addresses information and data management throughout the lifecycle of the project; Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) for effective project management; ISO/IEC 25010 to ensure quality and reliability; and ISO 55000 to ensure effective asset management practices.