IT Support Experts in Atlanta Can Help You Put the Brakes on Social Engineering Hacks

IT support experts in Atlanta increasingly contend with social engineering hacks. If you’re unfamiliar, these are basically the digital equivalent of a conman. A conman will play on a person’s fears or desires to trick them out of money. Social engineering hacks play on human psychology to steal data–for a great example of how this works, check out this brief YouTube video.

Deferring Social Engineering Hacks

IT consulting specialists in Atlanta advise a number of different means to secure operations. Some of these methods will be more or less applicable to you. Still, the following three items should be considerable for almost any operation:

  • Identify social engineering tactics
  • Update operational processes to protect against threats
  • Provide continuous education for your personnel

Identify Social Engineering Tactics

IT support professionals in Atlanta are familiar with the latest in social engineering hacks. While there are infinite possible attacks built from this sort of model, there tend to be a number of tactics that will likely impact you. These are presently the most common social engineering tactics: baiting, phishing, pretexting, quid pro quo, spear fishing, tailgating, and the rogue approach; which involves convincing targets they’ve got a virus and tricking them into downloading malware.

Update Operational Processes to Protect Against Threats

You have to update the internal processes of your business against such known social engineering intrusion strategies. The best way to keep up to date here is to make checking in with your MSP something regular.

Provide Continuous Education for Your Personnel

You’ve got to keep personnel informed. Whenever a new social engineering hack trend develops, apprise personnel. Get in the habit of this, even if it means breaking up daily operations for a special meeting about a new threat.

Don’t Get Conned

At MIS Solutions, our IT support experts in Atlanta can help you continuously safeguard operations, update processes to deflect threats, and identify the most affecting social engineering hacks out there right now. Contact us now for more information.

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