Working with Managed IT Services Professionals in Atlanta to Maximize MFA

What Is MFA?

Managed IT services experts in Atlanta advise businesses to pursue MFA for proper management of mobile devices. MFA stands for “Multi-Factor Authentication”. It’s a kind of MDM, or Mobile Device Management. When someone goes to access your network remotely, a message is sent to a secondary device with a code. That code is entered into the primary device and access is granted.

MFA Maximization Tactics

There are multiple forms of MFA, and a few are going to be more effective for your business than others. IT consultants in Atlanta advise you to follow these tips if you’re going to maximize the effectiveness of your business’s MFA:

  • Be sure applications critical to business are secured

Managed IT services experts in Atlanta can help you manage MFA in a feasible way. You don’t want to overdo it. Not every single application is a security risk requiring MFA access–though, if you’re in an organization like the CIA, this may be the case. Different businesses will have different apps that require increased or decreased security.

  • Password resets need to be regular, and they should be automated

Have password management protocols in place which regularly upgrade access keys. Automating this through MFA infrastructure reduces operational complication while retaining necessary security.

  • Abandon On-Premises Services Maintenance for Cloud Options

Managing varying services that are remotely accessed is most securely done through cloud solutions. MFA can be the ingredient which makes using the cloud viable, where before it wasn’t.

Getting the Most from MFA

At MIS Solutions, our Managed IT services professional in Atlanta can help you determine which services to move to the cloud with MFA security, help you manage passwords and identify apps which require the most secure management. Contact us now for more information on MFA and to find options most appropriate to you.

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