Shiny New Gadget: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Shiny New Gadget: August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your deadbolt with a smart lock, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock could be a good choice. It’s compact design is sleek and stylish and allows you to come and go with ease. No more fumbling with keys or trying to unlock a door while your arms are full of kids or groceries. Plus it gives you complete control of your door lock from anywhere in the world.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock works with your existing deadbolt so you can still open your door with your key if needed. The inside latch of the deadbolt is replaced with the smart lock while the outside keyhole remains as is. It comes with a ton of features such as:

Auto-Lock/Auto-Unlock. You control your lock with your smartphone or Apple watch. Through geo-fencing, the lock senses when you leave your home or return so you never have to dig out your phone or keys while juggling an armload.

Remote Access. The August app lets you remotely lock and unlock your door from anywhere. No more worrying about whether you locked your door or not.

Guest Keys. You can manage access to your home by sending secure digital keys to friends, family or trusted people such as your housekeeper. No more leaving keys under the doormat for unwanted visitors to find.

Activity Feed. The app lets you see exactly what time family and guests enter and leave your home.

Smart Alerts. If anything changes with the status of your door, you’ll be notified.