VoIP Service Providers Under Pressure

Cybercriminals are Behind the Latest Phone Service Disruptions
September was a rough month for phone service providers. Just like we’ve seen with other vital industries like fuel and meat suppliers, SIP Trunk providers are under attack. Four major voice over IP (VoIP) service providers reported that their systems were the targets of cybercriminals who launched distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) last month alone.

Meet Tails, Our Pet of the Month

This month’s featured pet is Tails, a 2-year-old American Shorthair/Maine Coon mix belonging to Samantha Pryor of Gwinnett Children’s Shelter. Maine Coons are known for their large stature, but Tails is pretty small in comparison.

This handsome boy’s name comes from the Sonic the Hedgehog movie.

Meet Wilfred Maswaya, Routing/Switching/Firewall Engineer

Along with all of our wonderful client-facing staff members is an entire team of behind-the-scenes engineers who work tirelessly to ensure that your IT systems are up to date, patched, monitored and humming along. Wilfred Maswaya is one of those guys. This Harare, South Africa-native joined our team in October 2020 in the specialized position of Routing/Switching/Firewall Engineer.