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Using IT support in Atlanta may be the best way for you to attain a mobile operational solution which is truly productive. Here’s the deal: it’s already known that BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is known to increase employee productivity while decreasing costs associated with hardware, working space, and travel. However, the downside of BYOD is that, as many employees bring their own devices to work, they also bring their misuse of technology with them.

Working against this reality requires MDM (Mobile Device Management). Internal IT departments aren’t always requisite to the task, as it can require being many places simultaneously. Resources get stretched and performance lags. In the end, the increase in productivity almost equals an internal solution when complications from diverse personal device usage are factored in. This is where Daa (Device as a Service) makes entry.

Understanding Both Types of DaaS

There are two types of DaaS:

  • Desktop as a Service
  • Device as a Service

The latter DaaS is just entering the mainstream, and it is picking up steam. There are a few reasons for this; chief of which is cost-effective utility. With Device as a Service, you’re essentially renting all the devices you use from a single provider. Say you’ve got a DaaS solution set up for 100 devices through IT support in Atlanta. Instead of paying for each of those devices individually, you pay a monthly fee to “rent” them and then distribute them to your mobile staff. Employees then access your operational platform through Desktop as a Service–which is basically a cloud-floated platform that can be accessed from wherever an individual has a secure connection and proper access credentials.

Now, if one of those end-user devices among the hundred decides not to work properly, the individual compromised can simply contact the DaaS provider and switch out the faulty unit for one that works. An MSP can help your business manage this in a cost-effective way which is cheaper than internal tech solutions but actually ends up providing greater utility.

The DaaS provider troubleshoots devices specifically, while the MSP that helps provide you with the DaaS provider institutes MDM protocols, monitoring, support, and consultation available at the press of a button. Essentially, you can outsource your entire IT model to a better solution providing increased computational ability and security at a reduced total cost.

Optimizing Your Operational Infrastructure

IT support in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. can help your business reduce operational costs while increasing operational ability. Ultimately, this induces expanded competitiveness and reliability. Contact us now to see how DaaS and BYOD protocols could work for you.

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