Why Does Company Community Involvement Matter?

We are passionate about community involvement. Our cause in the local Atlanta community is something that we have made a priority as a business and it is a direct way that we can live out our integral values – do, grow, lead, and serve. Here’s why we believe company community involvement matters. 

Community Involvement Displays Company Values 

Company community involvement is a way for organizations to intentionally live out company values. It’s one thing to say that your business stands for x, y and z in writing and another to tangibly live out those values with action in your local community. 

“At MIS, we are passionate about adding value at every interaction and truly living out our core values – Do, Grow, Lead and Serve,” said Lliam Holmes, CEO.  “That means we want to have a positive impact on our employees, our vendors, our customers and our community. We want to provide good jobs and be good citizens of our community. That’s why we use part of our proceeds to help better Gwinnett.” 

Community Involvement Deepens Relationships

“Our philosophy is that charity does indeed start at home,” said Jennifer Holmes, President. When your business is dedicated to serving your neighbors it will give your employees the opportunity to actually meet their neighbors and create strong, lasting relationships. These lasting relationships will create incredible benefits for your business and could even create opportunities that you can’t imagine at the time being. 

Community Involvement is Good for Business 

As stated above, when your company is involved in the community you will create further relationships that could turn into customers. In a study done by Cone Communications and Echo Research, corporate responsibility was a consideration for 82% of consumers when deciding which products or services to purchase. When prospects see that you are dedicated to a cause that they are also passionate about it increases the likelihood of them choosing you to work with. 

Our cause of serving children around the Atlanta metro area fuels us as a business! We would love for you to read more about our story and involvement here. 

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