Meet Reyna, Our Pet of the Month

This pretty pup belongs to Tatum Smith at Grant Shepherd & Associates. Reyna is a Black Mouth Cur who was named after Rey Palpatine/Skywalker. Like most puppies, she is a bundle of energy. Fun fact: The dog in the novel Old Yeller is a Black Mouth Cur, though the dog who played Old Yeller in the 1957 film adaptation was a Labrador Retriever/Mastiff mix named Spike. BMCs are extremely smart and at the same time super sensitive.

How long have we had her? Since early December

Do you bring your dog to work? No, unfortunately this ball of energy would be terrible to keep cooped up in an office

What is her favorite toy/activity? Reyna loves to wrestle with our other Black Mouth Cur Maizy. But when it is time to calm down, she is easily persuaded with a buffalo horn.

Interesting fact: She is extremely intelligent and both she and Maizy pretty much taught themselves how to sit, give paw, and lay down… they are too smart and know they will get treats.

What is the BEST thing about your pet? Reyna is an extreme people dog, to the point she would rather spend time with her people than go and explore other dogs. She and Maizy are both this way and they go so far as to not even acknowledge other dogs when new people are present.

Funny/Interesting Story: Reyna is extremely agile, while means we are really working with her on NOT jumping up and putting her paws on everything. Maizy is a different type of Black Mouth Cur so she is a little sturdier and can’t really jump. We have a large trampoline in our yard with a net around it so you can’t fall out. I heard high-pitched barking in the back, like Maizy was whining at something. When I looked outside, Reyna is running around the edge of the trampoline, just out of reach of Maizy and driving her insane. I took her off and went back in, but when I looked outside, I saw her jumping up on the patio furniture and doing it all over again! She was even able to get inside the opening of the net and started running and pouncing on the balls inside. Maizy was just losing it because she hates being left out.

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