IT Services Company in Atlanta Can Help You Institute Multi-Factor Authentication

The Need for Mobile Paradigms

IT services company in Atlanta are regularly helping businesses make the mobile switch. There are a number of reasons for this, with competitiveness being a chief motivator. Another big motivator is cost-savings. But one of the downsides of mobile device paradigms is security.

Cybersecurity can be an essential part of any localized mobile device paradigm. The local aspect is important in terms of management of utility, as changes in system security protocols may require a direct address that is detrimentally affected by remote management solutions. Accordingly, the best MDM (Mobile Device Management) protocols will be seen over by an MSP that you have some close contact with.

There are quite a few ways that you can optimize a mobile strategy through such a solution. You can institute the double-DaaS– Desktop as a Service conjoined with Device as a Service– and you can manage remote end-user portals through tools such as multi-factor authentication.

What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

IT services company in Atlanta will often recommend that device security is supplemented by access which requires multiple points of entry. That is to say: if you’re on a laptop and seeking access to your company’s cloud-floated desktop, you’ve got to enter a password or ID code into a box which sends a message to a device that you own. That device renders a password or passcode that is then inputted into the primary device you requested access with initially. You’ve likely experienced this yourself already. You go to change a password on a social media account, and they send a message to your smartphone with a code that is used to verify your identity. Cybersecurity firms can design a multi-factor verification gateway in parallel to your company’s needs. Normally, two-factor verification is used–primarily laptops and smartphones. However, you can design additional means of verification through IoT devices and the like, depending on the needs of your business.

Security Considerations

When it comes to cybersecurity, nowhere is the need more prescient than in terms of mobile technology. The reason is vulnerability. Accessing your network through insecure web portals can open your business to pernicious cybercriminal elements. IoT devices are additionally fraught with security difficulties. Going the managed route is fundamentally necessary to a successful mobile device campaign’s cost-effective success over time.

Profitable Mobile Solutions

IT services company in Atlanta like MIS Solutions, Inc. can help you determine which MDM protocols best fit your organization. Using such services, you can maximize mobile device migration. Contact us to learn more.

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