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Ditch the expensive hardware: Embrace the cloud with our leading business phone solutions

Experience the flexibility of a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, where users can utilize phone handsets, computers, smartphones, or tablets to make and receive calls. Enjoy additional office features like messaging, virtual meetings, and video conferencing. Stay connected and modernize your communication today!

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Enhance your Atlanta business with VoIP phone system features

With a range of features at your fingertips, including messaging, virtual meetings, and conferencing, alongside crystal-clear voice calls, you'll never miss a beat. Say goodbye to clunky and outdated systems and embrace a new era of streamlined communication that empowers your team to collaborate effortlessly and achieve extraordinary results. Break free from communication barriers and ride the wave of the future with our hosted PBX solutions in the Atlanta area.

Get more bang for your buck with an affordable Atlanta VoIP phone system

Empower your business to thrive and expand by utilizing our internet-based phone system hosted on a private cloud. Say goodbye to unnecessary expenses on expensive hardware and upfront capital investments. Our custom solutions are tailored for small- and medium-sized businesses, allowing you to allocate your resources toward driving growth and achieving success. Experience the freedom to scale seamlessly as your business grows, without the burden of outdated and costly equipment. Streamline your business operations and maximize your cost efficiency with our reliable and flexible phone service for Atlanta small businesses.

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Move with the times with our advanced VoIP phone systems for your Atlanta business

Don’t get left behind! With several states, including Georgia, phasing out old copper lines and embracing newer technologies, adopting VoIP phone systems in Atlanta ensures your business stays connected and remains relevant and compatible with Georgia’s telecommunications advancements. By investing in our VoIP solutions, you position your Atlanta small business for long-term success and stay in sync with the direction of the industry. Embrace the technology of tomorrow and confidently lead the way in modern communication solutions.

Unlock the advantages of our business phone systems

Fully managed for you

With our full-service managed VoIP solution, we take the hassle out of phone system management. We set up call flows, install applications on desktops, laptops and mobile phones, handle software and firmware upgrades, set up new extensions and much more so you can focus on your business.

Mobility and flexibility

Whether you’re in the office or on the go, VoIP phone systems allow you to make and receive calls from virtually anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or computer. With our mobile app, your team can stay connected and productive no matter where work takes them. Never miss an important call again.

Cost savings

VoIP phone systems are less expensive than traditional systems, especially for long-distance and international calling. And because there’s no need for additional phone lines or extensive hardware, maintenance costs are greatly reduced, resulting in significant savings for small and mid-size businesses.

Customized solutions

Our business phone solution is tailored to your business needs. With a wide range of features, we can design a solution that fits your business requirements such as video conferencing, live chat, SMS and MMS, call queues, call recording, CRM integration and auto attendant to name just a few.


Our VoIP phone system can easily accommodate changes in business size and structure. We manage adding and removing users, phone numbers and features for you so as your business needs evolve, you can rest knowing you are in control and have exactly what you need to be successful.

24/7/365 support

With MIS’s supported VoIP solutions, we handle any issue that might pop up. Leave troubleshooting poor voice quality, handling password resets, managing holiday message greetings, running reports, replacing broken desk phones and setting up and troubleshooting headsets to us.

See what our clients love about our VoIP services:

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There is always someone available via phone to listen and handle our computer and server issues – never an automated attendant – during regular work hours. When we call MIS Solutions, we are immediately assisted with the issue until it is resolved. I would estimate that 98 percent of our issues are resolved within the same day. In comparison to our prior IT service provider, sometimes we would report a problem, then receive a call back only to be told it might take a day or so to resolve the problem.
Brenda Cash

Crystal Marble

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MIS provides a stable IT environment, predictable monthly billing and quick response times. But what I really appreciate is how MIS not only meets my IT needs, but you keep in mind my overall business needs by continually looking for ways to help my firm run more efficiently. You really are a one-stop shop, so if anything goes wrong with my internet, my phone system or my IT, I know you guys are there to handle it. And knowing you are IT experts helps me, as a boutique firm, compete with the large firms.
Sam Woodhouse
Managing Partner

Woodhouse Law Firm, LLC

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On a scale of 1 to 10, MIS gets a 12! They know what I need and they know how to meet those needs, even when those needs change. MIS is responsive, experienced, professional and most importantly, patient with those of us who are not IT professionals.
John H. Bedard, Jr.
Managing Partner

Bedard Law Group, P.C.

