How the Right People, Process and Technology Let Discovery Point Franchising Focus on Creating Successful Entrepreneurs

When Cliff Clark and his late wife, Diane, set out to build and operate a couple of childcare centers back in 1988, they had no idea their dream would evolve into something much bigger. But after opening the two original, very successful Discovery Point Child Development Centers in Gwinnett, friends and others in the community took note and began asking how they could join in the business for themselves.

Meet Sassy, Our Pet of the Month

Carol White of MIS Solutions inherited Sassy after Sassy’s human mother (Carol’s mom) passed away in 2014. She is a beautiful 12-year-old domestic longhair who loves a lot of lap time and insists on being rubbed. Nonstop.
How long have you had your pet?
My mom stole adopted Sassy from her next-door neighbor in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

MIS Support for Windows 7 Devices Ending

If you are still using a Windows 7 operating system device, you might soon have problems accessing the Greenlight Cloud. Microsoft ended support for the Windows 7 OS on January 14, 2020, which meant that those computers would no longer receive important security and performance updates and patches.

Get to Know Monica Scott, HR Coordinator

When you’re a company in growth mode, it’s important to have a super sharp specialist to head up your recruiting and HR objectives. Monica Scott has been instrumental in attracting and recruiting some of the best IT professionals in the industry.

Where did you grow up? I was born and raised in Georgia but to be specific in the Buford/Flowery Branch area.