3 Ways IT Support Providers in Atlanta Can Reduce BYOD Risks

IT support providers in Atlanta can help your business create a bring your own device (BYOD) policy in the workplace. An effective BYOD policy significantly improves productivity without jeopardizing the security of your company. A BYOD policy also gives employees the freedom to use their own devices at work, which reduces operational costs and enhances mobility in today's work environment.

3 Key Tips from IT Services Experts in Atlanta on How You Can Keep Your Private Data Safe Online

Is your private data safe? Are you sure that only you can access your data? Or do you have concerns that some third parties can get their hands on your private data without your knowledge? Are your fears valid or are you being paranoid? Well, let us start by answering the last question.

How an IT Support Firm in Atlanta Can Protect Your Company from Social Engineering Attacks

Social engineering attacks can happen in a wide variety of ways, and their primary purpose is to gain confidential information through deceptive purposes. Phishing emails are one of the most popular forms of social engineering attacks, as they pose as a legitimate company to try to gain confidential data from unsuspecting employees.

Why Your Managed IT Services Partner in Atlanta Should Offer Edge Computing Security

One of the developments that separates fly-by-night tech support firms from credible managed IT services firms in Atlanta is edge computing. Experienced firms that stay on top of technology understand the advantages of edge computing as a solution to big data congestion.

3 Signs You Should Partner with IT Services Providers in Atlanta for Your Cybersecurity Needs

It is no secret that cyber attacks continue to grow in complexity, and businesses are in need of IT services in Atlanta can help your business remain safe and secure. Nearly half of all small business have experienced a cyber attack, and these incidents are only expected to continue to grow.

How IT Support Providers in Atlanta Reduce and Deflects Credential Stuffing Attacks

What Are Credential Stuffing Attacks?
IT support providers in Atlanta protect businesses against developing cyber security threats. One of the newest ones plaguing today is the credential stuffing hack. It works like this: through dark web sources, spyware, and other means of coopting breached data, digital bad actors gain login credentials.

How Our IT Services Team in Atlanta Can Keep Your Mobile Devices Secure

Nowadays, employees do not strictly use the computer at their desk to complete work. The typical employee uses his or her work computer as well as a personal laptop, tablet and/or smartphone to get work done as efficiently as possible. The challenge lies in securing all of these devices against the many evildoers lurking in the digital realm.

How Managed IT Services Providers in Atlanta Can Help You Identify and Avoid Massive Security Threats

Managed IT services in Atlanta can be an essential feature in your tech security game plan. Here's the thing: we all know technology doubles on itself every couple of years. That means the "good guys" get better, and the "bad guys" get more tools. Additionally, we all know it's easy to make a mistake on a computer and delete key information.

Knowing LockerGoga Ransomware and How IT Services Providers in Atlanta Can Help You Avoid It

What is LockerGoga?
IT services providers in Atlanta recently became apprised of new ransomware going by the name "LockerGoga". First instances of this ransomware were noted in January of 2019. If you're unfamiliar with ransomware in general, it's basically malware which encrypts all your data and won't give you the key unless you pay a fee.

How IT Support Providers in Atlanta Can Help You Avoid Phishing Threats in 2019

New cyber threats emerge on a daily basis. While you may be able to stay ahead of them through internal solutions, using external options is recommendable for more up-to-date and effective solutions. Following are three main phishing scams likely to plague 2019 and how IT support providers in Atlanta can help you avoid them:
1. SaaS Credential Theft
IT support providers in Atlanta help safeguard against impersonated SaaS options such as Office 365 or Slack.