Change old modes of thinking when migrating to the cloud

Not every business owner who migrates to the cloud achieves great results. As much as the service is touted with words like “freedom,” “productivity,” and “collaboration,” realizing the full benefits of the cloud is not a given. So if you’re thinking about transitioning to the cloud, how can you ensure you optimize the technology for your business? Well, it all starts with your attitude before migration. Here are some mental shifts you should make before getting started.

How Law Firms Can Maximize Cloud Solutions and IT Services in Atlanta

Moving to the cloud is a major convenience and cost-cutting strategy for many businesses that work with IT services providers in Atlanta. Many law firms have been slow at adopting cloud technology partly because of concerns about storing confidential data.

IT Services in Atlanta: The Importance of EHR Software

The healthcare industry is a data-intensive environment. IT services providers in Atlanta provide electronic health records (EHR) software for the efficient computerization of patient records. With the need to record data for every appointment with a patient, hospitals accumulate huge volumes of data fast.

IT Services in Atlanta: How to Spot and Stop Phishing Attacks

Small to medium business (SMB) owners have come to appreciate the role that IT plays in as far as being a business enabler. Sadly, this channel of business operation and communication is not free from risks. One of the worst risks facing businesses using IT is hacking and phishing attacks.

How IT Services Providers in Atlanta Can Help You Design Image-Based Backup Solutions

IT services providers in Atlanta can help you design backup solutions that will help your business continue forward even in spite of exceptional setbacks. With technology, a wise way to approach operations is to look at things like downtime as a matter of "when" rather than "if". Once you have such a perspective, your next step should be to optimize operations such that any downtime is reduced.

IT Support in Atlanta: Is It Advisable To Pay Ransomware?

IT support experts in Atlanta have noted that ransomware has continued to grow and a big cyber threat all over the world. Today, everyone is familiar with ransomware, given that it is always making it to the headlines every other day. It encrypts crucial files and documents on the infected computers, and the owner is asked to pay ransom to be given the decryption key.

Migrate to the Cloud with the Help of an IT Services Provider in Atlanta

An up-to-date IT services provider in Atlanta can make your life easier if you plan on moving to the cloud. You just have to be careful to avoid fly-by-night operations that are mostly looking for fast cash. Stick with IT companies that have been around and with solid reputations.

Why WordPress Sites Get Hacked and How IT Services Providers in Atlanta Can Help You Avoid It

IT services providers in Atlanta can help you use marketing resources like WordPress without getting hacked. If you weren't aware, WordPress has been subject to hacking before, and there are a few reasons for this, which include:

Passwords that aren't appropriate
Files and plugins that aren't up-to-date
No security plugins
No existing backup solutions

Passwords That aren't Appropriate
IT services providers in Atlanta advise every organization to make complicated, convoluted, regularly-shifting passwords.

Facilitating Network Continuity with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Managed IT services in Atlanta has increasingly transcended beyond what has often been characterized as "piecemeal" service provision. Before, a managed service provider (MSP) was primarily concerned with the installation and troubleshooting of a client's system.