Managed IT Services in Atlanta: Protect Yourself Against the Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

Managed IT services experts in Atlanta advise against regularly using public Wi-Fi. In fact, even sporadic usage can work against you, and for a number of reasons. On a basic level, you don’t have control over public internet options, but it goes a lot deeper than that.

IT services providers in Atlanta can help you use public Wi-Fi safely, but it will involve the institution of some tech infrastructure. Multi-factor authentication solutions where a smartphone is sent a code for access to a network on another device can work. There are a lot of options here. Just don’t go “naked” onto a public Wi-Fi network, or you’ll expose yourself. Consider these protective tactics:

Be Careful of Public Wi-Fi Sources

Managed IT services experts in Atlanta advises you to carefully consider Wi-Fi sources. Certainly, airport or coffee shop Wi-Fi is not likely going to be as dangerous as other options— but it could be; it just depends on the location. In a small town, one hacker can be very sneaky and unseen by many, until some device logs onto Wi-Fi that has a more refined footprint than the rest, and he sneaks into your network. Some public Wi-Fi connections are carefully managed and trustworthy, but most aren’t.

Try to Only Use Sites With HTTPS

IT services providers in Atlanta will advise you that if you must use public Wi-Fi, stick to HTTPS sites. These have security protocols built-in, that’s what the HTTPS at the beginning signifies.

Consider a Virtual Private Network

Installing a VPN client onto your device provides security remotely wherever you need it. It’s a bit pricier, but it’s definitely worth the expense.

Safe Remote Operations

Managed IT services experts in Atlanta through MIS Solutions can provide you VPN solutions, help guide you through varying public networks so you know what to look for, and even apply options like multi-factor authentication. Contact us for more information.

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