Get ahead of cybersecurity with these basic IT terms

If you just called a malware a “virus,” then you are definitely being left behind in digital talk. Knowing a few IT things here and there not only enables you to have some rapport with your tech-savvy colleagues, but it also helps you have a better understanding of some basic IT know-how. Read on to […]

Cybersecurity and managed IT services

The saying that every company is a technology company is undeniably true, with today’s enterprises unable to function without digital hearts, veins, and arteries. This system, however, comes with a price: a daily onslaught of hacking and other cyberthreats. As such, expertise and robust solutions in cybersecurity are no longer the privilege and luxury of […]

IT Services in Orange County: Neutralizing Ransomware Attacks

Businesses today face the threat of destructive encrypting ransomware, which IT services providers in Orange County help alleviate. While the severe consequences of ransomware are well-known to business leaders, they are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Why You Should Talk About Ransomware with Your Orange County IT Support Provider

If you’re afraid of ransomware attacks, now is the time to talk to your Orange County IT support provider about the additional security measures you can take to protect your company. As recent as May 2017, the WannaCry ransomware cryptoworm was unleashed into the world, affecting at least 150 countries and 200,000 computers across the globe.

Is Your Digital Security Updated as Digital Threats Improve? An IT Services Provider in Orange County Can Help!

Digital threats are anything but static. These threats change so much that the digital security safeguards that worked a couple years ago might not suffice today. Digital threats change and improve every single day. If your digital security protections are not updated to handle the new threats, your system will eventually succumb to an attack.

How Orange County IT Support Can Beat Ransomware

Ransomware has been around most of this decade and still presents challenges to businesses without effective Orange County IT support. Like a never-ending riddle, it's a form of malicious software that keeps growing in sophistication. But that doesn't mean you have to operate your company in constant fear.

Potential Ransomware Risks and Protective Measures from IT Companies in Orange County

In the recent past, ransomware attacks have become more common in businesses and other organizations. Therefore, it is important for you to procure the right protection measures from IT companies in Orange County. The most well-known ransomware attack was WannaCry which compromised numerous computer networks around the globe.

Orange County IT Support: What You Need to Know about Ransomcloud

If you or any of your staff use the cloud for email service, such as Office 365, you should be aware that a new ransomware strain has been discovered that can cause havoc. It is called ransomcloud. Orange County IT support experts recommend a number of precautionary tactics to stop it in its tracks.

How to configure your new Windows 10 laptop

Got a new laptop? Windows 10 includes some wonderful features along with a revamped interface for Microsoft’s operating system. No matter how experienced you are with Windows, you still may need help getting used to this, so let’s get you started. #1 Check for updates Your new laptop should check for updates automatically, but you […]

Virtual DR for ransomware protection

The massive success of ransomware like WannaCry and Petya have spurred other cybercriminals to develop their own ransomware and sell it on the black market. This means we can expect more ransomware attacks in the future. To prepare your business, you need virtualized disaster recovery solutions. Here’s why. Virtual DR Virtual DR solutions allow you […]