When to Use Secure Encryption to Send an Email

On several occasions, we have been asked if it’s safe to send personally identifiable information (PHI) or sensitive data via regular email to other internal users of a network. In other words, if you are sending PHI or sensitive information to a co-worker, is it OK to just send it in a regular email? Answer: […]

Your Finance Team is Under Attack

How one simple administrative control could save you thousands from fake email scams Your finance team is under attack. And if they are not prepared, your business could fall victim to the $12 billion email scam. That’s how much the FBI estimates has been stolen from U.S. companies in the past five years as a […]

Raising the Bar of Cybersecurity

Cloud Computing Allows Alabama State Bar to Strengthen Its Cybersecurity While Empowering Team Members to Easily Work from Home When you are the lone person responsible for managing an organization’s IT infrastructure and security, it can be a bit unnerving to have an outside vendor step in to help co-manage. But Hunter Harris felt it […]

Ensuring Comprehensive Security with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Managed IT services providers in Atlanta make it one of their core prerogatives to facilitate effective security. What this means is— keeping abreast of existing trends and “moving with the flow”, as the saying goes. A business that doesn’t have a core prerogative that concerns technology solutions simply cannot do well. If you don’t believe […]

How an IT Services Provider in Atlanta Can Secure Your Business

An IT services provider in Atlanta can help your company avoid being the next victim of a cyber attack. It is no secret that cyber attacks can occur in many ways, as ransomware, malware, and viruses are becoming increasingly prevalent in the business world. However, an IT provider can limit the effectiveness of these attacks […]

Cloud Computing for Attorneys – What’s the Verdict?

There’s no doubt you’ve heard about the benefits of cloud technology and how it can help you run a more efficient practice. It allows you and your team to work on-the-go on multiple devices – your information is easily accessible from home, the courthouse, your office, wherever you may be. It allows for seamless communication […]

C^nUCr@kTh1s? How to Choose Secure Passwords

With new reports of security breaches and cyberattacks making headlines almost daily, business owners are beginning to understand the importance of secure passwords. Employees, however, are still choosing lame passwords – like 12345 or password – that could easily be cracked with a password cracking program. Those programs, by the way, know all the popular […]

Could One Tiny Leak Wipe Out Your Company?

Things were going great at Michael Daugherty’s up-and-coming $4 million medical-testing company. He was a happy man. He ran a good business in a nice place. His Atlanta-based LabMD had about 30 employees and tested blood, urine and tissue samples for urologists. Life was good for this middle-aged businessman from Detroit. Then, one Tuesday afternoon […]