How Remote Work Has Changed the Cybersecurity Landscape

How Remote Work Has Changed the Cybersecurity Landscape

The pandemic shifted the world in a myriad of ways. The cybersecurity environment has experienced these changes firsthand, creating opportunities and challenges in the new normal that we all live in. Managed service providers have had to adapt and change, with remote work becoming a new norm and digital interactions increasing.

How remote work has changed the cybersecurity landscape:

Now more than ever before, businesses of all sizes are looking for external technology experts to help them navigate their security landscape to avoid long-term damage and attacks. 

As a direct result of the pandemic, we have seen cyberattacks increase by 600%. 

The reliance on technology for remote work has created a pressing need for working, safe technology that is constantly up to date. Every minute of downtime has a direct impact on business operations and revenue. 

Therefore, more and more organizations are leaning into the importance of looking toward external help. The demand for outsourced IT support and services has slowly increased. Below are a few of the reasons why. 

52% of clients stated that additional expertise regarding cyberthreats and compliance is the top reason why they sought out to use a managed service provider. 

A few of the other reasons that businesses like yours have turned to MSPs are for financial effectiveness, to help meet compliance requirements, scalability, and to increase efficiency in delivering cybersecurity solutions. 

The top reasons why businesses sought out an MSP (2021 vs. 2020): 


(Source: Kaspersky) 

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