Client of the Month: J. Michael Levengood with The Law Office of J. Michael Levengood

Navigating the Technical Side of Hanging Out Your Shingle

Going “out on your own” is not easy. You are now responsible for all support that your former employer provided. Where do you find experts in areas that are not your strengths? How do you address constantly changing technology that becomes more complex every day? Ask Mike Levengood.

The Problem

This business lawyer left one of the nation’s 100 largest law firms to open the Law Office of J. Michael Levengood. In his solo practitioner practice, he would continue to guide clients in metro Atlanta through legal matters, including commercial litigation in state and federal courts, mediations and arbitrations, corporate governance and transactions, wills and trusts, probate and administration of decedents’ estates, workouts, and corporate and individual business bankruptcy reorganization. Besides this full plate, he now faced being in charge of technology.

The Solution

Mike chose to partner with MIS Solutions for a smooth transition. He needed hardware, software, secure email, a network, security, backup, recovery, upgrades, maintenance and support so he could work efficiently, seamlessly and communicate with clients and other parties to move client matters to their conclusions. In the process, he learned a great deal about technology from Lliam and the team, including better understanding what is needed to protect clients’ data.

With implementation almost two years ago, he has had time to put his workhorse through the paces. He finds it reassuring to know that “someone is thinking about the technical side of my practice while I’m serving clients”. When there is the inevitable technology glitch, a fix is just a phone call or email away. Mike describes his outsourced support team as “extremely responsive, knowledgeable, committed to providing top quality service and understanding the importance of solving problems in real time”. He says he can count on MIS employees’ professional attitude and doing what it takes to achieve the results to meet the demands of his practice and the needs of his clients.

 On the Record: In Mike’s Own Words

“With the help of MIS, I have been able to meet the technology needs of my law practice without missing a beat,” Mike states. “Frankly, I couldn’t have been as successful as I have been without the support of MIS Solutions.”

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