Where to Buy Computers for Business

Where to buy computers for business

When considering where to buy computers for business, it’s awfully tempting to shop the big box and online retailers like Best Buy, Costco, or Amazon. Prices at these stores are often less expensive than what your Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) can offer. Seems like a no-brainer.

But buying the wrong equipment could be a big mistake that will end up costing way more than purchasing through your MSP.

Cost is just one thing to think about when purchasing hardware. Here are five things to consider when deciding whether to buy through MIS or buy on your own:

Purchased From MIS

Purchased Elsewhere

#1. Installation Fees

MIS: Computer installation and configuration are done at a fixed fee per your agreement. We will order equipment with the specifications your employees need to do their jobs. We also apply asset tags, load all necessary software, including anti-virus, and remove all bloatware.

Elsewhere: Equipment purchased elsewhere is subject to a two-hour minimum onsite installation plus any additional time it takes to complete. Consumer-grade hardware often lacks the proper drivers and licensing necessary for network computing, resulting in longer install times.

#2. Labor on Repairs

MIS: We handle any warranty work that may arise at no additional charge for labor.

Elsewhere: Repairs made by MIS are subject to labor, time, and materials charges.

#3. Vendor Management

MIS: We have established, preferred status relationships with vendors and manufacturers, which means we can quickly locate information on the machine, ship it to the vendor, and have it back within a matter of days.

Elsewhere: You are responsible for locating warranty information and working with the vendor or manufacturer. The back-and-forth troubleshooting, packing, shipping, and time spent on repairs can take weeks. Free phone support might not be available for out-of-warranty equipment.

#4. Quality

MIS: We order all equipment designed for business applications and networking. These are manufactured with higher-quality components and are designed to work within a network.

Elsewhere: Equipment from big box stores is manufactured for consumers with lower-quality components, making it more likely to experience problems sooner than a business-grade machine.

#5. Seamless Ordering

MIS: We know exactly what specifications you need to run your business. We scour our suppliers’ inventory and prices to ensure you get the lowest price. We handle the entire process from ordering, configuring, testing, and delivering your equipment.

Elsewhere: You are responsible for the entire process, including researching specifications, purchasing, arranging for configuration, and third-party involvement (such as cabling) if needed.

As an MSP, our goal is to empower our clients with the technology they need to run a better business. We strongly encourage anyone, whether a client of MIS or not, to consult with their MSP before making any technology purchases. Doing so will save you from incurring unnecessary expenses that come with ordering the wrong equipment.

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