Our Mission and Vision

MIS Solutions is a Technology Solutions Provider that focuses on three things:


A no Band-Aids approach

We’re not looking for a quick fix to an IT problem. We identify the business issue that needs to be supported by IT. We help you uncover the root problem and provide IT solutions that support your business needs.


High accountability

We have tenacity, take the lead role, and assume ownership of your problem or project. A lot of IT folks don’t take accountability and own the issue. We do. When you call us, we answer live and often in 30 seconds or less. Clients tell us that when they work with us, their business gets better.


Healthy relationships

We actively look for companies whose core values match ours – which include Get it Done, Do the Right Thing, Do What You Say, Be Passionate, and Be a Servant Leader. We like to take care of people, have fun, and build lasting relationships. IT and fun don’t usually go together. However, we are a fun and friendly group to work with.

If you are...


Struggling with slow response times from your IT department


Frustrated by downtime or constant problems


Finding your IT vendor lacks accountability to get results


Tired of recurring problems or having to fix the same issue over and over again


Feeling like your infrastructure is being held together with Band-Aids and duct tape


Sensing you’ve outgrown your current IT vendors’ capabilities

We’re more than just a local IT Service Provider

We’re a member of our communities

As corporate citizens, we believe we were called to do more than just provide businesses with excellent IT services. Our reach extends beyond technology to organizations dear to our hearts and close to our homes. MIS Solutions was founded around the idea of helping local schools, Boys Scouts, Girl Scouts, and homeless shelters to shape the lives of children in the area.

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