5 Best Managed IT Service Providers in Atlanta

The Best Managed IT Service Providers in Atlanta

When looking for the best managed IT service provider in Atlanta, there’s no shortage of options. There are several hundred managed service providers (MSPs) in the metro area and many of those are great companies.

They come in all shapes and sizes, with some serving niche markets like healthcare, legal or manufacturing. Some only serve large corporations while most in our area cater to smaller organizations. Finding a company or computer guy to manage your small or mid-size business is not hard.

The tricky part, however, is finding one that is trustworthy, reliable, knowledgeable, and operationally mature enough to handle your business’s network and security needs. With technology being an integral part of almost all organizations, business owners and decision-makers can’t afford to make the wrong choice.

It’s critical to find the best provider who can deliver the best results. But what does the “best” look like? The best MSP for one company might not be the best fit for another.

We, at MIS Solutions, have a track record of serving our clients well. But we’re not for everyone, which is why we wrote this article. If we are not the right IT company for you, we at least want to guide you to another MSP who might be ideal for your needs.

What is a Managed IT Service Provider and Why Does Your Business Need One?

Technology is complex! Gone are the days when a firewall and simple antivirus software were enough to keep your systems safe and secure. 

Technology is rapidly evolving – we’re looking at you, Artificial Intelligence – and the average business owner simply doesn’t have the skills or time to troubleshoot and manage their networks. 

Some of the things that an MSP can handle for you are:

Software Application Integration

We live in a world of applications. Businesses rely on applications for nearly every aspect of their operations, including customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, accounting and finance, project management, marketing, and business intelligence. 

Productiv’s State of SaaS Trends report suggests that small and mid-sized businesses used, on average, an all-time high of 253 different software applications in 2023. 

Organizations need their applications to play nice with each other to ensure efficiency. For example, it’s helpful to have the customer relationship management (CRM) software integrated with Outlook. And accounting software like Sage or QuickBooks must work seamlessly with many other applications including enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, or perhaps inventory software. Integrating crucial business apps can range from easy-peasy to pull-your-hair-out maddening. That’s where the skill of a competent managed services provider in Atlanta can help. 

Network Reliability and Security

With the increased reliance on technology, it’s more important than ever for employees to have access to the systems they need when they need them to do their jobs effectively. 

A reputable MSP will ensure your systems are accessible, updated, patched, backed up, and monitored 24/7 using only the most advanced security tools available. Without regular maintenance and monitoring, companies expose themselves to possible cyberthreats that are costly and devastating. 

There are so many moving parts to a technology environment, and managing those while keeping the network safe and secure requires advanced skills and knowledge. 

Even if an organization is fortunate to have an in-house IT specialist, it’s highly unlikely that one person (or even a small IT team) will have all the skills necessary to manage every aspect of their technology. 

Those companies often turn to an MSP to co-manage their technology, filling in where there are gaps in skills. Co-managed IT allows internal IT teams to focus on their gift areas while the MSP can step in to assist in other areas. 

Perhaps your internal team would provide more value to your business if it focused on strategic IT planning and left the day-to-day tasks of end-user support or infrastructure management to an outsourced IT company. Or maybe you need an MSP who has extensive experience in cybersecurity to ensure you meet compliance and regulatory requirements. Both scenarios are good examples of how co-managed IT could work for businesses that have an internal IT person or small team.

How to Choose a Managed IT Services Provider

When a business has made the decision to find a new managed IT provider, it’s usually for one or more of the following reasons:

  • They’ve outgrown their current vendor’s capabilities.
  • Their current provider has become unresponsive.
  • Their current vendor can’t seem to solve nagging issues.
  • There is a poor culture match.

Let’s be honest. Switching IT providers can be a hassle. That’s why many business owners and decision makers will tolerate poor service from their current provider until the pain becomes too great to continue with the relationship. 

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to know for sure if a new provider will be a good fit until after you are months into the relationship. That’s why it’s critical to do your due diligence and not rush through the vetting process when looking for the best managed IT provider for your business. 

To help you make a well-informed decision, here are some tips to selecting your next MSP:

Experience Serving Your Industry

When vetting potential IT companies, ask about their experience serving other companies in your industry. Whether your business is healthcare, insurance, accounting, manufacturing, construction, or other area, it’s essential to work with a vendor that understands your unique business needs, requirements, and regulations. 

Someone familiar with your critical line of business applications and regulations will be better suited to help you navigate any complex technical challenges you face. For example, companies that work or provide products or services to the Department of Defense will soon be required to meet Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification requirements. This is a fairly new program and not all MSPs are CMMC compliant. And insurance agencies working with an MSP who is familiar with various agency management tools will benefit from this experience. Be sure to ask the questions to understand their level of knowledge of the things that are important to your industry.

Besides, you don’t want an MSP learning how to serve you on your dime and time. 

Operational Maturity

Anyone can hang a shingle out and call themselves an IT professional. You’ll want to look deeper, though, to ensure they can back up their claim. Things to look for include:

Years in business – Running a successful managed services business is hard work. The truth is most IT technicians who opt to open their own business don’t make it in the long run. IT companies that have been around for years generally have the knowledge, people, and processes necessary to manage their clients’ technology.

Certifications and Compliance – If your company must work with vendors who meet specific industry compliance standards such as HIPAA, the CMMC or System and Organizations Control reports (SOC 1, SOC 2 SOC 3), be sure to inquire about those. Meeting advanced compliance requirements indicates that the MSP has passed rigorous audits and can prove they have controls to protect their clients’ sensitive data. 

Also, ask about the advanced certifications earned by the people who will be managing your account. Obtaining advanced professional certifications means they have invested considerable time and resources to boost their skills. It’s also a good sign that the organization fosters a culture of growth and lifetime learning.

