Backup and Data Recovery: Integral Operational Supports to Acquire from IT Support in Atlanta

IT support in Atlanta through the right provider can help you apply comprehensive BDR (Backup and Data Recovery). These concepts aren’t synonymous, but they are complementary. You need backup solutions so that you can recover in the event of an emergency. Data recovery itself needs to be facilitated through previously-defined protocols designed to expedite your normal operational egress.

Certainly, it’s possible to produce BDR solutions internally; but this is going to be more expensive if you’re going to do the job right. Expenses will compound the larger your business is. Ideally, there’s something called the 3-2-1 rule which you want to apply to your security solutions. There should be at least three copies of your data on at least two separate mediums, and one of the redundant copies you make should be located off-site. If you’re operating BDR through an entirely internalized campaign, that will require a backup server array on-site, a backup server array off-site, and some tertiary backup solution like select information on portable hard drives or cloud computing.

Managed BDR

Cloud computing brings businesses into outsourced territory, however. IT support in Atlanta can provide public, private, and hybrid cloud computing options, depending on the needs of your business. Through the cloud, you can do something called database mirroring. Basically, whenever you update your system, this is saved on the cloud in more than one place. If your primary network becomes compromised, your secondary network can be activated with utmost expedience, reducing downtime and allowing operations to continue while the issue that undermined your primary network is addressed.

Especially if you’re a smaller business, MSP-facilitated BDR can be very cost-effective and comprehensive. You can use more than one cloud if you’d like in order to diversify your backups and additionally keep one backup on an internal server solution. There are quite a few different ways you can construct your BDR. A high degree of individualization is possible.

Some Pragmatic Considerations

The reality is— there’s no way to tell when disaster will strike. Whether that disaster involves something which physically affects the location of your business or which compromises digital assets, you’re likely to experience some form of incursion throughout the run of your operation. Planning for this and protecting yourself against these things in advance is eminently recommendable.

IT support in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. can help you design a BDR solution which fits your business like a glove and allows you to operate in a more sustainable and reliable way. Contact us now to see which BDR options are the best fit for your business.

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