How People, Process and Technology Impact Cybersecurity Threats

How People, Process and Technology Impact Cybersecurity Threats

Cybercrime is one of the largest threats affecting our economy and businesses. It’s easy to look at the billions of dollars lost to cyberattacks each year and simply say that the answer is to buy more technology, but that’s not the only answer. People, process and technology have to work in tandem to effectively combat cybersecurity threats. 


Your people and employees are human firewalls helping to keep out attackers. They’re the ones who are receiving the emails, answering the phones and are in charge of data and information. 

"Training is paramount to helping your human firewalls do their jobs," said our CEO, Lliam Holmes. 

Without proper training, it can be very easy for employees to allow hackers to access private information through phishing emails, malware and ransomware. That is why your people must be aware of cybersecurity practices and what to look out for. Here are a few tips to get started when training your team.


Having a plan and being proactive with your company’s cybersecurity process is another very important component to protecting your business from threats. Process is the way that your people are enabled on what to do with the training that they have. 

Process must be looked at with a top to bottom approach. Start with your company’s CEO and work your way down. Your employees look to your leadership team for guidance, so they must be committed to understanding your cybersecurity processes. This is key to being safe and successful in today's world.

If you need help getting started with how to create the best process for your business, we would love to help, you can contact us here. 


Lastly, technology is an important aspect of protecting your business. You want to have updated systems, a VPN network, safe password and the best technology possible to protect your information and data. Your business must layer its security, so there are multiple checkpoints if a hacker does try to attack. 

Here are more ways that you can achieve multilayered business protection with technology. 

If you need help with where to begin training your people, creating a process, and obtaining a multilayered approach with technology, we would love to help. You can view our services here and contact us here. One of our team members will be with you soon!