Be Careful Who You Let In Your Office

You’ve probably heard news stories of people trying to weasel their way into people’s homes by posing as cable company technicians and claiming they needed to conduct an audit of their cable modem specifications or some similar gibberish. They look completely legit with an official company polo shirt, khakis, tool belt and clipboard. If you aren’t expecting someone from the local cable/phone/utility or any other company, you’d never consider letting them in your home. Right?

But are you practicing the same healthy skepticism when it comes to visitors to your office? There was an incident some years ago where an office employee unknowingly gave a criminal access to some of her law firm’s most private data. He was dressed in a Comcast Cable polo shirt that he purchased off eBay and told her that he was there to take pictures of a recent install for quality assurance. The thief was able to gain access to the business’s private network by going inside the office and noting the configuration details and passwords for their firewalls and cable modems. This information was then later used to infiltrate the firm’s network and steal data.

Does your company have a strict visitor policy? If not, you should consider adopting one. We can help if needed. Some good things to remember when it comes to office visitors are:

  • Always ask for identification and find out who in the office authorized the service being done.
  • Have them sign in and issue a guest badge for them to wear while on premises.
  • Keep a log of visitors to your office.
  • Be sure they are escorted to the area they will be conducting the service and not allowed to roam freely.
  • Front office staff members should keep tabs to prevent unnecessary wandering.
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