Meet Scarlet, Our Pet of the Month

Meet Scarlet, Our Pet of the Month

Scarlet is a Black and Tan Coonhound and Blue Tick mix beauty. She’s a year old and belongs to Teresa Geschwender of Century Cabinets. Like most hounds, Scarlet likes to chase things, especially squirrels. But when not terrorizing bushy-tailed rodents, she likes to impersonate a lap dog.

According to Teresa, Scarlet is always happy and has a perpetual goofy look on her face. She likes her privacy also as she’s been known to go into Teresa’s closet and intentionally close the door.

Here are some fun facts from the American Kennel Club about Black and Tan Coonhounds:

Just like Blue Tick Coonhounds, Black and Tans have amazingly sensitive noses and long, velvety ears.

A lonely Black and Tan will serenade the neighborhood with loud, mournful “music.”

Because a passing squirrel incites the hound’s natural preying instinct, a strong leash and sturdy fences are must-haves for their owners.

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