Should ERP be Part of the IT Services You Look for in Atlanta?

It can be overwhelming to determine which IT services will be most needed in your firm in Atlanta. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a system used by businesses to integrate and centralize their functions. Small business owners may be tempted to think that ERP systems are better for bigger firms, but the fact is that all organizations will benefit from having a reliable way to store and access data and information. ERP software is designed to integrate all the various processes in a company, including accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), point-of-sale, production management, and inventory management.

Which ERP Solution Is Good for Your Business?

IT service providers offer different ERP solutions depending on what you want. When selecting ERP software, you will need to decide whether to deploy it in the cloud or on-premise.

On-premise solutions will be installed locally, that is on your firm’s servers and computers. Cloud-based systems, on the other hand, are deployed on the provider’s servers and are accessed via a web browser. The cloud solutions have been growing in usage, and some ERP consultants even offer only cloud deployments.

On-premises systems are typically priced under a perpetual license fee to be paid in a single installment. These prices can be quite hefty, which is why they are categorized as capital expenditure. If you opt for cloud solutions, you can choose between a monthly or annual subscription.

How to Select an ERP System

The best ERP for your organization will depend on your demands and objectives. Considerations to make include:

  • Integrations – An ERP software should integrate with such new technologies as the cloud, robotics, and analytics. To ensure that the system is efficient, ensure that it is compatible with the digital platforms your staff uses every day. Employees should, for example, access it on their mobile phones to ensure they can do their duties even when away from the office.
  • Budget – Prices of ERP software vary considerably, and firms that need advanced functionality will typically spend more. A moderately-priced system will be sufficient for a firm without very complex demands.
  • Vendor Capabilities – You will get the most out of your ERP system if you select a vendor that is interested in helping your firm grow. When selecting your IT services provider in Atlanta, choose a reputable IT firm with solutions that are capable of streamlining all your organization’s functions. They should be well-equipped to provide digital resources on a global scale. A good vendor will also supply you with regular updates and upgrades to ensure you stay ahead of the competition.

Advantages of ERP systems

ERP systems will be a large investment for your company, yet you will accrue multiple benefits in the long run.

The solution will integrate all the functions that are currently fragmented in your firm. Your employees will access all the digital resources they require from one centralized platform. This will greatly reduce the risks of working with incorrect data and information. The database will also help with analytics and boost productivity. All these advantages will result in satisfied customers.

Is ERP for You?

An ERP system will help you link different software tools and streamline your businesses, and it should be part of the IT services package that you select for your Atlanta business. It is especially important if you notice your staff spending too much time on functions that can be automated. At MIS Solutions, we are committed to deploying the ERP resources that will help your firm reach its full potential. Contact us now for a scalable and efficient ERP system.

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