Meet Grace, Our Pet of the Month

Meet Grace, Our Pet of the Month

This month’s Pet of the Month is a gorgeous German Shepherd Dog belonging to Julissa Urroz of SunCoast Management. Grace is 3 years old and has been with the Urroz family since she was a wee 8-week-old pup.

In the dog world, German Shepherds are pretty much considered royalty. They are well-known for their loyalty, courage, confidence and ability to learn commands for many tasks. According to Julissa, Grace exhibits all of these traits in addition to being very loveable. And smart? You bet! Grace knows German commands and can recognize certain words like W-A-L-K, T-R-E-A-T, B-A-L-L and F-R-I-S-B-E-E (her most favorite toy of all)  which must be spelled out in the presence of Grace as she knows exactly what they mean and gets overly excited when she hears them.

Fun facts about German Shepherds: According to the American Kennel Club, German Shepherd Dogs – or GSDs – make exceptional guard dogs and protectors because of their willingness to put their own lives on the line in defense of their loved ones. This explains why GSDs are widely used by the police and military. They are also the preferred breed for many types of work including disability assistance, search and rescue, explosives and drugs detection and acting. Rin Tin Tin is perhaps the most famous GSD but certainly not the only one. Remember the rabid “wolf” in the 1957 film, Old Yeller? You guessed it. Not a wolf at all, but a German Shepherd.

For being named this month’s Pet of the Month, Grace has won a goody basket filled with treats and toys from Furly’s Pet Supply.

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