IT Services in Atlanta: How to Spot and Stop Phishing Attacks

Small to medium business (SMB) owners have come to appreciate the role that IT plays in as far as being a business enabler. Sadly, this channel of business operation and communication is not free from risks. One of the worst risks facing businesses using IT is hacking and phishing attacks. Malicious intruders lurk in the internet seeking vulnerabilities that they can exploit in corporate networks. Thankfully, an IT services provider in Atlanta can help spot and stop phishing attacks long before it becomes a serious problem for your firm.

What is a Phishing Attack?

Phishing can be defined as a social engineering attack launched by hackers and other cyber crooks with an aim to dupe, defraud, and steal sensitive data.

Common Examples of Phishing Attacks

IT services providers in Atlanta have spotted a number of phishing attacks. Here are some of the common types that you need to be aware of:

  • Mass phishing – This is an opportunistic attack where the cyber crook takes advantage of a company’s brand name and uses it to lure unsuspecting customers to a spoofed site where they are duped into parting with their personal information.
  • Spear phishing – Unlike mass phishing which lacks personalization, spear phishing is personalized by the cyber crooks and addresses the recipient, creating a feel that the sender is someone they know. The fraudsters customize the emails using their target’s name, company, position, and work phone number. The goal is the same as in any other phishing attack: to dupe the target into giving their personal information.
  • Pharming – Pharming is a serious type of phishing attack. Hackers spam a legitimate site in their domain name such that when a visitor tries visiting the real site, they get redirected to the spoofed site from where their credentials would be stolen.

How to Spot and Stop Phishing Attacks

  • Carefully inspect all URLs
  • Analyze all inbound emails for malicious links
  • Educate employees on how to detect phishing email attacks
  • Use Anti-virus and Anti-malware software on all devices used to access corporate network
  • Encourage employees to enter credentials on HTTPS-protected sites only

As seen above, there are many different types of phishing attacks that can be directed to your firm. Why not protect your firm by partnering with an IT services provider in Atlanta? At MIS Solutions, Inc., we have the expertise needed to spot and stop cyber crooks from affecting your business. Contact us now for managed security services in Atlanta and let us discuss how we can be of assistance to your firm.

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