IT Services in Atlanta for Mobile Device Security

IT services in Atlanta may be integral in helping you capture the greatest quotient of ROI through your mobile integration strategy. From BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) to IoT (Internet of Things), there are quite a few ways you can augment traditional operations with mobile solutions for cost-reduction and productivity increase. But there are going to be issues you must contend with— chief among them is security. Following are several ways MSPs can help you fully maximize your mobile solutions through comprehensive security measures:

  • MDM (Mobile Device Management)
  • Multi-Factor Verification Protocols
  • Employee Education Programs

MDM (Mobile Device Management)

IT services in Atlanta can provide proactive monitoring and support to your mobile solution. Devices can be allowed onto the network or kicked off of it in a managed way. Devices can be erased or shut down remotely, as well, depending on how you design your MDM with the MSP that works with you. Mobile networks’ chief disadvantage comes in the form of security vulnerabilities. With MDM, you can keep devices properly maintained and safe at a reduced cost.

Multi-Factor Verification Protocols

Multi-factor verification protocols are often included under MDM. They work like this: say you wanted to log onto a network and had proper access protocols. If you had multi-factor verification in place, when you entered in contact information for the first time, a message would be sent to a secondary or even tertiary device. If you were logging in from your laptop, you might get a text message (or an automated call) on your smartphone. This message would contain a code that you would enter into another dialogue box that pops up on your access portal. Entering in that secondary code grants network access. You can use more than two factors for verification, depending on your operation’s needs.

Employee Education Programs

It’s widely known that the greatest operational threats to your business will develop internally. This doesn’t happen so much from malicious intent as it does through negligence and lack of information. Many employees just don’t realize they’re putting you at risk. Ideally, you should have a tech security refresher about every three months. MSPs can either facilitate such solutions for your business or they can point you to resources that do the same.

Improved Mobile Security

An IT services provider in Atlanta like MIS Solutions, Inc. can help you train employees in best mobile device usage protocols, apply multi-factor verification security, and introduce MDM solutions which keep your devices safe. To acquire more reliable mobile systems and information pertaining to mobile security, feel free to contact us.

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