Making Your Business Remote-Friendly with Reliable IT Services in Atlanta

Remote working is often touted as the future work, and it should be a critical part of the IT services your Atlanta business should get. Technological advancements have empowered employees to work away from the office, and more and more companies are jumping on board. Remote working is only possible with remote access, where your staff is able to access the company’s network, desktops, and other devices. For remote access to be successful, your company needs to become remote-friendly through:

Implement Relevant Technology

Your IT service provider will first set up a digital infrastructure that supports remote teams. Businesses can now move away from text and landline calls to platforms designed specifically for remote efficiency.

The most vital tool is a VPN, which will secure all communication done via public internet connections. A work VPN will let your employees link to the firm’s network regardless of where they are. It is advisable to institute a two-factor authentication on a VPN connection to protect your company’s information.

Equip all devices that will be used remotely with malware protection to protect your firm from hackers. Remote workers should also be given access to backup solutions to protect their projects.

Establish Seamless Communication

A remote working strategy should be based on efficient collaboration and communication. Gone are the days that businesses could rely on text and Skype as there are more effective apps like Slack.

Remote workers will also require video conferencing tools to engage clients and other employees. An IT services provider in Atlanta will assess the right bandwidth for your firm by evaluating your video conferencing needs.

If you want even more flexibility, invest in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This technology lets employees make calls over the internet and access their office phone calls from any location.

Create Collaborative Relationships

Without a clear direction, any remote team will not attain its objectives. Begin by setting realistic timelines and give room for your employees to work independently.

At the heart of a solid remote working strategy is trust between employers, managers, and their staff. There are also numerous performance tracking tools that can give real-time insights. You can also invest in time-tracking technology if employees are remunerated according to the hours they put in.

Transition to Cloud Systems

Any business operating in today’s dynamic environment needs cloud technology. Workers can share and edit files, and cloud tools will boost the workflow of your firm. You can smoothly run a virtual office if you get the right cloud solutions. Moving your firm’s operations to the cloud will also protect your company from data loss.


It can be intimidating for a brick and mortar company to adopt a remote strategy. For such an approach to be successful, you will need the right technology and a host of remote-friendly tools. If you are looking to explore remote tech options or IT services for your business in Atlanta, look no further than MIS Solutions, Inc. Contact us now for more information.

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