Meet Molly, Our Pet of the Month

Meet Molly, Our Pet of the Month

This sweet senior belongs to Jennifer Goodwyn of Snellings Walters Insurance Agency. Molly is one of four Golden Retrievers owned by the Goodwyns and definitely the leader of the pack despite her smaller stature. “Molly is the boss of her other three siblings,” writes Jennifer. “Her favorite thing to do is run the pack…she is bossy, in charge of all the toys and very playful.”

The Goodwyn pups

Molly, now 12, joined the Goodwyn family when she was 7 months old. She is super loyal and often sits at the front window of their home waiting for Jennifer to return from the office. Oh, and she can tell time – she knows when it’s time for dinner and will make her way to the kitchen at the same time each night just like clockwork.

Hungry Molly

For being named this month’s pet of the month, Molly received a gift basket with treats and toys. Perhaps she will share with her siblings.

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