Maintain HIPAA-Compliant with Managed IT Services in Atlanta

Necessary Measures

Managed IT services in Atlanta can be essential in ensuring your healthcare business is free from transgressing HIPAA regulations. One of the chief ways this is accomplished pertains to a concept called shared liability.

If your healthcare institution is found to be in violation of HIPAA, the MSP that represents you is fined as well. This gives them an added impetus to ensure all compliance issues are resolved before such a fine could be meted out. The onus of responsibility is passed to whichever MSP you use, in effect.

Naturally, this makes safeguarding your healthcare operation through an MSP more desirable than doing the same with internal tech people. If you get fined, they get fined as well; but they’re not running an independent business which could really be undermined by such a loss. Rather, they’re just on your payroll. And if you fire them and hire new tech people, you’re out the previous investment in staff; so, it really doesn’t make a huge difference to them.

Technology Transition

Something else that makes managed IT services in Atlanta through an MSP a wise solution as pertains to maintaining HIPAA compliance is technology itself. Tech is always developing; this means new vulnerabilities are always just over the horizon. When an old problem is fixed, a new one begins— that’s just how things work. This sentiment is borne out through cloud computing, smartphone technology, and IoT. As many operational difficulties as are fixed by these developments, new security risks arise all the time.

Keeping Ahead

If you’re going to stay ahead of those risks, working with an MSP makes a lot of sense— for the sake of both compliance and maintaining profitability. Though regulatory agencies do tend to be a little bit “behind the curve” when it comes to requiring new security measures, you can bet groups like HIPAA are savvy to design new operational protocols, and enforce them, as soon as they’re able to. The right MSP likewise remains cognizant of such changes and can help your business avoid being slapped with fines in the tens of thousands just for using the wrong password procedure, or something of the kind.

Advantages Condensed

Overall, working with an MSP to keep your healthcare operation secure is a very wise move. Benefits include:

  • More secure operations
  • Reduced compliance violations
  • Support silhouetted in shared liability
  • Continuously updated security measures

Covering All Your Bases

Managed IT services in Atlanta through MIS Solutions, Inc. can provide you tech solutions in terms of upgrades, innovation, and security. We can help you comprehensively secure your business such that it is in full HIPAA compliance. Contact us today to learn more.

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