Culture Fit – Working with a vendor (or client, for that matter) that you don’t jibe with can have a detrimental effect on your business and your people. Having a mismatched culture might not seem like a huge obstacle, but over time, the friction caused will erode trust, productivity, and relationships. Visit their office, scour their website, and check for references – don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to getting a feel for the managed IT provider’s culture.

Some questions to ask are:

  • How do you approach corporate social responsibility and ethical practices?
  • Can you describe your company’s work culture and how you support your team?
  • What does an ideal client relationship look like to you?
  • What is your approach to innovation and continuous improvement?
  • How do you handle conflicts or disagreements with clients?
Sales process – Carefully observe the IT company’s sales process. If an MSP wants to quickly prescribe solutions before fully understanding the challenges, run. This is a red flag. A reputable managed services provider will take the time to understand your business goals so they can thoughtfully recommend technology solutions to help you meet those goals. 
You would never take the advice of a medical doctor who prescribed a treatment without understanding your issue. So don’t trust the health of your business to someone who isn’t intentional about learning your needs first.
Reputation – Top managed IT service providers in Atlanta almost always have overwhelmingly positive online reviews. Don’t ignore those or dismiss them as just good marketing. Remember – great marketing will expose bad service faster than a toddler with a Sharpie.
So, suppose an MSP has an abundance of 5-star Google reviews or consistently shows up across business directories, such as Clutch, Cloudtango or Expertise.com. In that case, there’s a better-than-average chance that they’re, well, better than average.
References – Last but certainly not least, ask for references! Call them and ask about response times, project management, account management, accountability, billing transparency, culture, personalities. These are all the things that are important in having a successful relationship with a vendor who will be an integral part of your business. 

Top 5 Managed IT Service Providers in Atlanta

As previously mentioned, not all MSPs, including MIS Solutions, are going to be the best fit for your business. 

If we cannot help your company, we at least want to provide you with names of other managed IT service providers in Atlanta who might be a better fit for you. The key to finding the right provider for your business is to thoroughly vet any company you might be considering.

While there are literally hundreds of managed IT service providers in Atlanta, a few consistently receive high ratings on various review sites, including Clutch, Google, and Expertise.com. Through the years, we’ve had the pleasure of going toe-to-toe with many great MSPs in competitive proposals.

The following are ones that are well-respected in the community and have solid reputations in servicing Metro Atlanta businesses. 



Headquarters: Cranbury Township, NJ

Year founded: 2021

Number of Locations: 24

Clutch Rating: 4.9 

Website: https://integrisit.com/

3565 Piedmont Road NE, Building 2, Suite 200

Atlanta GA 30305

Integris has a national presence allowing it to service customers all over the United States. It offers dedicated vCIOs, specialized security and compliance advisory services, a 24/7 help desk, and more. They work with companies with as few as 10-20 employees or large enterprise customers with 150-4,000 users.



Headquarters: Marietta, GA

Year founded: 2019

Number of locations: 1

Clutch Rating: 4.7 

Website: https://cortavo.com/

189 Cobb Parkway North, Suite C2

Marietta, GA 30062

Cortavo offers an array of IT services for budget-minded businesses and has plans for companies with as few as five computer users. They offer an all-inclusive flat fee pricing model, simplifying IT budgeting. Cortavo provides three levels of support with the top tier level, including cybersecurity, help desk support, onsite office support, Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, and hardware.



Headquarters: Atlanta

Year founded: 2007

Number of locations: 2

Clutch Rating: 4.9 

Website: https://www.rippleit.com/

1345 Seaboard Industrial Blvd NW

Atlanta, GA 30318

Ripple is a “Humans First” managed service provider and focuses on helping people as a differentiator in the managed IT service space. They offer several IT services, including strategic managed IT, consulting, vendor and asset management, security awareness training and end-user support.

Zanacore Technologies​

Zanacore (1)

Headquarters: Duluth, GA

Year Founded: 2000

Number of Locations: 1

Clutch Rating: N/A

Website: https://www.zanacore.com/

6340 Sugarloaf Parkway, Suite 200

Duluth, GA 30097

Zanacore Technologies is a smaller MSP but has been providing small and medium-sized businesses with reliable IT support for more than 20 years. Zanacore offers comprehensive IT consulting and managed support services to businesses in the legal, medical, and manufacturing fields, as well as various other SMBs in the metropolitan Atlanta and Gwinnett region.

MIS Solutions


Headquarters: Suwanee, GA

Year Founded: 1995

Number of Locations: 1

Clutch Rating: 4.9

Website: https://www.mis-solutions.com/

4485 Tench Road, Suite 440

Suwanee, GA 30024

MIS Solutions, a family-owned and operated managed service provider, has served Metro Atlanta businesses for almost three decades. Our focus is on people and making technology work for people. We let the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and our core values guide us in providing IT support and solutions to small and mid-size businesses with a minimum of 20 computer users.

How to Get Started With an IT Service Provider

Getting started with a managed IT service provider can vary from vendor to vendor. Some will offer a free network assessment to gauge where your company is from a technology standpoint. 

These audits provide a high-level view of your environment, what assets you have, what applications you use, potential gaps in security, etc. The insight gained from these assessments provides the IT vendor with the information needed to determine if they are a suitable match for your business from a standards perspective.

Other IT companies, like MIS Solutions, prefer to start with an initial discovery call to better understand your business’s specific needs, wants, and goals. We delve into your people and how they need to use technology to do their jobs. These short calls also give you a feel for how we operate and whether we would be a good match from a culture standpoint. These are zero-pressure, fact-finding introductory calls to determine next steps, if any.

If you’d like to learn more about MIS Solutions services, schedule a 15-minute discovery call.

Not quite ready to talk? Download our Service Provider Comparison Checklist.

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