IT Services Provider in Atlanta: Need-to-Know Facts About Firewalls

IT Services Provider in Atlanta: Need-to-Know Facts About Firewalls

How often do you think of your firewall? Is it a priority for your firm or do you treat it as an afterthought? Well, in this article, IT services experts in Atlanta explain why you need to pay close attention to your firewall.

What is a Firewall?

Simply put, a firewall is a firmware or software that is put in place to enforce a set of pre-defined rules aimed at allowing and disallowing entry and exit of data packets into and out of your network. Oftentimes, this acts as the first line of defense in the fight against cybercriminals.

How to Keep Your Firewall in a Working Condition

Similar to any other software installation, firewalls need to be updated and patched on a regular basis. When an update or a patch has been released by your software vendor, you need to make sure that you update your firewall immediately. Failure to act with speed would expose your firewall to a myriad of threats. Remember, hackers and other cybercriminals are often lurking around the Internet, looking for ways to penetrate through corporate firewalls and execute their evil plans. The sure way to stop them is by making sure that your software, firewall included, are updated and patched on a regular basis.

Firewall Security and Integrity Issues

As described above, failure to upgrade or update your firewall can expose your corporate network to a number of security threats. IT services experts in Atlanta strongly recommend that you either have an in-house IT team tasked with updating your software or outsource that function to a managed security provider in Atlanta. Here are some of the additional issues you need to pay close attention to:

  • Misconfiguration of your firewall - Misconfiguration can expose you to cyber threats. This is because your firewall might have loopholes and vulnerabilities which can easily be explored by hackers and used to launch a serious attack targeting your corporate network.
  • Over-reliance on pre-installed firewall - Pre-installed firewall is good, but it is not good enough to protect you. You need a firewall that has been configured to protect your firm. No two firms are the same. Have a tailored firewall configured to protect you.

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