Migrate to the Cloud with the Help of an IT Services Provider in Atlanta

An up-to-date IT services provider in Atlanta can make your life easier if you plan on moving to the cloud. You just have to be careful to avoid fly-by-night operations that are mostly looking for fast cash. Stick with IT companies that have been around and with solid reputations. Here are ways that an IT provider can help with a smooth transition to the cloud:

Planning Your Move

One of the most important things for a manager to remember about cloud migration is that it cannot be done in a hurry. An experienced IT services provider in Atlanta can save you time on the planning process since their job is to bring efficiency to your business. After doing hundreds of cloud migrations, skilled IT technicians have developed thorough premigration checklists for ensuring the proper transfer of digital assets to the cloud.

The planning stage involves analyzing your business needs and reorganizing your infrastructure so that digital processes replace manual labor and physical machine processes. At this stage, you will need to determine what equipment stays and how old gear should be replaced through cloud solutions. You may want to abandon a traditional landline phone system, for example, and adopt a cloud-based VoIP system, which dramatically cuts long distance phone bills.

During the planning phase, it helps to keep staff members informed about the transition so that they’re prepared for the learning curve ahead. Another helpful strategy is to conduct a test migration.

Cloud Migration

The migration process is intensive and involves moving digital files and applications from their current locations to the cloud. This step, although comprehensive, should go well if enough proper planning and premigration testing have been done. Your IT provider will make sure that your digital assets are transferred to the cloud in an orderly, safe manner so that you can maintain business continuity. IT professionals use cloud integration tools designed to make cloud migration easier.

Managing Your Cloud Experience

Once you’ve completed the successful migration, your IT provider will make sure your new Atlanta cloud computing environment is stable by analyzing the following:

  • Remove software no longer needed
  • Resolve any new technical issues
  • Confirm user permissions
  • Test files and applications to ensure they function properly
  • Check workflows and forms
  • Make fresh backups of critical data

Employing an IT services provider in Atlanta with experience in cloud migration will help you make a seamless transition. Doing the work yourself can be overwhelming, whereas working with the experts gives you the opportunity to concentrate on your business. Contact us now at MIS Solutions, Inc. to learn more about the cloud and other modern business technology.

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