8 Questions to Ask When Assessing Your IT


Are you confident in your IT? When your technology fails you, you lose money. It’s important to be confident in your technology and the support you have backing up your technology. You shouldn’t have to worry about your network going down, losing data, or being hacked. Here are 8 questions to ask when assessing your IT. 

1. Are you compliant? 

It is very important to make sure that you are staying up to date with compliance. Technology compliance requirements are constantly changing, so you need a team of experts who can help you identify your compliance requirements and help you implement effective solutions. 

2.Do you have the people and systems in place to keep your data safe and secure? 

If your clients are entrusting you with their personal information and data then it is important to make sure that it is safely protected. Here is a nine-step checklist you can follow to ensure your data is safe, secure and recoverable. 

3. Are you happy with network performance? 

An unreliable network can cause a wide range of problems, including limiting productivity and creating unnecessary amounts of stress. Having an IT service provider to always rely on to keep your network up and running is very valuable. 

4. Are you doing data backups daily? 

Data loss can happen at any time, so it is essential to make sure that you are doing daily backups and everything you can to ensure the safety of your data. Here are three reasons how an IT services provider can help you prevent data loss. 

5. Do you have a proven and tested backup and recovery plan? 

Data is very valuable to businesses. You must have a backup strategy in place to safeguard your information. Here are a few of the best data backup and recovery practices. 

6. Are you confident your remote workforce is keeping your data safe and secure?

According to Stanford News, we saw 42% of the American workforce working remotely from home full-time in 2020. With this continuing to be a trend this year, it is very important that the remote workforce is keeping your company data safe and secure.

7. Can your server be recovered or restored to a functional state in less than 30 minutes?

If your server crashes it can lead to a large amount of downtime. Downtime has the potential to bring your operations to a halt, therefore you need to make sure that you have a quick plan for recovering or restoring your server. 

8. Is your network monitored 24-7-365 preventing problems from turning into downtime, viruses & other issues?

Last but certainly not least, a remote network monitoring system watches over your network to constantly look for developing problems and issues, including security. Then your computer consultant can address them BEFORE they turn into bigger problems and network downtime.

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