IT Services in Atlanta: Things to Consider for Your Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster can hit a company’s IT systems at any time, but most aren’t prepared for it. If you were to lose all your IT tomorrow because of a natural disaster, cybercrime, or just an accidental deletion, how long would it take for you to get back up and running? If you don’t have a disaster recovery plan, the chances are you will just be guessing and you may not be able to recover at all. IT services experts in Atlanta state that the only way to be sure you can keep your business going is to have a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. This will lay out exactly how to restore essential services and allow you to estimate a timescale for resumed business in order to keep customers happy.

What to Consider for a Disaster Recovery Plan

The first step should be to ascertain exactly what is crucial to your business and what will minimize disruption. These parts of the system should then be top of the list for protection and duplication in advance of an attack and be the first to be restored. For example, your phones and sales staff may not be essential, but if you sell items online, your payment system is crucial.

Secondly, you should work out how you will create a copy or save a part of your IT system that can be restored for use in the event of a disaster. This is becoming easier these days with the advent of the cloud, as there is no longer any requirement to have expensive data centers which store copies of your IT infrastructure; it can all be kept online and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. An IT services provider in Atlanta can help transfer your data to the cloud if you are unsure how this should be done. Once there, it can be a simple case to access a duplicate system so that your business can continue running.

Above all, whatever you decide for your disaster recovery plan, the outcome must be tested to ensure it works. A thorough plan might look as if it will work smoothly. But until it is tested, you can’t be sure it will do exactly what you expect.

Don’t let a disaster affect your IT infrastructure. If you would like to know more about how you can protect yourself and how to create a disaster recovery plan, an IT services provider in Atlanta can help you. Contact us now at MIS Solutions, Inc. for more information.

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