Meet Desza Dailey, Our Pet of the Month

Meet Desza Dailey, Our Pet of the Month

Desza is a 2-year-old Bengal/Siamese mix belonging to Kathryn Woski of Snellings Walters Insurance Agency. This pretty girl might look like a regular cat, but she actually displays a lot of dog-like qualities. Let’s just say you need to watch your plate when Desza is around.

Desza is named after the Seattle-based electronic music duo Odesza. “My husband and I saw them in Atlanta before I moved,” writes Kathryn. “During the concert, we decided we were going to make long distance work and now four years later we’re married!  We thought ‘Desza’ would be a special nod to that moment and it went with the wild pattern on her fur.”

Desza is a homebody who prefers hanging around the house and playing with her toy on a stick – a very cat thing to do. But she also likes to break from traditional cat stereotypes by eating people food. “She loves cheese, butter, bacon and chicken,” explains Kathryn. “She will lick food on the counter or try to sneak something off your plate if you don’t watch her! It’s the strangest thing watching your cat eat a chicken finger.” She’s also quite fond of other delicacies like Q-tips. Yum. So the Woskis have to watch where they store things.

The thing that Kathryn loves most about her cat is how she runs to greet her at the door when she gets home – you know, kinda like a dog.

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