Meet Kovu, Our Pet of the Month

Meet Kovu, Our Pet of the Month

This handsome fella has been chosen as MIS’s Pet of the Month. He’s a 2-year-old Siberian Husky belonging to Heather Estes of Griffin, Ga., who quite obviously is a fan of the Lion King movies. Kovu has been with his human mom since he was a puppy and shares his home with his other fur friend Simba.

According to the American Kennel Club, Siberian Huskies are loyal, outgoing and mischievous. Heather agrees. “He can’t keep any stuffed toys because he destroys them, so we get him bones and Kongs instead,” she said.

The breed is best known for their role as sled dogs capable of hauling light loads over vast expanses of frozen wasteland in sub-zero temperatures. As it would happen, Kovu really enjoys eating ice. Coincidence?

Since his days as a squirmy little pup, Kovu doesn’t like being told “no.”

“If you tell him ‘no,’ he will argue and talk back to you.” (And we thought only human children could do that!) Aside from these funny quirks, Kovu is very smart and was very easy to train – even though he is a little stubborn.

For being named this month’s Pet of the Month, Kovu received a goody basket full of treats and toys from Pooch N Paws pet boutique.

You can win a gift basket worth more than $40 for your furry friend, too! If you’d like to enter your pet in our contest, CLICK HERE.