IT Services in Atlanta: The Importance of EHR Software

IT Services in Atlanta: The Importance of EHR Software

The healthcare industry is a data-intensive environment. IT services providers in Atlanta provide electronic health records (EHR) software for the efficient computerization of patient records. With the need to record data for every appointment with a patient, hospitals accumulate huge volumes of data fast.

Thus, it is essential to adopt EHR software to ensure the accuracy and availability of patient data across various hospital departments. It facilitates the systematic collection and storage of health information for faster processing of data requests and centralized maintenance of health records.

As a result, it alleviates problems such as the erroneous data entry, misplacement of records, and inconsistent data formats.

Here are more benefits of EHR software:

Trouble-Free Security Compliance

Healthcare providers deal with personally identifiable information, which renders them a prime target for hackers. However, with the use of EHR software, IT compliance concerning the safety of patient data is simplified by the HIPAA regulations. The HIPAA provisions guide you on the specific steps for protecting patient information.

Besides, a qualified IT provider will provide you with data backup options for offsite storage, which eliminates the risk of data loss in case of a catastrophe.

Improved Efficiency

IT services providers in Atlanta understand the need for workflow management in healthcare facilities and package EHR solutions to help healthcare businesses achieve operational efficiency. Clients demand fast and quality healthcare, so the medical practitioners need the tools to work fast and efficiently.

Thanks to EHR solutions, healthcare transactions such as prescription of drugs and dispensing is improved with the use of digital processing.

Thus, there is no need to hand paperwork to the pharmacy or queue waiting for drugs to be dispensed. Also, insurance claims take less time since they’re tracked online and authorized immediately when the customer is on premises for treatment.

Patient Safety

While you may have stringent safeguards against medication errors within your organization, they don’t set you free from occasional errors like a wrongful dosage. Fortunately, these errors can be avoided by the use of custom EHR configurations to monitor the medication process and send alerts in case of a harmful drug interaction or improper dosage.

Also, the EHR systems can be configured to check the patient’s medical history to improve the drug administration process and safeguard patient safety.

Leading healthcare organizations are already reaping the benefits of the EHR technology. You, too, can with the help of an IT services provider in Atlanta. At MIS Solutions, we’re a reliable IT provider with a proven track record of quality services. Contact us now for more information.