IT Services in Atlanta: The Role of Employee Training in Preventing Cyberattacks

IT Services in Atlanta: The Role of Employee Training in Preventing Cyberattacks

Companies get targeted by hackers on a very frequent basis, so it is important for your business to have a well-rounded plan to prevent such incidents. This must involve various software monitoring and security controls. IT services firms in Atlanta can help you stay ahead in this way.

Another crucial line of defense is through employee cybersecurity training. One of the hackers’ favorite ways of targeting a company is through emails sent to one of the users in a company. If your employees are not sure how to identify such emails, they can easily become the weak links in your cybersecurity strategy.

Common Email Cyberattacks

There are many different approaches used by hackers to target businesses. The goal is usually to obtain confidential information such as account log-ins or bank details. It can also be to request money transfers or simply to disrupt your business data and network systems.

Spam emails are commonly used for phishing by requesting sensitive information while pretending to be a legitimate company or someone who the user knows. Other spam emails contain malware through attachments, while others have links that divert users and lead to unsecured websites. The big question is, how easily do your employees identify suspicious emails?

Making Employee Training a Priority

The more computer and network users you have at your company, the higher the number of possible points of attack. It is imperative that you couple your other cybersecurity efforts with ongoing user education and training. This should cover a range of different aspects, and IT services providers in Atlanta can help you identify the main security threats to your business. Here are some training tips:

  • Make training an ongoing process and give users an opportunity to practice what they have learned.
  • Teach users to identify suspicious emails by looking at the wording, designs, inconsistencies, the urgency or deadlines attached, and unusual requests.
  • Train your team members to think twice about opening unknown links and attachments.
  • Instill in users the need to verify information and requests that look suspicious before taking any action.

Training your employees about the security risks that arise from email is a big step to preventing cyberattacks. Many businesses have also experienced data breaches and cyberattacks because of outdated security measures. If you need to review your security plan, get in touch with us at MIS Solutions. We offer a range of solutions to give your business the best IT services in Atlanta.