You are Putting Your Company at Risk by Running Windows 7 PCs

Support for the Windows 7 operating system ended almost a year ago, meaning Microsoft ceased releasing important security patches and performance updates. Despite the numerous warnings from managed service providers, many businesses are still hanging onto workstations running the outdated OS. Running Windows 7 presents a huge security risk for your company.

What Does This Mean?

Without security patches, your Windows 7 computers offer a standing invitation for hackers to infiltrate your systems and wreak havoc. When an OS loses support from its developer, users are left completely vulnerable to hackers who flock to the abandoned platform and dig into networks of those companies that stubbornly cling to the outdated OS. As a business owner/leader, you are practically asking cybercriminals to come in and steal your valuable and confidential data. Rebounding from a data breach is a costly, and sometimes impossible, disaster to overcome. You can read more about that here.

If you are a compliant entity, running Windows 7 presents a serious risk and you will fail your annual security audit. In today’s environment where patching and security updates are critical to protect your data and your company, no business can afford to take the risk of keeping Windows 7 machines on their network.

Performance Will Suffer

Aside from the obvious security risks, certain software programs will steadily become incompatible with the OS. Programs that your company uses on a daily basis will become unusable and will present serious headaches for you and your employees, sharply decreasing productivity and efficiency.

If your IT company has not urged you to update your systems, they are not only doing you a disservice, but they are downright negligent in their responsibility of keeping your company’s network secure from criminals. What should you do? Replace any computers that are still running Windows 7 or older operating systems immediately.

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