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The ironclad MIS Solutions promise

We’re confident that our service will change the way you view IT service providers.

How confident are we? Within 90 days, if you’re not completely satisfied with our services, we’ll refund your money. It’s that simple.

Come and experience why so many Atlanta-area businesses have put their trust in MIS Solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

In simplest terms, cloud computing refers to having a set of redundant servers hosted in a data center rather than on servers housed onsite. Users can access computing resources and services anywhere there is an internet connection, paying only for the resources they use. Cloud computing eliminates the need for on-premises servers, offering substantial cost savings to small and mid-sized businesses. Furthermore, to ensure security, we provide our proprietary Private Greenlight Cloud solution for our customers.

Compared to onsite network servers, cloud services from MIS Solutions can offer considerable cost savings in addition to all the other benefits afforded by getting your organization in the cloud. There are no expensive servers to purchase, house, and maintain.

Absolutely! In fact, this is one of the major benefits of cloud computing and a hallmark of MIS Solutions’ Greenlight Cloud Service. Your employees can securely access all your data from home, the airport, the coffee shop — anywhere there is an internet connection.

We handle the burden of backing up your system every night, so you can concentrate on running your business. Not only do we perform redundant backups, but we also conduct regular test restores from backups to ensure your data can be recovered in the event of an emergency.

In simplest terms, cloud computing refers to having a set of redundant servers hosted in a data center rather than on servers housed onsite. Users can access computing resources and services anywhere there is an internet connection, paying only for the resources they use. Cloud computing eliminates the need for on-premises servers, offering substantial cost savings to small and mid-sized businesses. Furthermore, to ensure security, we provide our proprietary Private Greenlight Cloud solution for our customers.

The MIS Greenlight cloud is protected using the latest confidentiality, integrity and availability safeguards that meet or exceed most compliance frameworks to include HIPAA, PCI, NIST 800-53 and the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

In many cases, cloud computing is a more secure way of accessing and storing data. Just because your server is onsite doesn’t make it more secure; in fact, most small to medium businesses can’t justify the cost of securing their network the way a cloud provider can in a PCI, HIPAA-certified data center. And most security breaches occur due to human error – one of your employees downloads a file that contains a virus, they don’t use secure passwords or they simply email confidential information out to people who shouldn’t see it. Other security breaches occur in onsite networks because the company didn’t properly maintain their own in-house network with security updates, software patches and up-to-date antivirus software. That’s a far more common way networks are compromised versus a cloud provider getting hacked.

While this is a valid concern, we overcome it in the following way for our clients in the cloud. First, we recommend that you have both a primary and backup internet connection. Most clients have a cable connection or fiber connection and then a backup connection such as DSL, T1 or fiber from another carrier. As a second backup plan, companies can use their cell phone hotspot or mobile hotspot to connect to the internet.

No – your data is not co-mingled with other companies’ data. For each client, we set up a private virtual server or set of servers. Think of the servers as your own private cloud in a data center where only your team accesses these servers and the data contained.

A public cloud is an infrastructure that is shared among multiple organizations or users, whereas a private cloud solution is exclusively dedicated to a single organization. Private cloud solutions can be customized to meet the specific needs of a business. Due to its enhanced security and privacy measures, it is particularly suitable for industries with strict compliance and data privacy regulations.

Several factors need to be considered to determine if a cloud solution is suitable for your business. You’ll want to consider factors such as the age of your current infrastructure, scalability requirements, data storage needs, collaboration requirements, need for remote accessibility, security and privacy concerns, as well as budget constraints.