Meet Maddie, Our Pet of the Month

Meet Maddie, Our Pet of the Month

Have you ever ordered something online or in a restaurant only to receive the wrong thing? But it’s OK because the “mistake” turns out to be pretty darn good. That’s sort of the story of our Pet of the Month, Maddie. Her mom, Jessica Anderson of Ankle and Foot Centers of Georgia, thought she was rescuing a Tea Cup Chihuahua from a lady who said she could no longer care for the pup. Maddie was just a wee thing – not much bigger than a leaf – when the Anderson’s brought her home. Three months later there was nothing “tea cup” about Maddie.

What breed is your pet? Miniature Rottweiler mix

How old is your pet? 10 months

How long have you had your pet? 8 months

Do you bring your pet to work? I wish

What is her favorite toy or activity? A squeaky Snoopy toy that she plays fetch with

What is an interesting fact about your pet? She was smaller than the leaves outside when she was a puppy. Also, her favorite treat is ice cubes. Ha!

What is the BEST thing about your pet? Cuddles

Do you have a funny or interesting story about your pet? A woman said she had to get rid of a Tea Cup Chihuahua because she could not take care of it. Three months after getting her, she was 12 pounds and clearly not A Tea Cup Chihuahua. After doing some research we found out she was a Miniature Rottweiler mix!


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