Securing Wireless Systems with IT Services in Atlanta

Wireless computer networking has revolutionized the way business is done. From mobile computing to security cameras and Internet of Things (IoT), the benefits of wireless network technologies are driving revenues, efficiencies, and profitability, while at the same time spawning fresh business channels and products. Keeping those wireless systems secure, however, can be a major headache. Staying ahead of vulnerabilities and criminal exploits can be a full-time challenge. IT services providers in Atlanta can help take that burden off your desk and keep your organization safe from downtime, hacking, and inefficient networking.

Cybercriminals invest all their time and energy in finding ways to break into computer systems. Wireless networks make this even easier by eliminating the physical barriers erected by wired networks. Almost as soon as the vendors of Wi-Fi hardware, wireless CCTV cameras, and IoT start selling their newest products, hackers are finding ways to breach the security. And, if your wireless systems aren’t configured properly or kept up-to-date, the door can effectively be wide open to criminal exploitation of your systems and data.

Encryption and Authentication

Strong encryption is vital for keeping your data and business activity safe from prying eyes. By utilizing managed IT security in Atlanta, you can be confident that the architecture, configuration, maintenance, and monitoring of your wireless networks are safe in the hands of experienced professionals. They make sure that your encryption is the strongest Robust authentication protocols can maximize the flexibility of wireless networks without leaving them vulnerable. Only legitimate users and services will be allowed to access the network.

Compartmentalization and Segmentation

Imagine if all areas of your commercial premises were left wide open to anyone who came in the front door? IT services providers in Atlanta can use compartmentalized access to act like door locks, so only users with the right keys can get into those network “rooms.” Furthermore, by segmenting networks, resources like CCTV can operate within your organization without the risk of IoT exploits exposing them to the world.


Firewalls have long been crucial components in network security. They’re the ‘door security’ of your business, barring unwanted elements while letting approved data pass as required.

Penetration Testing

The security of your networks can be confirmed using penetration testing. Friendly ‘white hat’ hackers can use industry-standard tools and methodologies to make sure your systems are safe. Where holes are found, they can be plugged before unwanted elements can exploit them.


We’ve presented some of the key considerations in today’s world of wireless networking. Eliminate the cost and concern by partnering with our IT services team in Atlanta to manage your wireless networks. For more information, speak to us at MIS Solutions, Inc. today.

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