IT Support in Atlanta: Grow Your Business with Device as a Service Personas

Today’s young and mobile workforce demands the latest and most sophisticated laptops, tablets and smartphones. With Device as a Service (DaaS) and IT support in Atlanta, you can provide the best tech devices to your employees more affordably. Managing the ever-growing lineup of devices can be a big challenge, especially when users work and collaborate on multiple devices.

According to a recent study, providing proper support for hardware and software is one of the top 3 challenges that affect IT departments. In fact, device management accounts for 14 percent of IT teams’ time. Much of the lifecycle management — such as staging, updating, disposal, and inventory management — is highly administrative and can prevent your IT department from focusing on more strategic initiatives. Device as a Service comes with some relief by unburdening your IT department, lowering costs and enabling access to the latest technology.

Benefits of Device as a Service Personas

In today’s highly connected world, users demand a lot from technologies they use on a daily basis. Consumers want instant access and ease of use backed by personalized and consistent tech experience. Your employees expect the power and flexibility to access various devices, applications, data, and support. Since its increasingly becoming difficult to deliver customized IT devices to every employee, DaaS could be a viable and affordable solution.

The concept of DaaS personas helps you to better understand end-user requirements, segment them into clearly defined groups, and provide the exact technology and IT support that every group requires in Atlanta. The result is higher employee satisfaction, enhanced productivity, lower costs for IT products, and closer coordination between IT and the business.

How to Craft a DaaS Persona

A persona is simply a detailed definition of a group of end-users who need the same set of devices, data access, applications, and IT support. A good persona should help you understand your employees’ requirements. End-user personas help IT departments to:

  • Get full control over devices and apps
  • Meet business demands for the latest technology
  • Strengthen data security and IT governance
  • Control costs for software licensing and IT devices
  • Deliver the right hardware, data access, software, and support
  • Improve IT and business alignment

Persona Grata

DaaS personas enable businesses to uncover where IT services are falling short and eroding the effectiveness and productivity of employees. Although IT departments are metrics-driven, their metrics rarely reveal issues department by department. By tracking performance by persona, you can identify specific hardware needs of every department.

Businesses can benefit enormously from DaaS personas. To use persona effectively, begin with a formal arrangement between the IT department and the business. Aligning with the business is where DaaS personas begin. With IT support in Atlanta, you can engage in a structured process that allows the business to communicate its critical need to IT and the IT department to validate those needs. Contact us now at MIS Solutions for more information.

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