IT Services in Atlanta Are Key to Preventing Data Loss

Data loss is a catastrophic risk factor for businesses which can result in the disruption of operations and loss of revenue. However, professional IT services providers in Atlanta can help eliminate the risk.

With backup and disaster recovery services in Atlanta, you can safeguard your critical business data and mitigate the possibility of downtime. Although an in-house data backup process offers standard data protection safeguards, it is crucial to collaborate with a professional data backup and recovery services provider to benefit from the state-of-the-art technology and 24/7 support in data protection.

Besides, when you collaborate with an external backup and disaster recovery provider, they’ll bring unparalleled expertise and unlimited resources for failsafe data storage and backup technology.

The top methods to prevent data loss in your organization include:

Regular Backups

Data loss may result from the physical theft of external storage devices or cybersecurity breaches. However, with backup data, you’ll be able to restore it and resume operations. Creating regular backups and testing the integrity of the data is necessary to ensure that the data will be available when needed.

In addition, your backup files ought to be encrypted to prevent manipulation by hackers.

With an updated and encrypted redundant copy of your company data, you’ll be able to recover from a disaster or cyber attack successfully.

Invest in Data Protection Solutions

IT services providers in Atlanta offer cloud disaster recovery solutions, which are paired with data protection software to keep cybercriminals from stealing your sensitive data. A reliable technology vendor will provide you with firewalls, VPNs, and threat intelligence software to keep your sensitive data safe.

User Training

Human errors are largely to blame for the cases of successful data breaches today. For example, weak passwords, clicking on malicious links and unknowingly sharing sensitive information with unauthorized personnel create the room for the introduction of ransomware. Conducting security awareness training for your employees helps defend against social engineering frauds and spam email campaigns.

Deploy Access Levels

Without data access levels, any employee can employee all data within your internal networks. This creates a grave weak point that an unauthorized person can leverage to steal data. However, with a data access policy, there’s a well-defined hierarchy of what data is accessible by various departments within your company. This reduces the chances of data leaking or the misinformed sharing and insecure storage of such data.

At MIS Solutions, Inc., we help businesses store, backup data, and craft reliable data recovery strategies to prevent data loss. Take advantage of our IT services in Atlanta today to secure your business data. Contact us to learn more.

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